Today's Astrology Forecast | October 30, 2019 - deep conversations about love or money, knowing what we want, opportunities through partnerships, back up those files

The Moon is in high-flying Sagittarius now - her only aspect today a square to a retrograde Neptune at 9:48PM EDT. The Sag Moon could see us focused on Sag themes - foreign issues, travel, higher education, legal issues, media, publishing, religion, weddings, our beliefs and BIG ideas.

The square to Neptune speaks of tension/frustration via possibly anything we are over-doing. With the Moon in Sag talking to Neptune - things can look more ideal than they actually are. Excellent for creative work though. Stay grounded. And sober.

Mercury catches up to Venus (this is the degree of Mercury's station TOMORROW, so part of a longer story that may require some re-visions - have you backed up those files?!) at 27 degrees Scorpio.

Sweet (Venus) talk (Mercury). Deep conversations about love/finances/intimate issues. Seductive words. Secrets and bottom-line information is communicated. Knowing what we want. Talking with/thinking about women. Good for commerce. Plans and information could look good - keep in mind, Mercury is about to start moving backward (from our perspective here on Earth), so whatever we are dealing with now is part of a long and winding story that will require re-looks, re-vision, re-dos, etc.

(for some people Mercury will activate transportation situations and sibling/local community issues)

With the Sag Moon/Neptune and Venus/Mercury we could easily put the cart before the horse with some situation and spend the next few weeks re-working/re-vising decisions we make now. I am not saying this is necessarily a bad thing, just something to keep in mind.

Sextiling Juno, partnership issues are likely factoring in here and opportunities are coming through other people - who we partner up with, who we enter into contracts with, who we hire, etc.

xo all

photo by the talented vampire-zombie

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