Today's Astrology Forecast | October 17, 2019 - investing in what we love, having some skin in the game, uncomfortable conversations, clearing the way for greener pastures, information, communication, busy-ness

The Moon continues her way through Gemini, mostly unobstructed. We are busy, communicative, curious, active. We want to know what we are talking about. Humor is connecting. She will trine (brakes off) Mars (in Libra) at 3:10PM EDT. Walking our talk with other people. Social activities.

Any Moon/Mars contact could make us (and other people) more easily irritated. We could feel rushed.

Our focus might be on Gemini themes - communications, information, siblings, neighbors, writing, sales, local travel, decisions, for some people Gemini will show up as transportation situations.

Venus (almost midway through Scorpio now) trines the Cancer North Node at 12 degrees.

What is deeply, passionately felt is pulling us forward. 

The deeper we go, the closer we get to a more authentic, more nurturing, more "feels like home and safety and mom and apple pie" future, even if it makes us feel more vulnerable. The thing we merge with other people - love/finances/resources - is moving us toward our future - as long as we are real with this (the Libra frivolousness/social niceties won't quite be enough); as long as we have some skin in the game. Move toward beauty. Move toward peace. But remember this is Scorpio. We can't just like it. We've got to LOVE IT. Scorpio demands commitment. We can't just stick a toe in and check the temperature, we have to get our whole body wet. 

People with planets/points on or very near 12 degrees of Cancer/Scorpio will feel this strongest, but we all have access.

Take something one step further. 

Dig a little deeper. 

Get a little closer.

At the same time Mercury, also in Scorpio, (more depth/more truth) is trining Black Moon Lilith in Pisces. Giving a voice to a taboo space we are holding. Uncomfortable conversations. With Mercury walking his/her pre-retrograde degrees we will be back here two more times (11/9 retrograde and 12/4 direct), so this conversation isn't over.

We have the Moon in Gemini able to keep things light and intellectual. Wanting to stay on the surface. But, Gemini's ruler Mercury (deep in Scorpio now at 18 degrees) NEEDING to know what's underneath.

We also have Jupiter semi-sextile Pluto at 20 degrees. We have to trust that what has died/what we have lost/the power that has crumbled is happening and has happened to pave the way for something BETTER. When we lose, we win. Jupiterian "luck" requires faith. We are being made stronger, being readied for something MORE.

xo all

photo by the amazing thefirebomb

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