today's astrology forecast | Sunday, July 17th, 2022 - outgrowing the nest, time to go, time to let go plus Venus enters Cancer



The Moon is in Pisces now. We are nurtured/nourished by our dreams and imagination, by art and music. We are moved by our intuition. At home in water. Connected to what we can't see, what has been put away, what is behind us/behind the scenes. 

Luna sextiles Uranus at 11:00 AM EDT (change is good, anxiety is soothed by connection, meditation, art, music), meets ruler Neptune at 11:06PM EDT (heightened sensitivity, creativity and intuition, could make for some potent night-time dreams) and trines the Cancer Sun at 11:25PM EDT.

The trine is this month's Waning Trine. Water. A frictionless point of release between last week's Capricorn Full Moon and next week's Leo New Moon. Pisces/Cancer. Flow/letting things go. Good for emotional connections/endings that offer compassion, nourishment, healing. Share what you are feeling. And maybe do some cooking - Cancer can connect through food/our stomachs/a well-made potato salad. 

This is also the day Venus goes into Cancer. We talked about this in the weekly HERE. Venus shows us how we relate to others, what we are attracted to in others, what we value. Venus in Cancer is sentimental, loyal, wants to feel safe/at home. We might find the next few weeks a time when we need to give and receive nurturing to be happy/satisfied. 


Some other things happening now we talked about in the weekly, but I missed today's Ceres/Pluto opposition, so thought I'd pop in about that since these two met up during January 2020's Saturn/Pluto conjunction (time runs out), so something else concluding now in relation to that time-frame. Oppositions are like Full Moons - can bring illuminations and culminations. So, it's interesting we had the Full Moon a few days ago right on the "time runs out" degree and now this Ceres/Pluto opposition and Mercury meeting the Sun (superior conjunction - another 'result'), the other "time runs out" energies. 


As I said in the Full Moon post - we really are 'walking away from the end of the world'. Time to move on from 'time runs out'. 

(and no, I'm not sure what that means in practical terms either, but I have a feeling the end of the month and early August's meeting of Mars and Uranus and the North Node of Fate will give us a pretty substantial clue)

Ceres and Pluto are old enemies. Pluto's kidnapping of Ceres daughter Persephone threw Ceres into great grief and the world into great death (as her mourning created the seasons). She could be understood to represent 'season of life' situations, especially times when things are outside our control or when we need to let go and hang on too long. She can also represent times of complicated compromises/concessions (eventually Persephone was allowed to return to her mother for half of each year) - what we have to learn to live with.


The Ceres/Pluto is kind of echoing today's Waning Water Trine in Cancer/Pisces and anytime we have repeating aspects we need to pay attention. Maybe someone/something has 'outgrown' the nest. And this might even be about some kind of strange "safety net" nest we have created since January 2020 in response to collective events.


Delayed endings are deadening.  


This is a good day to let go of something/someone/some situation - the trine to Pisces will allow a gentle, drifting dissolve. 


(and, yes, this all happening at the Venus ingress into Cancer, complicates her time here)


As always take what fits and is useful, toss the rest.

xo all

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