Today's Astrology Forecast | October 12, 2019 - building toward tomorrow's Full Moon, abrupt changes around love and money, acting quickly and assertively but not impulsively, words matter

The Moon moved into Aries late last night. Her only aspect today is an opposition to Aries ruler, Mars, at 11:43AM EDT. Emotional arguments/passionate moves. Maybe heroic action where we rise to the occasion or volatile interactions because everyone is all jacked up. Assertion vs aggression. Drive safely. Channel this into something physical. Get some exercise. Work with it.

We are building toward tomorrow's BIG Full Moon in Aries squaring Pluto and trining Jupiter and Ceres.

Venus makes her annual opposition to Uranus (retrograde). Scorpio/Taurus. What we own and what we have merged with other people is abruptly adjusted. Relationship power shifts. Relationship shake-ups. Our values change suddenly. Something is important to us one minute and unimportant the next as our focus moves to something else. Our self-esteem changes. Money changes hands. An unexpected expense. An unexpected influx. Possessions get lost. This is about love, sex, money, jealousy, obsession, merged finances, loans, inheritances. Oppositions are projections, but look like they are triggered by outside influences. It's sudden/shocking/exciting/last-minute CHANGE. And this could have already played out within the last couple weeks - Uranus is ahead of his time. But can also play out now, too. What changed changes. Buy a lottery ticket.

This aspect is part of tomorrow's Full Moon ending energy, so if we have been clinging too tightly to something that isn't ours (and keep in mind we can never lose what is truly ours) or if power within relationships has become too unbalanced - this, coupled with that square from Pluto to the Sun tomorrow coupled with the Full Moon culmination, is potent energy for it to be wrenched away from us to restore some kind of balance.

At the same time, Mars, is inconjunct Uranus. Mars is in Libra, the sign of his detriment (and we know he is squaring the Moon today). In Libra, he wants everyone to get along and can avoid making a move for fear of upsetting someone or standing up for himself, so now maybe he (as us) has procrastinated and does something impulsive or passive-aggressive. This feels kind of like yesterday's rebelliousness within relationships/a compulsion to act in unconventional ways, so more of that energy. In Libra/Taurus this is about "we" vs what I own. Good energy for acting quickly and assertively, just avoid big, impulsive moves. A time of adjustment.

Mercury in Scorpio is trining (brakes off) the North Node in Cancer (our way forward) now so pay attention to the information that comes in/the deep conversations - among all the muddle, something is pointing us in the right direction. Toward something that feels more safe and nurturing. Something that feels like home. Something that feels more authentic.

Words are especially powerful right now. 

We need to pay attention to today's conversations and think about what we are thinking about. With trines things can move so smoothly - this means whatever is happening should fall into place - they are easy to miss or discount.

The right conversation, words, ideas that point us forward will find us. Maybe something we learn now will be needed later.

Speak carefully and purposefully. Talk about what you want to happen and not what you do not want. Words always matter. We are finishing up something here that spills the seeds our next something is rooted in. Use precise language.

This could be a final chance to check something off, revise our plan, or review the details of a situation/agreement/decision, etc. The best answers should come easy. If we have to manipulate, push or force something into place it is the wrong something or the wrong timing.

(although with Mercury in potentially manipulative/secretive Scorpio we may need some Game of Thrones style maneuvering)

And remember Mercury also rules our neighborhood, our siblings and transportation - which sounds random, but actually isn't.

Alot of today's info will flow into the Full Moon post next. It's still Libra season, a time of balance, but with both Venus and Mercury in Scorpio we are going deeper, faster now. The social niceties give way quickly to stuff that is more real and sometimes more messy ....

xo all

photo by the talented RaphaelleM

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