BIZ Astrology for this Weekend - Getting Clear, Choosing a Tribe, Keeping Our Cool, Getting Some REST

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Let's take a big picture look - on Sunday we have a New Moon in Virgo and we go from fire to earth. Next week starts our Virgo sun period of the year - work, organization, focus and direction. So big changes ahead for everyone. We have a new 2 year period beginning (which means a 2 year period is ending), a new 12 year period beginning (and yes, this means a 12 year period is ending) and stuff we have been incubating since last November is coming up for our decision. No one gets a pass on this, no one gets a free ride.

(Creatively when we need a change but feel very directionless we can always look to Neptune for her guidance - right now Neptune is in Pisces so anything connected to Pisces can be clarifying. This includes being in or near water, getting extra sleep, drawing, writing, visiting libraries and museums, visiting people who are in the hospital or jail - yes, jail and you can visit me if hubs keeps parking in the grass. I wouldn't visit a jail this weekend though - too much fire right now.)

Today the Moon finishes up in Cancer (not a good day to start something new since the Moon is void most of the day) and moves into Leo around dinnertime. This Moon highlights relationships, projects, we will be reminded of all the irons we have in the fire now. It is easy to be impatient.

This is a lot of relationship energy - new tribes are forming - asking ourselves "Do I still fly with this flock?" is a valid question. Lots of karma has dropped away. As our individual energy changes the way we all fit together changes, too.

With all this Leo tonight and tomorrow if we are excessively prideful or pushy or wanting everything to go our way, especially on Saturday, things will not go smoothly. Pride is a good thing until it isn't. People can be testy now and relationship stuff gets tested a bit. Keep things cool and easy.

There is an urge to jump into new things now, but there is also a need to think first. This weekend's yod points to Uranus so yes we have to be ready to try something new - Uranus loves new, and Uranus doesn't care if we are ready. He always wants us to just jump in, he doesn't care if we land in the sticker bushes or on our neighbor's new cement patio - we might, so take a moment and think first.

My advice for this weekend is play it low key (and PLAY) if we have some big stressful shindig going on - take a step back from it and get some perspective. Breathe. Slow it Down. Make Extra Time - time has sped up, but that means it is also flexible now.

Allow ourselves to feel any emotions that come up, don't let them spill all over other people - we are not allowed to scald anybody with this stuff. Anger is real and natural and can be righteous. It's the nature of boiling water to roll after all. Holding onto this stuff creates inflammation in our bodies - we have to find a way to release it. The goal now is clarity.


lynn bowes said...

"Do I still fly with this flock?" Now THERE'S a little statement to ponder for a while! (Note to self: Board meeting in November so think about this with careful attention.)

Catherine Ivins said...

those words have been banging around in my head all month - how the hell will we get ourselves south for the winter Lynn ... xo