Today's Astrology Forecast | October 4, 2019 - sleeping in maybe then getting some serious work done later, intimate conversations tonight while cool heads prevail, a balancing act

The Sag Moon went void at 3:34AM EDT off a sextile to Venus (expanded creativity, love).

She will be void until 1:43PM EDT - so, feel free to sleep in - yes, tell your boss you read that here, you won't miss much that will amount to anything, kerfuffles early in the day won't amount to anything either (nor will work put out into the world so be judicious with that), stay flexible, time gets stretchy, sometimes we do things we have to do over later during void Moons, so it might be best to do things we have to do again and again anyway ;) THEN the Moon moves into sober Capricorn setting up a serious weekend.

The Cappy Moon will square Mars at 2:25PM EDT (newly minted in Libra, the sign of his fall).

This is a Venus/Saturn aspect - frustration tension around love/money/our resources/values/self-esteem. The Moon in Capricorn can be ice cold and Mars in Libra hasn't had time to find his footing. And Mars in Libra likes compromise better than conflict which could be challenging for this weekend's ambitious Capricorn Moon.  

Independent work is favored.

The good news for our Friday night - the Moon will sextile Mercury (in Scorpio) at 5:52PM EDT. Serious, but intimate conversations. News we can take to the bank. Focusing on our taxes/investments/loans - wait, is this a good use of our Friday night? Maybe it is! Or we could go see a scary movie or detective type thriller - is something like that out? There must be with Halloween approaching. Sex/dating will be 'all-business' with this aspect.

The big news today though is Mars move into Libra (for the first time in two years) until November 19th.

Our Libra house theme and the collective theme of our relationships/balance/justice/women/beauty will be a focus of our action. Any planets/points in our natal chart in Libra will get a Martian visit (action, initiative, passion, anger) and he will square our Cancer and Capricorn planets and oppose our Aries planets.

We talked about Mars into Libra in the weekly:

"On FRIDAY, Mars exits Virgo - having done all the fixing, clean up and detailed work he could possibly do (although keep in mind since he met the Sun while in Virgo and kicked off a new cycle until 2021 -  the details of what we are doing and practical action will retain their effectiveness for all of us).

He enters sociable and diplomatic Libra, the sign of the other person, for the first time in two years.

Mars rules Aries, the sign of "me" and is uber uncomfortable and in his fall in the sign of Libra, the sign of "we".

Our actions/passions can get mired in indecision. Mars wants to just go, go, go and in Libra is required to 'see/interact with' the other side of things. There is more flirting than commitment (job hunters prepare for a possible extended interview or 'getting to know you' process). More passive-aggressiveness.

Fiery Mars in our collective 7th house of other people means our actions trigger fast reactions. That whole "I'm rubber. You're glue" thing isn't working. Or maybe it's working backward.

The more Mars becomes a smiling caricature of himself , a phoney Mr. Nice Guy rather than the warrior he actually is, the bigger the eventual blow-up will be when his (ours or theirs) Arian head explodes. We need to be honest about our anger, passions, actions without crapping all over other people. It is a balancing act and Mars' combat boots are not made for tight ropes.

The good news for the next few weeks and there is plenty - situations will arise that create opportunities for more fairness. More balanced actions. More social activities. More compromise. More win-wins. More allies. Doing it together. Plus our Libra house theme gets a kick-start."

xo all

photo by the talented Marina Coric

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