BIZ Astrology for Thursday, August 21st - when uncomfortable is the new comfortable

Complicated astrology this week. We have Mars meeting up with Saturn and these guys are not exactly  friendly (think Seinfeld vs Newman, Betty vs Veronica and Edison vs Tesla) so this could show up in our lives as work and career blocks and frustrations. We might feel like we are pushing boulders uphill at times - that's OK - we are building the muscles we will need later.

If we need to discuss some important stuff and especially stuff that has been pushed under the rug with loved ones (or business associates or even clients) Pluto, Mercury and Venus are in a position today to support us in finding the right words to heal things or I should probably write "the right words to help the situation grow in a positive direction".

Using the word 'heal' can be tricky - because when we say 'heal' some people hear 'all better, good as new' when healing is a process that can take us to 'better than new' but we have to get through the inflammation and often that uncomfortable itchy part first.

Doors are closing, other doors are opening (or will be) - since Jupiter changed signs (he changes signs about once a year) last month into sunny Leo he has been highlighting for us the roads to our happiness. So far he has been doing this with his extreme squares to Mars and Scorpio and exposing where things are no longer working for us.

Pluto is very much in play right now - so big dreams (and even real dreams - do you remember last night's dream?), especially career related and dealings with authority figures. Pluto is the planet who says we either work on our stuff or our stuff works on us. Do what has to be done now. Legal stuff, taxes, paperwork, etc.

The Moon is still in Cancer (it's a balsamic moon tomorrow) - it's in a Grand Trine - making a trine to Chiron (the wounded healer) in Pisces and a trine to Mars in Scorpio - this is mostly a positive thing.

It does require adjustments and courage on our part. We want stability and comfort but we have multiple aspects including Uranus in Aries forcing change. Change can be uncomfortable. There is a feeling today that we need to take some kind of action. There could be some hard things unveiled in the next couple weeks, so if we are wanting to sit still - we probably will find things outside our control not allowing us to do this.

I once had a co-worker, who we will just call Cyndy Bennis (because that was her name - no, not really) and she had an obsession with the office temperature -

it was too hot - it was too cold.

The thermostat was, of course, right next to my desk. One day after my gazillionth temperature adjustment. I said: "no flippin' more!"

(or maybe something a little bit stronger, this office was in Jersey)

and Cyndy said: "I'm sorry. But I just don't like to be uncomfortable."

She kind of rocked my world that day because although I would never have voiced this out loud - and groaned when she did - I was making choices that were creating exactly that kind of life!

Today - maybe the best advice would be "don't get too comfortable." There are some money aspects today that could be requiring us to make some adjustments.

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