BIZ Astrology for Wednesday, August 20th - maybe stay home and water the plants, best hookey day of the week

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We have a new Moon in 5 days, so we are headed into the Balsamic Moon period of the month - HERE is my post on Create and Thrive about that. This is a rest period - so start wrapping things up now.

The Moon moves into sensitive, emotional Cancer this morning - her home base. The Sun is still in his home base of Leo. We have a Moon trine with Neptune later today, so any Cancer tendency for emotional overwhelm followed by withdrawal will not be supported (the withdrawal part anyway). Those emotions are going to come out, probably as tears, lots of water energy today. This is a good thing, I promise. Even with this Moon at the end of her cycle, in her favorite sign of Cancer we will have the emotional strength we need now.

Production and good solid action is still favored with this current Mars/Saturn conjunction so if "hookey" has become more the norm than it should be for anyone lately - you can totally get stuff done today.

We are about to head into Virgo work, work, work season (which yes, feels just like back to school - from the kids' point of view, not the parents!) and will have some tense aspects this weekend.

The tension ramped up when Mars went into Scorpio in July. This is playing out in the world as lines being drawn by everyone over what we will and will not accept. So we have governments telling citizens what they won't accept and citizens telling governments. We have police telling the military and the military telling the police. We have one country telling another country.

(This shows up in small ways too - we just got a 'parking on the grass' violation notice from our town on hubs truck window - for parking next to our driveway - the way we have been doing it for 20 years. Of course we are drawing our own line back through noncompliance - this could end badly for us, maybe not life in prison with no chance of parole kind of badly, but more like a couple weeks in county with a roommate named Ginger who really, really likes my hair - although anyone liking my hair these days would be a good thing, so I guess this will be a win-win either way)

We have lines being drawn in the sand and with Mars the warrior in dark, murky Scorpio bringing up everything that is hidden (until mid-September) and the square between outer planets Uranus and Pluto which began in 2012 - no one wants lines imposed on them - this is all about freedom vs. oppression. We have Uranus and Pluto squaring off again mid December and the last exact aspect is March 2015 - by the end of next March we will see what we are rebuilding.

For today - stuff having to do with property, renovations, real estate, family, relocation, parents is favored for most of us. So business meetings regarding property or real estate are win/win. In the best case this is a good day to stay close to home and nurture who and what needs our loving care - and that includes ourselves. Go with our heart today.

TIP FOR HEARTFELT ACTION  - I believe the most powerful business technique we can nurture is a quiet mind.

I know from my own life when I am unbalanced and "trust my gut" I come from a place of fear (think : knots in your stomach, things we can't stomach, eyes bigger than our stomach) - I always attract exactly the crap I am trying to avoid.

When I am actively quieting my mind on a regular basis and "trust my heart" I come from a place of love (think : heartfelt, heartful, know by heart, change of heart, close to your heart) - things always go smoother. There is a total guarantee of happily ever after with this because this kind of happiness is not circumstance dependent.

I have decided forecasts by sign will probably put me in a strait jacket right now - since as soon as I write one thing I think of 10 more things I want to say about it .... short and sweet is not my writing style - actually I have never been called short (maybe short on patience) or sweet (although they have been found in my desk) either ....

xo all


Jennifer Johansson said...

You are right on again today Cat. Our whole office would have been better off staying home. Thanks for giving me a little peace today. It's the universe's fault that I'm a mess! Cheers.

Catherine Ivins said...

my day, too - you could absolutely never be a mess Jennifer - this week had some challenging aspects! especially if they hit our personal charts ...