Today's Astrology Forecast | October 16, 2019 - long void, dealing with what we already have, time gets stretchy, adjusting to a partner, ego vs instinct

The Moon goes void off a trine to Pluto at 4:37AM EDT. She will be void all day - until she moves into busy and communicative Gemini at 10:30PM EDT.

Time gets stretchy.

We can get alot done during the void today - or just get some rest - off that Pluto trine (nice productive energy, empowerment, looking at resources, dealing with what we own), but stick to routine tasks and expect some twists and turns and do-overs.

During her void she will inconjunct the Libra Sun giving us this month's waxing inconjunct.

This is the aspect that winds down last weekend's big Full Moon in Aries - Sun inconjunct Moon is about self-acceptance (in this case the Taurean energy will be about accepting what we have, maybe the bird in the hand) and this self-acceptance adjusting to our relationships (Libra). Maybe we value this, but society (through the people we are in relationship with) tells us we need to value that. We have this, but to be in balance we need to have that.

Maybe this transit - and it moves very fast today, blink and it will be gone - lets us see the ways we might 1. struggle for acceptance within relationships, 2. attract situations where we are not wanted 3. feel a need to explain or justify ourselves or what we have 4. want/need to change something we have/own in order to be in a relationship or bring a relationship into a better balance

Through these monthly Sun/Moon inconjuncts we are learning (through the various signs and their spaces in our natal chart) the difference between our natural motivations/inclinations and where we might have an ulterior motive of winning acceptance, etc. Ego vs instinct.

Remember inconjuncts are never going to be totally reconcilable. This is the rock and the hard place - a space of give and take.

What needs to shift for balance to be maintained/restored? The Moon is void, so no big moves, but just do a little more of that.

xo all

photo by the talented laura-makabresku

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