the astrology of mars stationing direct in gemini | the game of life, why timing is everything

At 3:56PM EST on Thursday, January 12, 2023, Mars finally stationed direct in Gemini. 

Mars has been retrograde since the end of October creating delays, do-overs, transportation/tech issues, mind changes, abrupt actions that were maybe not such great ideas. He has picked at the scabs of old anger, old ambitions, old conversations, sibling and local community issues and ideas. Then, at the end of December, Mercury - the ruler of Gemini, so Mars has been answering to him/her - stationed retrograde, too. Double whammy. Double trouble. 

As Mars stations direct now, he is on 8 degrees Gemini where he has been for about the last week and a half and he will be here for another couple weeks. If you have a planet or point on 8 degrees of a mutable sign, you will be feeling the PRESSURE of this - that would be Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces.


And, everyone will have some space in their lives - this would be connected to your Gemini house theme or the house Mars rules in your natal chart, which would be your Aries, and also your Scorpio house theme - where things have been stuck, running on repeat, maybe where you have been dealing with challenging Martian situations (anger, etc). We have all been given/gifted with some challenging situation and been asked, or forced to, DEAL WITH IT. 

So what did we do? What are we doing?


It is good news Mars is moving direct, but keep in mind, like your muscles after a long squat, he is going to need some time to work out the kinks. This would NOT be the time for some big crazy move because situations ARE slowly coming unstuck anyway. They cannot stay stuck. In another 10 days, we are going to have both Mercury and Uranus direct and be in the energy of a BIG New Moon in Aquarius (which might even bring a prequel of the March Pluto into Aquarius prequel, yes a prequel of the prequel) - things are CHANGING.


So, for now, it is best to not overplay our hand. 


Our motivation, energy and focus WILL RETURN - we are not going to need to force ourselves to get going. We are going to get going.  Things are going to change.


If you are feeling something like the need to catch up/make up for lost time, make a fast move, that is probably NOT the feeling you are going to want to feed/react to right now if you don't want to just run things off into a ditch. We want to be responding and not reacting because remember Mars is still popping a squat and Mercury is still moving backward. Also note this does NOT mean to hold up things that are naturally moving forward or deny actions that you obviously need to make. WE ARE MOVING FORWARD. Just notice, for your own sanity, any 'pushes' that are coming from a false need to grab something quickly, catch up, etc. 


As Mars stations he is making a wide inconjunct to a retrograde Mercury in Capricorn. There is information, words, Mercury stuff INTERFERING with our momentum - it is not the time to push.


And speaking of Mercury, who is moving backward for a few more days, he is going to reach 8 degrees Capricorn (and inconjunct Mars), precisely as the Sun meets Pluto on the 18th. He/she will still be there, inconjunct Mars, who will still be at 8 degrees Gemini as the New Moon in Aquarius kicks off and Uranus stations direct on the 21/22. Mercury at 8 degrees Capricorn is EXACTLY where the South Node and Jupiter were when "time ran out" in January 2020. BIG things are happening. Pluto in Capricorn is going out with a bang.

This is why we can't really look ahead into the rest of 2023 just yet. I keep sitting down to write the posts and feeling like my timing would be off. I want to look ahead, but life is telling me to not get too far ahead of myself just yet.


The way we are moving through the next couple weeks - big girl pants on, the Sun is in Cappy answering to Aquarius who doesn't play. KNOW with the North Node in Taurus it is our resources, our values, our skills, our self-esteem, our natal Taurus house theme (even as it shaken up by Uranus) - that we can count on to get through this time. And remember Mercury stationed retrograde conjunct benevolent Venus, ruler of Taurus, she is HELPING US. Venus is in Aquarius now, we have to be smart. Not so emotionally invested in every little thing. We have to play it cool. Venus will be sitting with Saturn at next week's New Moon, so we know there are personal and financial reality checks coming. That's OK. Our big girl/boy pants are on.


After Mars gets moving, he is going to be in Gemini, repeating the degrees we have been walking since last August UNTIL MARCH. By the time he gets moving, all the planets will be direct. The green lights will be easier to see/feel.

I was going to post about the rest of 2023, but we really need to understand this first. 


When we get to March 2023 and so much new stuff is happening it will be about what we do between now and then, about HOW SMART WE ARE that determines how comfortable we are with this stuff. Reacting to your triggers right now will not be a good idea. Uranus has been hovering in the middle degrees of Taurus for what seems like dog-years now, and in fact the middle degrees of the fixed signs will be MEGA important in 2023, but by next summer Uranus will reach 20 degrees Taurus. That is brand new territory he is itching to CHANGE. And, alot of this other stuff will be behind us.

Today (Friday) is the day Venus will square Uranus. This is tense and reactive and speaks of the unexpected. Venus/Uranus are in mutual reception, so relationship and financial curve-balls tossed at us this week, should be OK in the end - benefit us somehow in the long run. Just remember Saturn is coming - reality checks, but also added stability and commitments. Dad is visiting next week, so don't make a big mess of things right now. Mars is trining Venus, so we should be able to get along with other people. Mercury and Uranus are delaying certain information, news and CHANGES we aren't ready for just yet. In another 10 days we will be full steam ahead, so knowing this, what do you need to take care of now? What needs to be wrapped up to free up some space/time for the new to find you?

The last time Mars stationed direct after a complete retrograde through Gemini, the United States was rushing into a war. Life is just as nervous to see what we do with these transits as we are 'to see what is going to happen' (and there isn't a 'thing that is going to happen', as I've said before, the 'thing that is going to happen' is the energetic aspects and transits that we are responding to and interacting with) - this is not the time for big moves because things are going to change and the Sun is going to meet Pluto and wipe some things out anyway and you will just end up wasting your time and energy - important resources we need to be prioritizing now. So take care of your health, stay on top of the important things, get enough rest. 


The Moon will be in Libra this weekend. She makes some nice aspects, but will also square the Cappy Sun (Saturday night) and then Pluto - which indicates some kind of imbalance, likely within our close relationships, will need to be balanced out BEFORE she meets Saturn at the New Moon at the end of next week. Don't skip this. The Moon in Libra is answering to that Aqua Venus (and remember at last week's Full Moon, whose energy is playing out now, Venus had that exact trine to Ceres who is almost certainly a co-ruler or modern ruler of Taurus) who is in mutual reception with Uranus (the future, hive-mind in Taurus, so physical real world things like our resources and money), so keep a cool head, detach a bit, be your authentic self, know you can take care of yourself, plot a smart course. Timing is everything. 

xo all

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