Today's Astrology Forecast | October 5, 2019 - doing the thing we are afraid to do, our relationships vs our goals/ambitions, deeper conversations, more information, pushing past an obstacle, working on the dream

The Moon in Capricorn squares the Libra Sun at 12:47PM EDT and then moves on to conjunct Saturn at 4:39PM EDT and finally sextile a retrograde Neptune at 9:26PM EDT.

The Moon square Sun - first quarter square after last week's Libra New Moon - indicates tension/frustration, an obstacle between our relationships (maybe being Mr Nice Guy) and our work/goals/responsibilities. Maybe a line is drawn in the sand now.

For us, or by us.

The Moon in Cappy says "put on your big girl/boy pants" - the square says "push through this" - the Libra Sun says "please can't we all just get along?!" Or maybe the Libra Sun is speaking more of fairness or beauty or love.

And how do we reconcile our ambitions and the kind of structure we need to feel safe while surviving/thriving on such shaky ground (that Cappy Moon) - with that?

If we had all the safety in the world, goals met, mountains climbed, silver polished and tucked away - would it matter if we didn't have the love, the beauty, the justice, the kindness, the connections with other people?

Let's see what else is happening to broaden the picture a bit.

Mercury (in Scorpio now for the long haul) is inconjunct a retrograde Chiron (in early Aries). A rock and a hard place. We don't want to look/hear. We don't want to know. It hurts to look. It hurts to know. We have to look/hear. We have to know. Painful information/conversations. Hard to find a win/a compromise.

But the First Quarter Square Moon tells us the time is here to push through an obstacle.

Not to run away/look away/stay silent and hope for the best.

Maybe we need to do the thing we are afraid to do now. Say the words. Really listen.

It isn't going to be comfortable, but Uranus is in Taurus changing our definitions of "comfort" anyway.

Big shifts and healing can come through challenging information. We have to go deeper this time. We won't be tying anything up with a pretty bow right now, but to get to the good stuff we have to get past this obstacle. Take some action. Journal. Focus.

Pluto is direct. Clean up your mess. Clutter is like quicksand right now.

The Moon's conjunction will Saturn speaks of responsibilities, dealings with authority and stepping into our own authority. The sextile to Neptune tells us it's time to WORK to make that DREAM real.

Feels like a heavy load for a Saturday. But a Cappy Moon weekend can be very productive.

Don't forget the North Node in Cancer (our north star this year) - whatever feels like home, taking care of yourself, knowing you don't have to have all the answers, looking within.

xo all

photo by the talented Sofia Lupul

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