Today's Astrology Forecast | October 9, 2019 - nourished through connection when connection is challenging, shifting values, staying healthy

The Moon is void until 12:05PM EDT when she enters "no boundaries" and imaginative Pisces. She trines Venus at 2:47PM EDT and sextiles a retrograde Uranus at 10:54PM EDT.

Roll with the flow during the void. The afternoon is good for creative work, spiritual work/healing.

The Moon in Pisces nourishes us (and events may turn our attention to) - our imagination, art, connection, charity, people/events from our past, nostalgia, endings, hospitals, healing, things/people who have been put away, things we have forgotten, spirituality, rest, escape, addiction.

The trine to Venus this afternoon could combine one of those Pisces themes with our money, relationships, our values, beauty, women or self-esteem. The late night sextile to Uranus speaks of something unexpected/forward leaning/liberating - in a good way. Change is good.

We still have the Mars/Chiron from yesterday in play - actions that hurt/heal. Weak spots triggered. Maybe having to assert ourselves. Being challenged to not project our pain (which can look like our bulllsh*t) onto other people. With Mars in Libra an opportunity to shift old and painful relationship dynamics.

The Sun is inconjunct illusory Neptune (ruler of the Moon after the void). With the Sun in partnership/balance/women focused Libra - it could be hard to see something here CLEARLY. Adjustments might be needed. Misunderstandings are possible. Maybe the 'dream' and the 'relationship or balance issue' are at odds somehow. The rock and the hard place.

We might face situations that allow us to see/feel where we are being too self-sacrificing or playing a victim role that no longer serves anyone or maybe a situation where more compassion is required of us.

Back with the BIG Full Moon post tomorrow and then we are going to get seriously focused on the January energies in these posts. Stay healthy everyone. 

xo all 

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