when there is no 'away' ....

In my early craft show days with recycled jewelry I had a sign in my booth that read:  
don't throw it away - there is no "away"

I found the sign this morning, a decade later. Today I not only can't throw anything away - I can't look away, get away with it or run away either! Life has definitely pushed me into the here and now and rooted this formerly rootless girl to the ground I stand on.

Maybe the whole idea of "away" is going away!

I had an astrology teacher who regularly said "during this time of apocalypse"

note - the word apocalypse is often used to describe a great devastation, but the actual, literal meaning (ancient Greek) of apocalypse is an unveiling or revealing.

She freaked us out at first, but over time we got de-sensitized to the word and could feel gratitude to be living at a time when the truth is being revealed to us - even as we fight daily to stay grounded at its unveiling on both personal and global levels.

The internet is the physical manifestation of revelation after all.

With the Sun in Leo right now there is an emphasis on courage and confidence, celebration, somber awareness, and of course, powerful creativity.

I have a friend who recently accepted a new job. After giving her two weeks notice at her old job she realized she would not get a vacation for many months (and she hadn't had one in her old job for almost a year). She then delayed the start of her new job (with the help of a white lie) by a few days so she could get away. She rented a little cottage in the woods, but with the white lie and new job 'hanging over her head' she could not enjoy herself.

This is kind of how the energy of the next couple weeks of Leo may feel to many people.

When Mars moved into Scorpio on July 25th, whatever we held back for the last 8 months while he passive-aggressively worked his way through Libra- turned into active aggression (we see this in world events, too), truth will sting, we will be much more productive and since Mars is joining Saturn - the breakthroughs and struggle can lead to a new stability.

For me, personally, with a Scorpio ascendant (first house of self) - the extra fire/heat made me physically sick and I am still working through it. I should have seen it coming and now have to work harder to rebuild my immune system - the warning signs of illness come as “permission” to slow down and recharge - we ignore them at our own peril.

xo all

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