Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of October 14, 2019 - out of the shadows, knowing what we don't want to know but it stabilizes us, inspirational thinking, mergers and acquisitions, saying yes to opportunities

MONDAY - Sun squares Pluto, Mercury sextiles Saturn
TUESDAY - Mercury trines Neptune
THURSDAY - Venus trines the North Node, Mercury trines BML
SATURDAY - Mercury sextiles Pluto
SUNDAY - Venus sextiles Saturn

Lots of information and communication this week (big news and deep insights) as we prepare to make IMPORTANT DECISIONS which we will re-visit, re-view, re-vise over the next few weeks.

On MONDAY, the Moon went void Sunday evening at 5:59PM EDT off her square to Pluto. She is void until 12:24PM EDT when she moves into comfort-loving Taurus - the sign of her exaltation.

The Sun squares Pluto (we talked about this in the Full Moon posts HERE) is exact now. A light is thrown on the shadows of a relationship/an injustice/something out of balance. Jealousy. Compulsion. Manipulation. Uncomfortable and unbalanced power situations. Power struggles. Something could feel like life and death (because in a sense it is) as we struggle for air.

The ways through this: let's think about the signs involved, Libra/Capricorn - maybe here is the need for grace under pressure. Diplomacy. Tact. This isn't about being wishy-washy, passive aggressive or playing small to keep something in balance though. The Sun is going to move past his square to Pluto - as whatever this is comes out into the light. This could also be a bit of a humbling as the Sun (our ego) needs to maneuver around the darkness. Secrets can come out.

Maybe something we have been avoiding looking at will come into focus. Our self-sabotaging tendencies might be right in our face. Cords are being/have been cut all over the place folks.

Today's other big aspect will help -

Mercury (in Scorpio) sextiles Saturn (in Capricorn).

Opportunities via talks and information, especially with authority, our career and goals. Excellent for business and commerce. Making efforts toward greater security. Information that stabilizes the situation. Our ideas get legs. We are merging. Borrowing/lending. Getting to the bottom of things. Doing the research. Walking our talk.

With Mercury in Scorpio - Scorpian themes - other people's money, spouse's income, taxes, inheritance, loans, intimacy, sex, reproduction, life/death, finances - could play a part.

We'll talk about the Moon for Monday since I won't be doing a daily today.

The Moon in Taurus hooks up with change-maker Uranus. Surprises with love/money are possible. Situations that shift our values. The Moon opposes Venus at 4:33PM EDT - more volatility along those same lines. The Moon in Taurus wants comfort and stability and Venus in Scorpio is digging down deep, stirring stuff up and rocking the boat. We may find out more than we really want to know, BUT the knowledge is stabilizing in the long-term (remember that sextile from Mercury to Saturn now). We are figuring out where we stand, what we stand for and who is standing WITH US.

On TUESDAY, Mercury trines (brakes off) Neptune (in Pisces).

Inspirational/intuitive thinking. Creativity. Spirituality. Writing. Our logical mind and our intuition is working together. The words left unsaid are maybe more important than what we are saying/hearing, so pay attention with all your senses. More secrets coming out as Neptune dissolves those Scorpian boundaries. Our ancestors/our past is talking to us. Listen. Meditate. The answers are out there. Not good energy for detailed work, but beautiful energy for creative and mystical work. We are both listening to our intuition AND incorporating truth/the facts into our thinking now.

On THURSDAY, Venus (in Scorpio) will trine the North Node and Mercury will trine Black Moon Lilith. Things are moving forward.

We are sifting through the information/insight, absorbing that Full Moon ending/truth, any need for liberation/to be ourselves, are looking beyond the day-to-day to what is truly possible - we are lining up with our values/what we want to attract. Look for Venus themes/Scorpio themes - love, money, relationships, our values, self-esteem, intimacy issues, finances, what we have merged with other people - to move us toward a more authentic future (that Cancer North Node).

On FRIDAY, we have a Finger of God (a fated situation) between the Moon (in information-loving Gemini) and Mercury and Pluto. Truth. Deep insight.

On SATURDAY, Mercury sextiles Pluto. Remember we had the testing/tension filled square last weekend and earlier in the week, and now depending on what we did with that, we get the OPPORTUNITY. Words are powerful and focused like a laser beam.

On SUNDAY, now it is Venus's turn to sextile Saturn - there are OPPORTUNITIES to stabilize a financial situation. Think quality over quantity. Long term investing is favored. Mergers and acquisitions. Disciplined spending and savings pays off. This is good energy to pay down/off debt or to start a savings plan. Relationships launched now could be long-lasting, security-focused or between a younger/older person. Think mentor. Rewards for hard work can come in. Merged resources/other people's money stabilizes a situation. People will be looking for a commitment.

We show love through taking care of our responsibilities and honoring our obligations. Excellent energy for business dealings. Excellent energy for women to work with and step into authority now.

Keep in mind other than Monday's lunar notes, I list aspects when they are most exact EDT, but we will feel them/can access them as they build and unwind also - so things could happen on different days. Some things we have to deal with and some we can CHOOSE to interact with. Also keep in mind we don't always have to do anything with energy - it impacts us just by being alive on planet Earth. This week there is alot of information coming out and we change by interacting with words/communications/research/our thinking etc. And because Venus is still right behind Mercury - which is ideal is some ways, but also pumps up the volume - Venusian situations/attractions (love, money, self-esteem, values, women, beauty) follow the conversations/information. With both planets in Scorpio, even though this is Libra season, things will go deeper and be sharper (probably no one is bringing anyone flowers right now) than might be comfortable. 

We'll unpack all of this in the dailies.

xo all

photo by the amazing Natalia Ciobanu

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