weekly astrology forecast | november 14 to 20, 2022 - rewards, good news, luck with love and money plus that draining and confusing Mars/neptune square is back



We move into this week with that Taurus Lunar Eclipse in our rearview mirror. Sort of - keep in mind its ramifications/fallout will be felt for months and WITH the North Node (our best path forward) conjunct planet-of-change Uranus, it will be in our BEST interest to choose what is new and uncharted over what is old and intimate as often as possible until the next set of Eclipses next spring, particularly in regard to the theme of our natal Taurus houses!


Early in the week the Moon in Leo steps into the cross-hairs of the ongoing Fixed T-Square extending tension/frustration - but also some back-against-the-wall power moves - for those with mid-degree fixed planets/points, luckily for us the Grand Water Trine continues, too, and there is lots of fresh energy and GOOD NEWS this week (this is already happening). 


The biggest challenge will be the second of three squares between Mars and Neptune - this is the part of their journey together with BOTH planets retrograde. We talked about this in the Mars retro post HERE. This might bring uncertainty, loss of focus/ambition, challenges, delays, lies, addictions, exhaustion. It wouldn't be the time to make big outward moves, but this is good energy for internal work. There is no fast route right now and there is a reason for this (so much will change next year, rushing now will just mean more back-tracking later). We need to pace ourselves. Even a retrograde Neptune will beat Mars - trust your intuition, rest as needed, turn to inspirational art/music, pray, meditate, avoid drugs/alcohol, take your vitamins. There could be a chance to 're-do' a previous action/a previous avoidance or a drift off-course - the Mars/Neptune takes us back to mid-October. Does something we did back then need to change? Make an adjustment, but don't make too big a move during the square with Neptune. The momentum of a smallish adjustment will carry us further now than it would otherwise. Mars is retrograde take your time. Breathe.

ALL WEEK we have smooth trines to Jupiter - excellent for healing, expansion, confidence, luck, improved relationships, money, good news, OLD GOLD - note with Jupiter in Pisces this will make all of us more emotional, psychic, intuitive, porous. We also have TWO inner planets move into Jupiter ruled Sagittarius in preparation for next weeks' Sagittarius New Moon which happens just moments before Jupiter stations direct. 

Coincidence? I don't think so! 

Get ready Sagittarius! You are about to take center stage. And all our Sagittarius natal houses are waking up BIG TIME.

The middle of the week first Venus and then Mercury come up from the deep waters of Scorpio into the bluer skies of Sagittarius - we should feel this one!

Now, let's unpack the week!

MONDAY - Mercury trine Pallas then sextile Pluto, Sun trine Neptune (Grand Water Trine continues!)

TUESDAY - Venus trine Jupiter, Sun inconjunct Mars

WEDNESDAY - Mercury trine Jupiter, Venus enters Sagittarius

THURSDAY - Mercury enters Sagittarius

FRIDAY - Sun sextile Pluto

SATURDAY - Mars square Neptune (second of three)

SUNDAY - Sun trine Jupiter, Vesta enters Pisces

On MONDAY, Mercury trines Pallas then sextiles Pluto. This speaks of negotiations/strategy that creates REAL change/power. Maybe we are negotiating/strategizing within a third party situation or with a Scorpian matter - merged money, other people's money, taxes, insurance, inheritances, life/death matters, reproduction, sex, intimacy. This is speaking truth to power, opportunities to step into a more authentic power. Nurturing words are powerful. The energy this week is SO encouraging for Russia/Ukraine peace talks, let's pray something gets started/going with this. The Sun's smooth trine to Neptune is compassionate/forgiving and will have boundaries (and egos) dissolving. Some of us will be sliding right into deep water. Is this a good thing? It better be! Better keep one foot on the ground folks though, just in case - the sextile to Pluto in sober Cappy will help.

On TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY and SUNDAY - first Venus and then Mercury and finally the Sun all trine benevolent Jupiter. This is powerful and expansive and OPTIMISTIC. Relationships can benefit. Love grows. Good news can come in. We can FEEL GOOD, expansive, generous. 

(with Jupiter we just need to watch we don't "over" anything, as in over-do, over-promise, over-extend ourselves)

Venus trines Jupiter (in Pisces) then enters Sagittarius answering to Jupiter. Mercury trines Jupiter then enters Sagittarius. The Sun trines Jupiter (will enter Sagittarius next week). Here is the good that can come from Jupiter's retrograde back into Pisces. All so divinely orchestrated. OLD GOLD is being mined. Second chances to get it right. Have faith. Optimism. Courage. Venus trine Jupiter all by itself is one of our best aspects! Then we get Mercury and the Sun following in her footsteps. This doesn't happen everyday or month or year folks. With Jupiter in Pisces there are connections here to our past, ancestors, past lives. Every good thing we have ever done. Miracles. Trines are smooth flow and this is all water. Something is drifting into place or out of the picture to make room for something BETTER. 

On FRIDAY - the Sun in Scorpio, so answering to Pluto, sextiles Pluto. We are powerful/stepping into our responsibility. There is certainty/truth here somewhere. "Death" creates opportunity. No resistance, so we can go deeper, further. Situations align that create opportunity for personal transformation.

On SATURDAY - the Mars/Neptune becomes exact - this is in play all week and as a three-peating aspect will probably be felt by all of us in some way. Discouragement. Disappointment. Distractions. Our actions can drift off course. Check in with people in recovery, they will need love/compassion/encouragement. This square can energize creative projects, but also cause things to drift off course or seem better or worse than they actually are. We can get caught up in things that aren't REAL. Water problems are possible. Stay frosty, keep moving, expect to zig and zag and hit delays - but avoid big, sudden changes of direction this week if possible. Give yourself and other people a break with this in play. People are tired. 


We need to find compassion (Neptune in Pisces) for those who think/act/choose differently than we do (Mars in Gemini). We need to toss up the white flag/make our peace (Neptune, retrograde in Pisces) with the things we cannot change (Mars retrograde in Gemini). We need to let go (Neptune) of our anger (Mars). The final square will be with both planets direct on March 10, 2023.

On SUNDAY  - we get the final trine to Jupiter in Pisces through the Sun - our solar energy/ego in smooth flow with confidence, luck, expansion. Fears and obsessions dissolve. This is optimism, opportunity (also can encourage us to take things too far) and happens just as Vesta - the fire we must keep burning - moves into Pisces, too. Vesta in Pisces will make the sacred our sacred focus. Pisces matters matter more now. We will need more rest. Feel more nostalgic. The past will have our attention/might keep us up at night. Prayer and meditation will be more powerful. So will medication and drugs/alcohol so be warned. The mystical/the magical will be where our attention is needed

Back with some dailies!

xo all

photography by the amazing thefirebomb

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