the importance of what is happening right now in Aquarius ... cosmic second chances and course corrections, do your Saturn!



We are in the Eclipse spin cycle - moving EXACTLY (since last night until tomorrow morning) through the midpoint of the powerful Scorpio Solar Eclipse (conjunct Venus - the more psychological Eclipse) and the powerful Taurus Lunar Eclipse (conjunct Uranus - the more physical Eclipse). 


It's All Saint's Day. The Day of the Dead. The veils are very thin.

What we are doing now, how we are responding to what is happening, what we are saying/re-saying, thinking/re-thinking, what makes us uncomfortable, what makes us angry is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. 


Karmic knots are coming untangled.

Today, the Moon is in Aquarius. The sign of the FUTURE.


Through today's machinations the 2021 - 2022 Saturn/Uranus square is pulled into our physical bodies - her square to the South Node/Scorpio, her square to the North Node/Taurus, this afternoon's square to Uranus in Taurus, tonight's crash landing on Saturn/Aquarius - which doesn't have to be a crash. These are the same physical bodies that are made of the bodies of our parents and their parents (the momentum from which we came) AND carry the seeds of our children (even when your physical childbearing days are long behind you). The same is true of our past lives and future lives.


Our time is not our own. What we do now is not just about us. 


We are reaching backward and the future is reaching backward toward us.


The Aquarius Moon can be eccentric, detached, rebellious - she pushes us to be authentic. Sometimes the Moon in Aquarius will create emotional chaos, connecting with the trauma-holding, higher-mind of Uranus, and knowing intuitively the kinds of splintered conflict that might lead to awakening - breakdown to breakthrough. 

The Sun is in Scorpio and the Moon will square him, too. The Aquarius Moon allows us to step back a bit from situations that have grown too intense AND also reminds us that freedom/liberation always comes with a cost.  


The empty leg of this whole thing is LEO. Our heart. Creativity. Love. Our hero's journey. Our spark. And, yes, Leo is also the 'ego' and greed and more complicated than this, but let's keep in mind, something in our current situation may be lacking the Leo - because the leg is empty - so, there is something here - or within the theme of our natal Leo house - that needs to be brought to the table as our hands are emptied and cards played (the Eclipses play out).  

This is fixed energy. Something has to BREAK. Or maybe it broke last night? 


Today, as the Moon approaches Saturn - the ancient ruler of Aquarius, so this is not a bad thing, but it is a SERIOUS/SOBER thing - we want to be doing the RIGHT THING. This isn't the thing that is different for everyone. This is the universal RIGHT THING. Saturn's right thing. Your responsibility. You know what this is.

This is a BIG freaking deal. 


The same thing occurred six months ago during the last Scorpio/Taurus Eclipses. What was going on for you last May - actually, late April through about the middle of May - the days around last Mother's Day? THIS IS OUR SECOND CHANCE WITH THIS STUFF. If we didn't do the 'right thing' then, we can do the right thing now. Note - situations may not be exactly the same, but you can see/feel the connections. It's not our last chance, but we don't want to wait until our last chance because the next one in six months (which also, isn't really the last, but do you want to wait 18 years!) doesn't have this one's THUNDERBOLT. We want to get it right this time. We don't have to get it perfect. Life is pushing us/squeezing us to get us on a better timeline - something more fertile, abundant, self-valuing, more simple.

If we are feeling the squeeze right now, we are getting a SECOND CHANCE.

After the Moon squares the Nodes, three personal planets are crossing the South Node of Fate while opposing change-maker Uranus. This is a very BIG DEAL. There are past life/familial connections to almost everything right now. It is not a coincidence the OTHER personal planet, Mars, is retrograde in dualistic Gemini. Changing our mind. Changing our actions. More second chances.

After the Moon meets and passes Saturn tonight we will be on our course for that Lunar Eclipse on Uranus next Tuesday. Is there an adjustment (in our actions, attitude, language, thinking, beliefs) as a result of what happened last night/today that needs to happen before that Taurus Eclipse's THUNDERBOLT?

Tomorrow morning, the Aquarius Moon will meet up with Vesta - the fire we 'need to keep burning' to stay alive. Our sacred focus. Notice what you are thinking/talking about. Watch your language - this is a powerful time to ENGAGE YOUR MIND/connect with genius thinking that pulls us into the future. The Moon/Vesta conjunction will be in a smooth air trine to that retrograde Mars in Gemini. This is the Moon's final aspect in fixed air Aquarius before she squares the Nodes of Fate during next week's Eclipse from fixed earth Taurus. A trine to that 'doing things twice/doing two things at once' retrograde Mars. Smooth flow. Brakes off. Something can slide right into place. This is fast energy, maybe agitated/angry/impulsive. But it is getting things into the open that need to be in the open. Cards are getting reshuffled. Quickly. 

This mid-point of the Eclipse cycle matters. 

Our Aquarius house is being tested today and tomorrow- A MINI-VERSION OF WHAT THE SATURN/URANUS SQUARE HAS BEEN ALL ABOUT - the battle for the Age of Aquarius!! 


Here is a quick rundown. Use your rising sign for best results, if you don't know your rising sign, you can always bring your Sun to the first house and use that, both are in play here.

The Moon/Saturn today is about (note - Aries is also a collective influence) -

ARIES rising - this is about your groups, friendships, the goals that bring you into connection with other people, the future, your responsibility to the collective

TAURUS rising - gets a challenging square - this is about your career, reputation, voice in the world, step into your responsibility, the North Node is in your sign - you are undergoing a personal rebirth

GEMINI rising - gets a supportive air trine - this is about your beliefs, your travels, religion, legal situations, higher education, weddings

CANCER rising - this is about your debts, merged monies, intimacies, sex, inheritance, life and death situations or situations that feel like life and death - how can something here be handled more responsibly?

LEO rising - gets a challenging opposition - this is about your partnerships/partner/contracts, other people - this is likely something they are dealing with and you are dealing with this through them

VIRGO rising - this is about your health (maybe work, pets) - TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF - this is about being responsible/healthy with your day-to-day routine

LIBRA rising - gets a supportive air trine - this is about your children, creative projects, what you are giving birth to, your heart's desire, your physical heart, romance

SCORPIO rising - gets a challenging square - this is about your family/home, your foundation, your roots, the South Node is in your sign - you are undergoing a very personal transformation

SAGITTARIUS rising this is about your agreements, words, contracts, conversations, ideas, your mental constructs, communications, be responsible with your words

CAPRICORN rising - this is about your money, your resources - big financial transactions happening, be responsible with your money/resources, how are things lining up with your values

AQUARIUS rising - this is about your physical self, your brand, the way you present yourself in the world, take responsibility for the energy/presence you carry

PISCES rising - this is about the past, karmic knots that Cappy people/situations are helping untangle very old knots - this is a cliche I do not like, but know "whatever is happening is happening for a reason" you probably can't see because it is behind you, respond with your highest self, forgive, have compassion

I hope something here is helpful. 

xo all

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