Today's Astrology Forecast | October 15, 2019 - information leaking out, logic and intuition working together, intimate conversations, compassion, connection through language, visionary thinking, talking to our ancestors

The Moon is cruising through Taurus today - trining Saturn at 4:44PM EDT (stabilizing our money, setting up a budget) and sextiling Neptune at 8:22PM EDT. She has an opposition with Mercury at 8:32PM EDT - so the potential for some kind of mine vs ours or love/money/intimacy tiff this evening. The latest set of Dem debates are tonight in the U.S., maybe financial/monetary policies will be a point of contention.

The good news today is we have Mercury (in Scorpio) trining Neptune (in Pisces).

Visionary thinking.

Boundaries dissolve. Words bring us closer together. Situations feel more intimate. Someone (maybe us and the words may just drift right out of our mouths) says something very REAL expanding our compassion and connection.

Potentially emotional conversations about endings.

This is from the weekly:

"Inspirational/intuitive thinking. Creativity. Spirituality. Writing. Making/listening to music. Our logical mind and our intuition is working together. The words left unsaid are maybe more important than what we are saying/hearing, so pay attention with all your senses. More secrets coming out as Neptune dissolves those Scorpian boundaries. Our ancestors/our past is talking to us. Listen. Meditate. The answers are out there (they won't be the final answers though because Mercury is on a long, back-and-forth journey through deep Scorpio this fall)."

Not good energy for detailed work, but beautiful energy for creative and mystical work.

We are both listening to our intuition AND incorporating truth/the facts into our thinking now.

As always with any Neptune contact, there is always the possibility for rose-colored glasses and illusion. Keep this in mind, maybe, but don't let the fear of saying too much keep something bottled up that needs to be said ...

xo all

Also keep in mind Mercury is walking degrees she/he will walk two more times - so we will be back here again on November 13th with Mercury retrograde (when we do the re-vision, re-thinking, saying it again another way, etc) - and finally on November 28th with Mercury direct and the final/final answer. People with planets and points near 15 degrees Scorpio/Pisces will feel this strongest.

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