Today's Astrology Forecast | October 11, 2019 - all day Void Moon, wanting or exploring more within our relationships, an urge for freedom or need to be ourselves, merging and purging, a balancing act

The Pisces moon squared Jupiter at 4:01AM EDT and then went void off a sextile (opportunity) to Pluto at 5:55AM EDT. She will be void for the rest of the day (EDT) and move into Aries after midnight. There she'll be on course for our big Full Moon on Sunday (5:08PM EDT).

The Moon sextile Pluto (last aspect before void) means she continues to perform today and encourages deep connecting/production through working together; through what we merge. Good for research. Getting to the bottom of things. Finding the hidden power structures. Who is really pulling the strings. Merging. Purging. Clean-ups. Endings.

The Sun at 17 degrees Libra is inconjunct (rock and hard place) Black Moon Lilith now. Maybe the supportive relationship is at odds with the freedom to be ourselves/pull toward something more "fringe element", but maybe darker, too. Tread carefully here.

The Sun is also sextiling Ceres in Sagittarius, so maybe the relationship (that Sun in partner-focused Libra) or balance/fairness issue is nourished now through bigger and more expansive actions/thinking - it doesn't have to be so black and white as Lilith wants (her cake and eating it, too), since it is Libra season - the time of balance.

Explore something new. Expand your reach together.  The Libra/Sag sextile is about social charm/conversations. Talk about it. Especially those Ceres themed issues - nurturing, season of life issues, things that feel out of our control.

The Sag sextile brings hope, a sense of justice and positivity to Libra (the relationship). The Pisces inconjunct brings the challenge - which could be a Lilith (personal freedom/where we don't fit in) issue or a Piscean issue - addiction, need to escape, avoiding the personal - the relationship - through the impersonal (the infinite). Libra wants balance and Pisces is the infinite where there is no need for balance anymore. Of course, we don't live on Neptune and this is Libra season. Balance/fairness, as challenging as it can be, is our friend. Both these aspects were in play yesterday, too.

So, this is a sextile with important celestial bodies between your Sag and Libra houses - what are those themes? We always have the sextile (opportunity), but now we have the energies (bodies in the houses or seats in the chairs so to speak) to do something with the sextile. At the same time we have the inconjunct between our Pisces and Libra houses.

Back with the Full Moon post - I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Three day weekend in some places for some people!

Keep in mind today - the Void Moon could bring some wonk (don't start anything new) - so roll with the twists and turns knowing they will be much ado about nothing. Use that Moon/Pluto sextile to look more closely at the stuff you would normally push under the rug. There are diamonds hidden among the dust bunnies now ...

xo all

photo by the talented Natalia Ciobanu

this is also the day Mercury starts walking (in Scorpio) the degrees he/she will walk two more times during his upcoming retrograde, so pay attention to what is going on now because it will be part of that process

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