Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of October 28, 2019 - fated activity, hurry up and wait, rethinking that sweet talk, digging around in the dirt and then allowing the dust to settle, attracting more and better, smartening up

We begin this week with the North Node in Cancer (home/what feels like home, nurturing, family, mother, vulnerabilities, our interior world) on last summer's final Eclipse point - there is much fated activity happening in people's lives at this time. Our safety/happiness/way forward lies in our ability to become more authentic/more real and consistent. More in touch with our inner world. More in touch with our roots.

Let's take a look at the transits and we'll unpack the Moons in the dailies.

Oh, and Mercury stations retrograde on Halloween - BACK UP THOSE FILES!

SUNDAY - New Moon in Scorpio, Sun opposes Uranus, Mars squares Saturn
WEDNESDAY - Mercury conjuncts Venus
THURSDAY - Mercury stations retrograde in Scorpio
FRIDAY - Venus moves into Sagittarius
SATURDAY - Mercury conjuncts Pallas

SUNDAY - We talked about the New Moon which greatly impacts the next couple weeks HERE. Don't forget to set your New Moon intentions!

On WEDNESDAY - Mercury meets Venus.

Sweet (Venus) talk (Mercury). Seeing the beauty in the stuff we didn't want to look at before.

So, just before lovely Venus exits Scorpio for the blue skies of Sagittarius - she meets up with Mercury (in Scorpio for the long haul). Tell someone you love them. Talk about what you want. Send the email/the card/the letter. This is happening in Scorpio, so this won't be superficial fluffy chitchat. This is deeply felt. Maybe intense conversations during intimate moments. Scorpio rules big money/other people's money so financial transactions are favored now, too. Monetary stuff is promising, although it won't be so cut-and-dried

because right after Mercury meets Venus she/he stations retrograde on the same degree, so we could be re-thinking/re-viewing/going deeper into those same lovely conversations or promising financial information - over the next few days/weeks.

On THURSDAY - Happy Halloween! Mercury stations retrograde in Scorpio until November 20th.

Situations slow down. In a water sign, events will transpire to see that we get another look at our feelings. In Scorpio taboo subjects get re-examined. This will be INTENSE. Scorpio themes of intimacy, life and death and shared finances (and the theme of your natal Scorpio house) will have our focus. We will (over the next few weeks) be re-viewing old losses/old desires - stuff that brought us into connection/mergers with other people or other people's resources - as well as dealing with new information and the aftermath of losses/releases/deaths. We get a greater clarity about why and how some things were cleared from our lives and what we still need to let go of in order to move forward into greater freedom. Financial and intimate secrets can come out over the course of this transit. If we ask for the truth we had better be prepared to hear it .... but keep in mind we are going back and forth over this stuff, so it's not the time to take things at face value. It's not so much that the information will change over the course of this transit (although it certainly might), but our feelings will undoubtedly change. By the time Mercury exits Scorpio and the dust has settled we will know so much more than we do right now- no point jumping the gun here.

On FRIDAY - Venus lightens things up a bit with her move into blue-skies Sagittarius. Sagittarius themes (and the theme of our natal Sagittarius house) become more favored - travel, higher education, weddings, politics, legal issues, the media, publishing, religion, foreigners, everything outside our comfort zone, exploration, our beliefs and higher thinking.

Sagittarius Suns and Ascendants (1st house cusps) get more attractive now - becoming both able to attract what they want/need and easier on the eye. All of us get a visit from Venus in our Sagittarius houses (what house or houses carry Venus energy in your natal chart?) and those houses get more magnetic. 

Sagittarius is the sign of the archer. If we were archers - we would gather our energy. We would pull back our bow. We would take aim. We would hold our bow "in tension".

This holding position is important to landing our arrow where we intend it to go - to hit our target.

(of course, if we are in some kind of life and death battle with that arrow then I guess we just let it fly and hope for the best, but most situations we are facing are not quite so dire)

The same way an archer's "in tension" allows her arrow to hit her mark, our own "intentions" release our energy where we need it to go.

Intentions are not wishes; they are not hopes - wanting to do something is 180 degrees from intending to do it. Intention releases the potential that makes things happen.

So, we have Venus (love, women, beauty, what we value, our self esteem, money) moving into the sign of "POTENTIAL".

Experience is more valuable than stuff with Sagittarius.

Money (Venus) spent on travel will be well spent. Money (Venus) spent on other Sagittarius themes - higher education, legal issues, weddings, politics - will probably pay off, too, in the experiences we get back.

The search we began when Venus dove into Scorpio continues (through Mercury). But now instead of just looking at the stuff that is underneath, the underpinnings none of us really want to look at, Venus (as us) looks WAY out into the horizon at the stuff we might one day meet up with.

Sagittarius is the sign of faith. Do we have faith that better days are ahead for us?

This season Venus is even more powerful in Sagittarius because she will be meeting with Jupiter in his home sign for only a few more weeks!

This is excellent energy for artists and creatives to reach for something else, to work with something/someone foreign, to learn something new, to stretch. We attract what we want and need by optimistically embracing potential now. We don't have to know how this is all going to turn out, we know there will be adventure here - if we embrace what we do with an adventurous heart.

Yes, it's risky. And Sagittarians have been known to fall on their ass and even off a cliff now and then. But is there really any alternative to not trying?

This is the season of faith and potential for all Venus ruled themes - love, money, women, beauty, self-esteem, our values. How are we going to use this energy?

Remember the archer.

The archer stays focused and holds herself "in tension" through all the noise. 

We have our bow drawn and we are focused on the target, but suddenly the dog barks (or in my case - bites), the phone rings, the guy next door starts blasting Vampire Weekend and you know we have to stop and listen to that.

(and sometimes this noise can last a while and sometimes life sends us noise to test our intentions and see how badly we want something or sometimes the noise could be there to delay us because there is something better for us later or other people's arrows or targets need to line up with ours)

Because once that arrow is released, it is released. There is no grabbing it midair and straightening that baby out (unless you have some super power that I would be totally jealous to find out about).

We have to have faith enough to release the arrow anyway. Bulls-eyes can be highly over-rated. Sometimes it's the missed targets that lead to the best adventures!

Remember even rock solid things, and actually especially rock solid things, will turn to dust eventually if they are allowed to just sit there. Over the next month Venus (as us) will shake things up by expanding us outside our comfort zone.

So, even as Mercury is digging deeply in the dark, another part of us will be reaching for/attracting something bigger and more expansive. We will talk about this more as we move through November and Venus starts interacting with the other players.

On SATURDAY, Mercury conjuncts Pallas.

So here is our deep, focused thinking/conversations meeting up with the wisdom and strategies we need. Remember Mercury is retrograde now, so this won't be new information so much as our increased ability to make sense of it. We see the tactics we need. We recognize the patterns we need to avoid. It's time to smarten up.

xo all

photo by the amazing kevron2001

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