Full Moon in Aries | October 13, 2019 - the long good-bye, the change changes, a pressure cooker kind of pushy, clearing the road, a new season of life, a new identity, a wider vista, an open mind

We end an intense week (next week looks easier) with an intense Full Moon - in play for two weeks, but strongest over the next couple days!

On Sunday, October 13th, at 5:07PM EDT, the Aries Moon moves into an exact opposition with the Libra Sun giving us this month's Full Moon.

The Full Moon is always a time of tension - it's a time of Sun opposite Moon. Oppositions are pretty much just what they sound like. This is the "we vs me" polarity of the Libra/Aries axis.

This is the culmination of the Aries New Moon that launched the lunar year back in April, so maybe something from that time is finishing up. Or maybe it never really got started and here we are half a year later. Feels like years ago, doesn't it? I think I am aging in dog years now. Woof.

The New Moon from April is intrinsically connected to this Full Moon - if you have a couple minutes re-read it HERE.

At the Full Moon things peak, culminate or come to light. Results are delivered. Stuff finishes up.

Aries energy is very self sufficient. This is the energy of "me". The sign of "I am". The baby of the zodiac, Aries can't always see the other person's side of things because if they did they wouldn't be able to take quick, decisive action and that quick decisive action is what they are here to manifest.

Aries is the sign of the warrior.

Let's unpack the chart!

The Full Moon/Sun opposition is squaring Pluto (20 degrees Capricorn) - God of the Underworld. What is gone and isn't coming back? What is dead that we are still feeding? What is hibernating and waiting to be re-born?

The Sun squaring Pluto is a powerful transit and happening exactly at a Full Moon amps it up even more. Pluto is always about a death. Full Moons are also the time of endings/culminations. So the Full Moon is both a piece of a difficult long-term process of challenging change via an important ending already in motion AND a space of challenging change itself.

The change could change.

The square speaks of tension/frustration. A power struggle. Maybe manipulations/domination in an attempt to hang onto something. A transformative crisis. Feeling like something is life and death. Maybe it is. Most likely it isn't. With the Moon in brave Aries maybe having the courage to face the dark/lose it all ....

The Moon is opposing the Sun in Libra (and Mars, ruler of Aries is IN Libra) which is about our relationships; always seeking balance and harmony and justice and beauty. Maybe something has moved so far out of balance it will take a big passionate (maybe even angry) push in another direction to get us back to center.

Mars, ruler of Aries and so ruler of this lunation is in his "fall" in Libra - not able to be the Marsy (ie ballsy action Jackson) guy we typically need/want him to be, but on the other hand he is also more cooperative, fairer/more diplomatic, and able to see another point of view.

The Full Moon's potent exact square to powerful Pluto sets the stage for difficult change.

And intense emotions. And the easiest emotion for the Full Moon in Aries to reach for is anger. A challenging matter MUST be addressed. The stuff we didn't want to deal with, if we haven't, well now we have to.

Keep in mind the Moon is in Aries - our action, anger, passion, how we initiate, how we fight, how we get what we want. Full Moon events spring from our actions/ambitions/passions. And the Moon is conjunct Eris (goddess of discord and more of that angry outsider/won't be boxed in energy we have been dealing with this week) - things could get explosive.

The good news and there is plenty - the Full Moon is trining - brakes off - both Jupiter (expansion, good luck, faith, optimism) and Ceres (nurturing, seasons of life issues, what seems outside our control) and the Sun is sextiling (opportunity) Jupiter and Ceres.

This is the chapter where - when we lose, we win. 

The Plutonian ending is creating the fertile soil most needed for new growth AND we have the Jupiter/Ceres trine and sextile to provide the avenues for this growth (we are clearing the road) AND we will need to MAKE AN EFFORT.

A new season.

A new identity.

A fresher vision.

A wider horizon.

An open mind.

Relationships that have been going through a rough patch - which seems par for the course right now as lifetimes of karma drops away (how many of our connections to other people are karmic tangles that as they come un-knotted leave us feeling alone and un-tethered?) - can come back to life over the next couple weeks.

What else do we see in this event chart?

Venus is opposing Uranus (exact yesterday), Mercury is trining the North Node (exact yesterday). Mars is moving off his opposition to hurting/healing Chiron. Black Moon Lilith is moving off her conjunction to Neptune. What a build-up to this Moon! This stuff is in our rear-view mirror, but just barely. Actions/interactions that trigger old wounds. Rebellion. Delusion. Surprises around love and money/or other people's money. Words/information that move us toward something more authentic.

Keep in mind Mercury will retrograde in Scorpio and she/he (as us) is walking degrees he will walk two more times. 

So, everything from now until Halloween (when Mercury stations retrograde) will be "re-visited, re-vised, re-done" from November 1st through November 20th. Keep this in mind now.

This is a time of deep insight. Aspects to Pluto and the Nodes mean decisions we make now, particularly around what stays and what goes (and some of this is most certainly outside our control) and our path forward have both stickiness and long-term consequences.

So, where is it what we want to do/who we want to be (our ARIES) not matching up to our reality?

This Full Moon, with its pressure-cooker kind of pushiness, makes it obvious.

Aries (as us) has excellent instincts.

We have to trust them now.

The New Moon in two weeks (in Scorpio) looks challenging, too. If we are waiting for things to ease up to make a move we will be sitting on our asses until spring. But don't take that as permission to do some idiotic 'toss the baby out with the bathwater' Aries thingie.

More will become clear in the week ahead as we get more revelations, intimacy and commitment deepens and we begin to add some structure/stability to what all this Scorpio/Pluto is digging up.

xo all

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