BIZ Astrology for Monday August 11th - hell yeah, it's shark week

jessica mingo shark print

After last night's full moon (and I hope you got outdoors and took a moonbath ie maybe a walk around your neighborhood - you don't have to take these monthly baths walks in your birthday suit but showing a little skin never hurts - this is true for most things in life) we are all starting the week with our emotions a little over the moon.

Action oriented back to work Monday mornings - and it's SHARK WEEK after all, hold little appeal to our moon. The moon's job is to feel, not take action or make decisions. Left to its own devices the Moon would have us dream our life away.

Our moon seeks to live in imagination where all our possibilities are kept alive simply because we never choose to live them out. We need to spend time in this place, too - we can pitch a tent here now and then, but of course, we'll build our house on more solid footings.

After the Aquarian distance from ourselves this weekend - are we holding onto the stuff that hurts or the stuff that heals? - the Moon heads into dreamy Pisces where it meets up with dreamy Neptune.

This can be a wonderful time of high creativity for creatives - passion can also lead to things being a bloody mess for a while. You want to fight any tendency to want to be the victim in anything that pops up now. Remember we have the Sun in Leo partnered up with Jupiter. There is royal power for all of us in this.

(anyone "breaking up" with someone or something right now - a partner, customer, job, etc - could see things get messy or too emotional - remember we can affect the situation in big ways with our language - use words like dissolve and dismantle rather than "break" now - not to the other party since this will most likely just piss them off, but in our own minds - intend for things to drift apart in gentle ways, know that you will always find a safe harbor)

TODAY IS A GOOD DAY TO BE THINKING ABOUT - How are we different? What do we do best? How can we focus our energies and attention on that 1% of ourselves that we have literally been created from the stars to manifest and not waste our focus on the 99% of ourselves that is just like everybody else?

This is a great day to go from the frying pan into the fire or maybe I should say from the sinking ship into the shark infested waters if we don't get this focus thing right - but if we do set off in the direction of our heart we will find great loyalty and generosity there.


Hopemore Studio said...

This moon is fascinating yet unsettling at the same time. We happened to be at Lake Michigan over the weekend. As evening set in at the beach, it 'felt' surreal with all the light around us.

Interesting how you talk about the moon having us dream our lives away. I had so much down time the last two days traveling by car, I meant to really get some work done (in writing) on a new project I'm half into. I found myself just thinking and not doing. Every time I had my pen and paper ready to go I began to daydream. I didn't write one word, just got lost in my thoughts..yet it didn't seem to bother me that I got nothing accomplished.

Catherine Ivins said...

Your night at Lake Michigan sounds perfect! I have to maneuver around the trees here, but I do love the woods.

It sounds like you have been feeding your moon Angie - a very powerful thing. She can be a bit of a time robber but leaves us great gifts - your feeling of not being bothered by a lack of accomplishment over those days is exactly right. I find the accomplishments always come later from giving ourselves time like that ... xo