Today's Astrology Forecast | October 28, 2019 - forward movement, expect the unexpected, tension between what we have and what needs to go, relationship challenges

Today we move through last night's New Moon in Scorpio machinations.

See the post about that HERE.

The Moon in Scorpio passes the Scorpio Sun and moves into a sextile with Saturn at 5:18PM EDT (could be a good time to set those intentions if you haven't yet) - this is fertile, productive energy and the Moon is waxing now (growing!). At 6:51 the Moon trines (brakes off) a retrograde Neptune - deep emotions, we are feeling/processing whatever is happening. More forward movement.

The Sun (in Scorpio) opposes Uranus (in Taurus) at 4 degrees. Maybe a light is shined on something Scorpian (life/death, other people's money, other people's resources, taxes, loans, inheritance, sex, intimacy, reproduction, third party situations) through an unexpected situation or encounter that shakes up our world via changes to our money, values or self-esteem. Scorpio and Taurus are fixed signs and change doesn't come easy. This is tension between holding onto what we have and releasing what needs to go. For some, with this coming at a New Moon in Scorpio, if directly hitting your chart, the very ground beneath their feet could be shaking. For others maybe an unusual person enters your life (they could exit just as quickly) and creates some disorder. Expect the unexpected. Be prepared to think on your feet. Do something else. Buy a lottery ticket because well ... Uranus is interacting with a personal planet and I can't see your chart. 

Mars (still in Libra) inconjuncts - that rock and a hard place - Neptune (retrograde in Pisces). This one is challenging, too. Actions conflict with escapism/fantasy/the dream, but take action we must - waxing Moon with good aspects. Maybe we partner up for something now knowing something less than ideal is likely to come of things or our partner's drifting into lalaland interferes with our ability to get something started/done (or maybe vice versa). We are challenged to take imaginative/creative AND balanced actions within relationships here. We could swing from assertion to passivity with partners.

The Scorpian Moon's trine to Neptune should help focus our energies and allow us to persevere if we want to give up or get to the truth of something. Definitely avoid alcohol and drugs with this one.

xo all

photo by the amazing thefirebomb

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