weekly astrology forecast | November 21st to 27th, 2022 - bluer skies and greener pastures, the rainbow after the storm, new moon in packed sagittarius and a fiery fresh start

Scorpio season officially ends along with these tense T-Squares to Saturn and the Nodes - breathe a sigh of relief! 

The Sun, Mercury and Venus will all be in Sagittarius - they will be opposing Mars at some point over the next couple weeks, squaring Neptune (creativity and the past, but also delusion, confusion, a need for rest) and making some awkward aspects with Uranus (change/the future), but also making smooth trines to Chiron and opportunistic sextiles to Saturn. It won't be totally smooth sailing, but for many people, especially for our fixed sign placements, things will be EASIER.

This week looks particularly OPPORTUNISTIC and lighter. 

Let's unpack the week!

MONDAY - Mercury conjunct Venus

TUESDAY - Sun into Sagittarius

WEDNESDAY - New Moon in Sagittarius, Jupiter stations direct (!)

FRIDAY - Mercury trine Chiron and inconjunct North Node, Venus trine Chiron

SATURDAY - Venus inconjunct North Node

On MONDAY - Mercury meets up with, and passes, Venus. Words are higher/lighter/optimistic. We are more hopeful. For some, their faith in a benevolent universe is invigorated via information and conversations. This is good energy to THINK BIG. Talk about what you want - something that is a STRETCH. This is good news. Something to look forward to. Loving conversations. Inspirational words. If we can avoid the innate 'overdoing' hardwired into this aspect through their meeting in Sag - over-promising or boastfulness or being over-bearingly annoyingly certain - this will be a helpful meeting PLUS they start a new cycle together from a more optimistic/hopeful space. 

On TUESDAY - the Sun joins Mercury and Venus in high-flying, bigger-is-better Sagittarius. Scorpio season officially ends - hopefully enough rocks have been turned over, covers pulled back and dead situations put to rest to satisfy grim-reaper Pluto for a bit. Whew. We made it. From fixed water to mutable fire is a BIG LEAP. Keep in mind, Mars is still retrograde in Sag's polarity sign of Gemini, so we are still re-doing, doing things twice or two things at once. Decisions/choices/thinking is subject to change, nothing is set in stone now. This is needed/not a bad thing. 

Travel, places outside our comfort zone, foreign people/issues/situations, education (higher education than we have now), anything we are taking to a higher level, politics, religion, legal issues, weddings, the media, marketing, your Sag natal house theme - this is all Sagittarius territory, Jupiter territory (he is about to station direct in 'no limits' Pisces) - this gets a big, fiery SPOTLIGHT.

What we BELIEVE becomes more important than what we know now. There is a reason the season belongs to Santa Claus! Keep this in mind because with ALL THIS SAGITTARIUS, common sense can be lacking. We see that train coming at us and we think it won't hit us because we can't believe it's going to hit us, and then splat, we are hit. Flattened. Not that we are likely to actually get flattened here, but my Mercury in Cappy needs to mention this ;) - with Sag, sometimes we think we know things we don't know. 

On WEDNESDAY - the Sagittarius Moon catches up with the Sun at 1 degrees Sagittarius. An early degree Sag New Moon with Jupiter making his direct station within minutes is a BLESSING after the challenges of Eclipse season. A FRESH START. Luck when we take a chance. We only get three fire New Moons a year, so if we have something to start, even with Mars retrograde (which, yes, we should keep in mind, because things can turn around on us and some things might have to be re-done) - there is a GREEN LIGHT now and for the next two weeks, especially with projects, etc, with some connection to the past or something we are doing again or with some connection to TWO/multiples. You get the idea.

Expect a BIG post next!

On FRIDAY - Healing words, apologies, forgiveness, our vulnerabilities are more easily acknowledged. Old wounds discussed with love and optimism. Don't be afraid to talk about hurts/problems. Healthier relationships/finances are available when we make tweaks/concessions with CHANGE. This might include changes that make us more self-sufficient, more independent, more innately ourselves, more brave, more willing to START at the beginning. Being respected/heard, feeling loved/connected can be themes we are working with.  


As for the Moon and our emotional journey - we start the week with the Moon in Scorpio - Pluto wringing the last juice of the Saturn/Uranus square through us/our bone marrow - which sounds more dicey than it is probably, just remember with the Moon in Scorpio things can feel more intense/'life and death' than they usually are or maybe we are focused on Scorpian matters (taxes, insurance, other people's money, inheritances, reproduction, sex, third party situations, life/death situations), this is all well-timed for us to FINISH UP - then things lighten BIG-TIME (emotionally) with the Sun in Sag then the New Moon in Sag - we'll hit on everything here in the New Moon post. We can see FURTHER, our focus likely turns to those Sag matters we talked about for Tuesday. I am sure in the U.S, many people will be traveling for Thanksgiving or having more people over than usual or different people. Lots of connecting energy for the holiday week. Just watch your wallet/waistline, especially on Friday when the Moon squares Jupiter and we will be prone to over-doing, over-spending, over-promising, being too damn certain we are RIGHT. By the end of the week the Moon will be in sober Capricorn making more good aspects. Responsibility. Duty. Counting those cans in the cupboard as winter approaches. We are getting down to business, getting serious about SOMETHING. The Moon in Cappy ends with an opportunistic sextile to Jupiter. Expansion. Luck. It looks good.

Back with that New Moon post!

xo all

photo by the amazing DarkVenusPersephonae

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