today's astrology forecast | Friday, July 8th, 2022 - a light on what we need to turn our attention to in order to heal it



The Moon moves into fellow water sign Scorpio this morning. Now we are nurtured/nourished by power, going deep, knowing something/someone more intimately, sex, secrets, getting to the bottom line, eliminating what needs to go/is dead. 


A great Moon for expulsion. People born with the Moon here are intense! Have intense mamas, too.

Luna opposes Mars at 8:06AM EDT, lessening our impact, creating tension (now the Moon is in the sign Mars wants to be in and Mars is in the sign the Moon wants to be in, so there is this tension, but also a way through the tension - yes, the tension can be cut with a knife, but we also have the knife - if we give Mars some Scorpio - our actions the access to passion/probing, and the Moon some Taurus - our emotions access to comfort/nature/stability). 


Keep in mind, the dailies are about transiting planets interacting with other transiting planets - the background energy we are working with. When the Moon opposes our natal planet - and if we have natal planets in Taurus, she will over the next couple days - we will feel that more strongly, as she pulls against the permanent vibrational resonance imprint that is somehow embedded in us at birth. This weakens the opposed planet's natural function. Lasts just a few hours. Traditional astrology deems oppositions as 'negative', but sometimes an opposition provides a much needed balance and Scorpio can be a hugely regenerative Moon.


The Moon trines Mercury and Vesta at 1:31 EDT - while they trine each other - forming a Grand Water Trine for a few hours. 


All our water houses connected, in flow with each other. 


Maybe with Vesta involved our focus narrows to that thing that is keeping us up at night/what matters right now. We are talking about/thinking about deeply personal things. This is a mix of home/security/the past/mothering (Cancer), the dream/art/our intuition/forgiveness/inspiration (Pisces) and intensity/intimacy/what's hidden (Scorpio). Grand Water Trines can make us feel nostalgic, pull the past into the present.

This is also the day the Sun squares Chiron, which we might experience as a blow to our ego - the Grand Water Trine will help, provide an emotional balm for any hurt/wounds. 


The Sun shines a bright light on precisely what we need to turn our attention toward in order to heal it.


With Chiron in independent Aries we have a personal responsibility for our own healing. To act on what we know/use what we have. To do our best to share our gifts, even those with their roots in a painful past, maybe most especially those gifts.

xo all

artwork by the talented Andreea Chiru

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