Today's Astrology Forecast | October 6, 2019 - decisions are sticky, the facts vs what we believe, a pivot point between our past and future, and yes, that's a wall we see up ahead

The Moon in serious Capricorn meets powerful Pluto at 5:14AM EDT (nourished through intense experiences, deep emotional processing, obsessive work habits) - a good day for practical chores, a focus on our goals/ambitions - then goes void at 7:25PM EDT off a square to Venus (we are back in the soup with those financial/relationship/goal issues).

She moves into Aquarius at 11:42PM EDT for the next couple days - we are nurtured through groups, friendship, the goals that bring us into connection with other people. We can take a step back and detach a bit.

We have the Sun, at 13 degrees Libra, squaring the Nodes of Fate - the North Node in Cancer and the South Node in Capricorn. A turning point. A light is thrown on the diverging path in the woods. Decisions made now are sticky and important. Collectively we are turning away from something stabilizing, but restricting toward something that is more authentic, but also feels like (remember these are the Nodes of the Moon; ruler of our emotions) it makes us more vulnerable.

We are coming home this year. All are welcome, but the price of admission is to let down our Capricorn/Cancerian defenses. 

More about the Caner/Capricorn Nodes HERE

With Saturn's recent station (timeline shift) certain doors have closed to us.

So, here we are on this new road, already, at another crossroads. Are we sticking with what is comfortable - in the sense it is familiar - stabilizing, but restrictive? Or choosing another path - unfamiliar to our 3D experience, but familiar in a soul-sense (like coming home after a long journey). With the Sun in Libra, maybe we get this through another person now. We experience something through them or reach a choice-point within a relationship.

And I keep hearing that Meatloaf song and the girl's voice saying "what's it gonna be boy? I can wait all night (or can't she wait all night, I forget), what's it gonna be boy? yes or no?".

At the same time, Jupiter (in Sagittarius at 19 degrees) is exactly squaring spouse Juno (in Virgo).

Juno, is Jupiter's long suffering (and sometimes vengeful) wife. In Virgo, she (as us) is dealing with the details of a relationship agreement. Jupiter (also as us, and of course we also project these roles onto other people to act out for us) is pie-in-the-sky now, wanting his cake and eating it, too. The square is tension/frustration. Picking things apart is a problem. Too strict an adherence to who needs to do what is a problem. Also a problem is flying too high to avoid dealing with the details/facts. Everything may be alright in the end, but this isn't the end.

We need to adjust.

Happening at the same time the Sun (in partnership/balance focused Libra) is squaring the Nodes, Jupiter/Juno adds a subplot to the Nodes story-line.

Virgo/Sagittarius squares are also the facts vs our beliefs.

We have moved past the Neptune/Jupiter square where it has been hard to tell fact from fantasy and been pushed right into the upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunction - a hard bite of reality. Ouch!

It's Sunday. Take a long walk. Give yourself time to think. Pay attention to what attracts your attention.

We are at a pivot point between the past and the future - the problems that are standing in our way are evident now.

xo all

Heads up - on Monday/Tuesday the Sun is going to square Saturn (ie the wall). We'll talk about this tonight in the weekly.

The Sun will shine a spotlight this upcoming week (and yes, you could certainly already be dealing with this, these are big, but predictable cycles) on whatever this is for us. Our life force/creativity is blocked somehow. There is pressure, tension, frustration. Maybe too much work or too much service is being required of us. We could doubt our own abilities and any space we "don't have what it takes" could be right in our face and possibly even on view for others.

Maybe we get a "no". Maybe something that stabilizes us comes to an end or a relationship ends or the balance shifts. Maybe something requiring additional responsibilities/work could begin.

Whatever this wall is for our egos in this cycle - we hit it. "DAM!" said the fish when she did. Ack!

(and with the Sun in Libra we might experience this through another person or through a relationship situation)

Patience and diligence (I know! Sorry!) are really the only antidotes to a Saturnian wall. Big girl pants meet big girl ass.

We'll get through this.

photo by the talented wondermilkygirl

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