the astrology of the week of July 25 to July 31, 2022 - wake up calls and sudden changes of circumstance, red alert for the next two weeks, the U.S. chart is lit up like a Christmas tree



This week begins a volatile two week transit. You might be already feeling this. We talked about some of the energies HERE.


It is teeming with opportunities, but I don't want to sugar coat this, these changes are brought to us by economical, political, social, personal and environmental CHALLENGES. These are cosmic course corrections that will prove pivotal to our collective and individual DESTINIES.


Am I over-stating this? I don't think so.


If you have been parked at the station, this week (and next) is where the train pulls in. The only thing we know about this train is it won't be the train you were expecting to be on. It might be going in a totally different direction. That doesn't matter. The train that pulls in - and, yes, "pulls in" might feel something like "runs you over", but either way, this is THE TRAIN YOU NEED, although you might change trains later, it's not possible to know because our actions personally and collectively are CHANGING WHERE WE ARE NEEDED/changing where the train is going


(and if you are already on a train, well, if a course correction is needed, here is where the train might change course).


The Age of Aquarius portals are wide OPEN. 


The future is reaching back to us and pulling us forward. Let's stay open to sudden insights and synchronicities. 


After we get through the first few days of August, things will slow down enough for us to catch our breath and then when Mars enters Gemini in late August, the pace will pick up again and more important changes will impact our next few months. I'd say buckle up, but 'hang on loosely' and keep moving forward, might be better advice.

Let's unpack the week!


MONDAY - Venus, at 8 degrees Cancer, squares Jupiter in Aries, while Juno stations retrograde at 21 degrees Pisces. The Moon in Gemini trines a retrograde Saturn and goes void at 4:14AM EDT off a square to a retrograde Neptune in Pisces, until she comes home to Cancer at 1:54PM EDT.

Let's start with Juno. Juno was the third asteroid discovered. Named for the long-suffering wife of Jupiter, she shows the "for better or worse" energies of commitment in our chart. In our natal, by house and sign, she is about who/what we "commit/wed" ourselves to. Juno became Queen of the Gods through her marriage to Jupiter, the King of the Gods. Picture Carmella Soprano in a tiara. This is the space in our chart where we get the goodies - the prestige/security- when we make a commitment, but we also get the "baddies" - loss of freedom/independence. 


Two things are happening when Juno stations retrograde. Transiting Juno goes back and forth over 21 - 7 degrees Pisces through October 23rd when she stations direct (the same day Saturn stations direct and both Venus and the Sun enter Scorpio, so this will be even more important). 7-21 degrees Pisces will get a thorough cleaning by Juno. How much bang are we getting for our buck? What sacrifices are too much? Where are we wanting to have our cake and eat it, too? Important connections/agreements can ebb and flow and lack clear boundaries with Juno in Pisces anyway and now she is retrograding here, so expect some changeable seas as we all pull back a bit to re-look at our commitments.

This is also the day Venus squares Jupiter. Now, since these are both benevolent energies this will only get bad if our rose-colored-glasses are wearing rose-colored-glasses. There are some reality checks coming later in the week, so don't over-invest right now. Don't get greedy. If it looks too good to be true, it will be. Not the day for a big haircut. Emotional fulfillment will be challenging since we could be a bit like a bottomless cup right now. This energy is good for socializing, not so good for getting work done that requires efforts you don't want to make, so keep this in mind if you have some control over your schedule today. And, oh yes, back away from the pie, especially from that third slice!

The Moon will be void until early afternoon (EDT), so not the morning to start anything brand new if you want something to come of it and don't want to do it all over again later. Once the Moon gets home to Cancer in the afternoon our focus will turn to home, family, mothering, the past, home/family business or real estate situations. 

TUESDAY - Mercury, at 14 Leo squares Mars in Taurus while the Moon in Cancer squares Jupiter, meets up with Venus and then sextiles Mars

This is an argument. Verbal tension/frustration. News that pulls us up short. Mercury in Leo needs attention/wants to shine, maybe that is a problem with Mars in Taurus requiring more practical action. There could be a need for an ego adjustment. Maybe we need to let the other person get a word in. On the other hand, and this is why we get two of them, maybe it is a stuck Mars who needs to keep up with Mercury - maybe loud and proud is exactly what we need to be. Just know these are fixed signs, so no one is backing down. And keep in mind, Mercury is making his/her way to a "choice point" with the North Node of Fate at the end of the week, so words/our thinking now REALLY MATTERS. And, of course, Mars - our actions, passion, angers - is on his journey to change-maker Uranus AND the North Node of Fate. Maybe something now is forcing our hand. We need to be smart.

The Moon in Cancer will make us a bit, or alot, more emotional as she squares Jupiter in the morning (EDT), but her meeting with Venus in the late morning will be helpful - our wants and our emotions on the same page. By nighttime she will be sextiling Mars, putting that earlier argument to bed or pulling us home to family for comfort. 

WEDNESDAY - Mercury, at 18 degrees Leo, trines (brakes off) Chiron in Aries while the Moon sextiles Uranus, trines Neptune and goes void off her monthly square to Pluto at 8:54PM EDT.


Maybe the aftermath of yesterday's argument/stressful news brings healing. Makes us feel lighter/heard. Or maybe this is an entirely new situation. Either way, it will be easy to say the right thing. We could be communicating about an uncomfortable/vulnerable situation. Maybe a health situation (news can come in now or we could be consulting with someone). Or maybe we are talking about our fears about not being able to take care of ourselves or be ourselves. Whatever this is, we are saying it with courage/not hiding the warts.

For the Moon, our emotions, it is pretty smooth sailing with a nice healing flow to Neptune until she gets to that opposition - power struggle - with powerful Pluto to close out the day. Every month the Moon in Cancer gets this little micro-death. Intense culmination energy. What's been repressed comes up to be looked at/dealt with. This is uncomfortable. There is enough happening this week, I'm going to bed early.


THURSDAY - NEW MOON IN LEO at 5 degrees, with the Moon/Sun trining Jupiter as Jupiter stations retrograde and Mercury, at 18 degrees Leo, squares Uranus in Taurus


BIG New Moon post next. There are unexpected opportunities here for heart-felt new beginnings/ways to shine. Something here about the way we value ourselves/our self-worth. We will unpack this in its own post. I like this Moon, alot.

FRIDAY - Mercury, at 19 degrees Leo, squares the North Node while the Moon in Leo squares first Mars and then Uranus before meeting up with Mercury tonight.

Do you think it's a coincidence the Moon is in Leo to join Mercury as Mercury squares the North Node of Fate? I don't!

Mercury square the Nodes is a choice/pivot point. A crossroad. Maybe challenging news that changes our direction.


What's it going to be? Back into the chaotic, dramatic, complicated "death" that has grown COMFORTABLE, because we are designed (in order to stay alive) to crave the familiar or FORWARD to something NEW and untested, but more simple. With Mercury in Leo we want to be talking/thinking about what our heart really wants. Do we really want to shine in the same old tired ways? Or can we release the need for unnecessary drama, compulsions, manipulations, trying to control what someone else is doing/saying/thinking? Can we stop talking about/thinking about what is dead and dying or these intense situations long enough to see what is GROWING? Can we reconsider what we have come to see as necessary if it is strangling us?


Decisions made now/words used will matter, impact our future and could be public. 


 Our thinking can shift. Note - Mercury's next move is an opposition to Saturn in Aquarius, so a reminder of our responsibilities/a reality check is coming. 

The Moon in Leo squares Mars and then Uranus (actions and changes that challenge our ego/pride/our heart are possible). Then the Moon meets up with Mercury to chat. Time to choose. The Moon in Leo answering to the Sun in Leo will make sure our heart is heard. 

SATURDAY - the Moon in Leo goes void at 12:20AM EDT off her monthly opposition to Saturn. She will be void until 2:11PM EDT when she moves into practical/organized Virgo.

So, until we get to later in the afternoon, this would not be the day to start anything we want 'something to come of' since the Moon needs the energy of another planet to make things happen. A good day to sleep in, relax and take it easy. We know, other than her monthly opposition to Neptune, the Moon in Virgo is going to be making nice aspects for the next couple days. It's not the Moon's favorite sign, but she will help level out our emotions if the next few days are challenging - we'll take it!

SUNDAY - Mercury, at 22 degrees Leo opposes Saturn, Venus at 16 degrees Cancer squares Chiron, Uranus, at 18 degrees Taurus meets the North Node of Fate and the Sun, at 8 degrees Leo trines Jupiter

So, now we reach the first day of the BIG show, and, of course, we know these aspects cannot be so precisely timed, so things might have already happened - even last week because Uranus pulls the future back to meet us/speeds up time. They might be happening now or happen after the aspects have separated. 


Next week is a continuation of this week. BIG, too.


This is a LIBERATING SHOCK. It is hard to know how much of this we can see coming, and, of course, some will feel this more strongly than others, but I suspect collective events will have us ALL feeling this. A TRAIN HAS PULLED INTO THE STATION AND WE HAD BETTER GET OUR ASSES INTO A SEAT!


Or maybe the train has run right into us, it is hard to say what this will actually feel like because changes/karmic awakenings can be, and are often, uncomfortable/painful. The triple conjunction is squaring reality-check Saturn, so even more challenging. Saturn is in Aquarius, so brought to us via our collective responsibilities maybe.


The Sun/Jupiter gives us optimism, faith if we reach for it. Something old being put to right via challenging circumstances. 

The future is being fast-tracked!

OK, I will be back with the New Moon post and we will talk about that and Jupiter retrograde which will take us back into Pisces. And we will look again at the Mars/Uranus/North Node in part II of that series before this weekend - it will be huge for Russia and Ukraine and is hitting Putin's chart very precisely. 


If you are starting/planning something NEW and cosmically in sync with the future, maybe you are already in the energies of these big shifts and will get confirmations you are on the right course. That Taurus house of ours that has been rocking and rolling these last few years is where we can expect the unexpected. Again.

xo all

artwork by the talented anyannti

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