Today's Astrology Forecast | October 2, 2019 - the eye of the storm, coming up for air, taking in the bigger picture, stretch something

Our waxing (growing) Scorpio Moon goes void this morning off an opportunistic sextile to Mars (in Virgo - so get to work EARLY).

She will be void until 7:44AM EDT when she moves into fiery and enthusiastic Sagittarius.

There are no obstacles today for our Sag Moon who turns our attention to Sag themes - what is foreign to us, higher education, broadening our view, the big picture, travel, politics, religion, legal issues, weddings, grandparents, media, marketing.

Take a deep breath. 

Stretch something. 

Open your eyes. Take in the bigger picture.

We can move forward with increased confidence and optimism after our days in the dark/with tunnel vision.

A week flavored by Scorpio and Pluto isn't over yet (Pluto stations direct tomorrow) - but today is a break in the heavier energy/an eye in the storm.

Jupiter is moving off this year's foggy, and draining, square to Neptune.

(As soon as we moved past 2019's final Neptune square Jupiter - not being able to tell fact from fantasy - and Saturn stationed direct - daddy's home - Trump/Ukraine comes to light and a movement for Trump's impeachment gains ground. I said months ago his chart noticeably weakens in September - now we know, most likely, what we will be dealing with in the U.S. in January when Saturn meets Pluto. Whatever happens with Trump in January, for the United States, there is no going back to a life before Trump. Pluto will see to that. Also keep in mind the energy surrounding September/October "disappointments" is that the shoe drops now to avoid losing our feet later. So, maybe impeachment strengthens him for a re-election or maybe it saves his physical life somehow if he resigns, etc - hard to say and each time I feel the impulse to focus on Trump's chart, I get the message "focus on your own life, this is all playing out for everyone else, too". And of course, in the U.K. through Brexit, which is, I believe, delayed until October 31st, the day Mercury stations retrograde in Scorpio, and right after the Scorpio New Moon that opposes chaotic and unexpected Uranus, so that should be a proper mess, too, I would expect.)

For all of us - dealing with our fears, unconscious motivations and exposure and opportunity through radical new insights are on the agenda for fall!

We only have lucky Jupiter in his home sign of Sagittarius for a few more weeks before he joins (thus expanding) that Capricorn pile-up.

Keep your eyes, ears and instincts peeled to take advantage of this. Our timeline shifted with Saturn's station, so we are lining up with different things now. Those gold nuggets (luck, justice, expansion, growth) are still out there, but have shifted, too.

The good news - with Jupiter moving off Neptune, they are hiding in plain sight now ...

xo all

photo by the talented pick a red balloon

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