New Moon in Scorpio | October 27, 2019 - disruptive change, evolving through the shadows, truth bombs, danger Will Robinson, liberation, pushed to shift gears

On Sunday, October 27, 2019 at 11:38PM EDT - the Scorpio Moon meets the Scorpio Sun giving us this month's New Moon.

Let's dig right in and unpack the chart!

The Moon/Sun meet in deep, dark, intimate and powerful Scorpio at 4 degrees.

They are exactly opposing disruptive Uranus, so we have our annual Sun opposing Uranus (unexpected shake-ups and changes) coming at the same time as the New Moon in Scorpio's powerful and transformative NEW BEGINNING.

There is a definite before-and-after kind of permanency around changes now.

With Uranus in Taurus - our money, our values, our self-esteem, our resources - the shake-ups (unexpected ending, etc) could impact one of these themes (or the theme of your natal Taurus house). Oppositions are projections. Someone or something that is not us is interacting in our life in a way we don't want. Uranus often brings sudden change and disruption and coming at the time of the New Moon in Scorpio and right before Mercury is set to retrograde in Scorpio - the change will likely push us into something deeper and more intense, maybe something that creates greater intimacy with others or something that re-aligns our values in a new way.

Our New Moon in Scorpio is answering to Scorpio rulers Pluto and Mars (old ruler).

Mars in Libra (our actions, our motivation and passion, in Libra dealing with our projections/our relationships/balance) is exactly squaring Saturn (in Capricorn). There are limits/rules here. Dealings with authority. Hierarchical maneuverings. Relationships are challenging. Delays are frustrating. With Mars in Libra we will need to be polite/diplomatic, more gracious than we may want to be. Be kind. Be fair. Some may need to fall on their swords. Ouch! Saturn here is a wall, a constraint, an authority blocking our way forward. We could get an unexpected or unwanted "no" or maybe a partner's actions challenge our own sense of authority.

(there is also the chance of physical injury or the need for hard labor to the point of exhaustion - this has been in play for a few days - drive safely, be careful with fire/sharp objects, etc - no dark alleys, back away from danger slowly)

Getting angry, frustrated or passive-aggressive (Mars) or deciding to push harder won't help the situation now. Saturn is unyielding. There will be delays/ending/limits. Roadblocks serve a purpose - sometimes we need to go around, crash over or plow through them and sometimes they keep us from falling off the cliff.

Squares to Saturn take a material form. Situations show up in the real 3D world. They can be a time of testing. We are dealing with the consequences of  previous physical actions (karma, cause and effect), but squares themselves are nobody's fault. They simply push us toward an unexplored new action. Without squares nothing would actually happen!

Pluto (still sitting on 20 degrees Capricorn) is direct - the death that was postponed is no longer postponed. Endings and beginnings now are connecting to the big December 2019 and January 2020 energies. There is no turning back now!

The New Moon looks like a new beginning (in the dark, so lots we don't know right now) birthed from an unexpected and possibly chaotic and jolting ending/change/liberation. 

This could be INTENSE.

Mercury is stationing retrograde in just four days, so whatever gets started, and it feels to me like a quiet start (that packs a long-term punch) - it will likely require re-visions, re-thinking, re-dos, etc. And keep in mind this is Scorpio (power/control) we are talking about so we want to be sure we know what we are doing with this energy! The skies are dark so we won't know everything, but maybe something about this Uranian change/shocker clarifies our values or turns our focus and then Mercury's upcoming back-and-forth gets us clear over the next few weeks. Nothing in Scorpio is without some risk. Everything can feel like an ordeal. 

We may have to adapt to sudden change QUICKLY now. Maybe something has come slowly and then ALL AT ONCE.

Scorpio themes include life and death, rebirth, other people's money, spouse's income, mortgages, loans, inheritance, taxes, intimacy, merging/purging, sex, reproduction, secrets, the stuff we do in the dark, the stuff we don't talk about in polite company.

Venus (in Scorpio) is moving toward her conjunction with Pallas. Partnership strategies. Mergers and acquisitions. Good for financial planning. Love/money wisdom. Recognition of our patterns within our relationships. Win-wins. Plans with other people and with our money/resources that are both smart AND strategic. This is an intense and profound time for relationships (with the living and with people and animals no longer living) and this conjunction will help.

The inconjunct to Chiron is waning (fading). We are moving past the pain/the feeling we need to do everything ourselves or that we can't do something/the blow to our ego.

So here is a fresh start birthed through that hurting/healing, too. These are long chapters in thick books we are working through folks. It's a time for healing our shadow and what is hidden from us in the shadows.

There is a gathering of planets in Scorpio at this New Moon. And Mercury is slowing way down and preparing for her/his long-haul here. We are digging deep. Secrets are coming out. We can uncover unexpected resources/unexpressed power. Things we might have breezed right through last month are more intense now. The superficial/lightweight doesn't cut it.

Scorpio is uber powerful, so be prepared to commit to anything you start now. Actually, commit as if your life depends on it ... maybe it does. We go all the way or we sit this one out. 

There is no middle ground with a Scorpio New Moon.

And know that sometimes sitting this one out (for now) - especially with that square to Saturn sitting with the South Node and Venus opposing Vesta (the past, the thing that we used to be devoted to but just aren't feeling it anymore) might be OK, too. Use your intuition and internal guidance.

Sitting fallow allows a creative void for the energy to fill. It may take some time for life to get us lined up with something else. And that is OK. Even though some roads are closed to us by now, Saturn is in Capricorn. Time is still on our side. And Mercury is about to station retrograde, so unless you can get something done before Halloween it is going to be subject to the "re's" anyway.

This is an important month to set written/verbal NEW MOON INTENTIONS.

Scorpio is very powerful and this is the energy that rules our secrets. If we don't set this stuff consciously - our unconscious will attract what we are already lined up with - and this may be a good thing, but will depend on what we have stuffed in those closets and under those beds, so maybe not - with Scorpio, we don't know what we don't know!

I vote for conscious intention setting now - we just have to be clear on what we want/need or really we have to be clear on what we want/need to FEEL.

Set your intentions around that. 
AFFIRMATION TIPS: get into a positive frame of mind - always make affirmations from a positive place (positive meaning both happy and certain) - write your affirmations down by hand in script, speak them out loud - then release your attention from them knowing that your intention is known.

Know these things are already yours.


We went to visit my sister and her family in the Pacific Northwest mountains last week and I had a post I scheduled but somehow never posted, explaining that - yikes. I knew there would be spotty wifi, but thought I could work with it. I couldn't. Then we had to return suddenly due to a death in the family and my heart just wasn't into writing until tonight. Hope something in this post is helpful.


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