Today's Astrology Forecast | October 1, 2019 - courage, mergers and acquisitions, digging deep, uncomfortable relationship issues, inconvenient truths

The waxing (growing) Scorpio Moon makes some POWER moves today - a sextile to sober Saturn at 4:42AM EDT, a trine to a dreamy and retrograde Neptune at 9:12AM EDT and finally a sextile to power-player Pluto (still retrograde for just a couple more days) at 3:44PM EDT.

This is some pretty powerful energy to make good use of the Scorpio Moon. Getting to the bottom of things. Courage. Fertile growth. Business mergers/agreements. We have a couple more days of Mars in Virgo - practical action, get it done/fixed. Out of our way. Eliminated.

Venus is squaring Pluto (20 degree Libra/Capricorn).

I was almost asleep last night when my thoughts (very out of the blue) became obsessed with someone else's financial situation (it's a big situation, but not my situation, and trust me I have enough of my own right now, and especially not my situation at 12:15 at night)- when I checked Venus was exactly squaring Pluto (Pluto sitting on my Mercury - my thinking).

My chest was tight. I thought I would be awake for hours tossing and turning this stuff over in my head ... then I fell asleep like a rock until morning (ack).

We talked about Venus square Pluto in the weekly. It's in play all week -

"Here are attractions that are out of balance. There could be power struggles over what we want. Compulsions. Jealousy. There might be a need to confront some relationship/financial secrets we don't really want to look at. What we want could feel like life and death now. Avoid manipulations and trying to control other people out of this fear. Somehow we must pivot around a threat of loss.

Or figure our way around an actual loss ..."

Maybe this is tension/frustration around relationships and work or our relationships and how we are viewed in the world. Some relationships won't survive this month's scrutiny.

Luckily the Moon has smooth sailing and being in Scorpio will pull us through this day.

Stick to the truth. Work on stuff that is real. Don't look too far ahead just yet. Mercury is going to get into Scorpio this week for a long stay due to his upcoming retrograde - we have alot of Scorpio ahead of us this fall.

Mercury will start hitting the degrees he will re-walk around the 10th/11th - so if you want something done and done for good, not to have to be re-done, re-vised, etc - get it out before then.

The next time the Moon is in Scorpio will be during the New Moon at the end of October. We may get a glimpse now of what to expect then. Network. Connect with other people. Hidden information can come out. We all carry a piece of the puzzle.

xo all

photo by the talented S6ltuvus

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