weekly astrology | July 11-17, 2022 - new efforts and valuing ourselves pays off over time, big news and ideas, intense full moon in cappy takes us back to 'time runs out'



Are we hurtling toward the future or is the future hurtling back to us?! 


The mid-week's Full Moon is mega-important, on the still RED-HOT (as evidenced in late February 2022 when Mars sneaked past Venus, crossed 21-22 degrees Cappy and Russia bombed Ukraine) degree of January 2020 when Saturn met Pluto, China called the WHO to report a new corona virus had jumped countries and 'time ran out'. This Moon is INTENSE. In ambitious Cappy this will have alot to do with our goals, career, reputations and leaders. Something here about grace under pressure, naked emperors, facing loss/death, the inevitability of CHANGE. 


Hopefully, we heeded that last Full Moon and let some air out of that 'inflated dream/illusion' and can take advantage of this Full Moon's Venus/Saturn trine (more on this in the next post). 

This is also the week the U.S. Pluto return has its SECOND exact hit. Mercury makes his/her superior conjunction to the Sun (think : LIGHT- BULB MOMENT) while Venus leaves Gemini for Cancer. 


Something for everyone. Lots going on. 

Let's unpack the week!

MONDAY - Juno sextiles the North Node

TUESDAY - Sun sextiles the North Node

WEDNESDAY - Full Moon in Capricorn, Venus trines Saturn, Mercury squares Chiron and sextiles Uranus

THURSDAY - Venus squares Neptune

SATURDAY - Sun conjuncts Mercury

SUNDAY - Venus enters Cancer, Mercury trines Neptune, Sun trines Neptune

On MONDAY - Juno sextiles the North Node from 20 degrees Pisces. 


This means she is also trining the Scorpio South Node. The trine is the stronger aspect maybe making it too easy to settle/to slide along with tired relationship/partnership/contract dynamics that can be hurtful, complicated, are dead in the water. Or old Piscean agreements with wishy/washy rules, addictions, illusions, one person making all the sacrifices or someone's overly idealistic rose-colored glasses fogging things up. Juno often brings up our tendency to look the other way to preserve the status quo or our relationship to power even if that status quo is killing us softly.


Let's rethink that comfortable (because we are used to it) trine to Scorpio and lean into the sextile with the Taurus NORTH Node. 


This is where the seed needs to go into the soil/is where the creative opportunity lies. This will take some effort, some movement toward something NEW - something less dramatic and sexy maybe, but more stabilizing, more solid, more simple. NEW, practical efforting toward creating more stability within partnerships and contracts/agreements gets the green light. This will involve actual physical/tangible things and situations. Drifting into the same old Scorpian intensity-driven 'drama' might be the easier flow, since we just float right into it/stay where we are, but is a dead end in the end. Respond instead of react. Take new actions. Set new boundaries. 


This won't be about beating our head into the wall, because what we seek is seeking us right back - the new energies will reach back to meet us this week. Practical effort goes a long way. Our efforts will pay off over time.

On TUESDAY -the Sun sextiles the North Node, U.S. Pluto return part two

The Sun, at 20 degrees Cancer, sextiles (creative opportunity) the North Node in Taurus. Cancer/Taurus sextiles are stabilizing/comforting. Here is a LIGHT on a more simple path forward. With the Sun in Cancer, we are standing in our collective roots/home/family, THIS is where our vital force is activated/this is where the fire is burning, and now here is a direct connection - sextiles require movement to activate - to our Taurus house - the space of the North Node - our smoothest, simplest path forward. Keep in mind, the Sun is also trining (brakes off) the South Node, so a nostalgic pull to the past will be felt, too. It will be oh so tempting to stay where we are/stick with what is, even when it is enmeshed in Scorpion intrique - intensity, complication, third party situations, power struggles, secrets. 


First Juno from Pisces and now the Sun from Cancer - there is a light on something NEW that is more stable/simple - makes sense/cents - is about VALUING OURSELVES - find it, follow it!

At the same time, Pluto has returned to his exact degree from the signing of the U.S. Declaration of Independence AGAIN. This time retrograde and once more during a week with a re-activation of 21-22 degrees Capricorn (power crumbles, power is cemented, time runs out) from January 2020. 

(in late February 2022 we had Mars pass Venus at 21 degrees Capricorn, as the first U.S. Pluto return became exact and Russia bombed Ukraine, and this week we have a Full Moon at 21 degrees Capricorn as the second U.S. Pluto return is exact)


We could see significant changes with the Russia/Ukraine War over this Full Moon cycle (Putin's chart in particular is very heavily aspected at the end of the month and the beginning of August when Mars meets Uranus and the North Node), with supply chain issues/oil, finances. Power shifts. The chart for this second Pluto return is pretty much the Full Moon in Capricorn post we will talk about next. Pluto is powerful/destructive energy. Its purpose is RENEWAL/regeneration. Scorched Earth or the phoenix rising from the ashes. 


In the United States, irrevocable change is coming/is here. Can't be stopped.

WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY - Full Moon in Capricorn (21 degrees/back to 'time runs out' January 2020), Mercury squares Chiron and sextiles Uranus and the North Node, Venus trines Saturn and squares Neptune

This is HUGE. The Moon is conjunct a retrograde Pluto (the death that was postponed) and making a ton of aspects. She is opposing not only the Sun, but also Mercury and Ceres. And she is on the uncomfortably RED HOT degree of emperor makers and breakers (and Queen Elizabeth's ascendant). Saturn, the ruler of this lunation is squaring Uranus and the North Node and EXACTLY trining Venus. 


And we are hurtling toward the future. 


But, I said that already.


Expect a BIG post tomorrow.


FRIDAY - SATURDAY - Sun conjuncts Mercury, Mercury trines Neptune, Venus enters Cancer, Sun trines Neptune

The Cancer Sun meets up with Mercury at 24 degrees Cancer and then trines Neptune at 25 degrees Pisces. Can you say "LIGHT-BULB MOMENT"? News/information comes to light. Inspiration. We are listening to our intuition. Following a hunch. Praying. Listening to our ancestors. Something should fall into place here, so pay attention. Prayers/meditation are more deeply felt. Compassionate words are connecting/healing. There is magic here, but not alot of grounding. Avoid stimulants/slippery slopes.

Venus enters Cancer until August 11th.


Cancer Suns and Risings become more attractive - both able to attract what they want and easier on the eye. All of our Cancer houses become more attractive, too. Venus themes will be emotionally tended to. We will require more emotional connection to feel safe and secure. We will want (or feel the lack of) whatever feels like nurturing to us. Home becomes a more valuable space. Family is a resource. Our empathy increases along with our hurt feelings when we don't get what feels like "mom and apple-pie".

What we want (Venus) is to feel safe (Cancer).

Cancer is both the mother and the baby. So we get what we want/need by being cared for and by caring for others now. Ruled by the Moon, who changes signs every two and a half days, Cancer can be moody. Our emotions around what we want are subject to lunar whims now, but the actual thing we want can become more solid. The active feminine energy (Venus) connects with the responsive feminine energy (Moon). Venus rules love, money, women, beauty, harmony, balance, relationship, our values - everything money can buy and everything it can't. She rules the signs of Libra and Taurus (and if either of these signs is your rising sign - ascendant - she most likely rules your chart) and the 2nd and 7th houses of our collective astrology charts. This year she is ruling the North Node of Fate - our best way forward. She's a BIG deal. And since she's an inner planet, when she changes signs, we feel it and experience it personally - and we move the collective energy forward (as opposed to the outer planet transits that move the collective energy and then we adjust to that). 


Universally, home and family will feel more precious. We will want to feel safe. We'll want to move in the direction of whatever feeds this need now.

We might be more emotional. Maybe a little more needy and vulnerable. These do not have to be bad things. If we are waiting for someone else to take care of us though, remember Venus is an active energy herself - and Mars is stuck in the mud of Taurus, soon to be shaken up by Uranus and then back and forth through mutable Gemini for months. Chiron is in Aries and so is Jupiter. Aries is the sign of the self. The one we are waiting on to mother us/help us is most likely the person standing in our shoes, looking back at us in our bathroom mirror. 


The fly in the ointment with Venus in Cancer is the kind of smothering/mothering that suffocates or we overindulge ourselves in some unhealthy way or we have an unrealistic expectation of someone else filling some childhood need. So, watch for emotions that are "over-the-top" compared with what is actually happening, particularly within partnerships/relationships, financial situations and dealings with women. 


Keep in mind, Black Moon Lilith (the womb wound, mother/family wound, woman who chooses herself) is still squaring Jupiter and Venus in Cancer is now on a collision course with her in a couple weeks. 

If we are emotionally triggered, we can ask ourselves - what are we storing that is triggering these emotions?


Back with that BIG Full Moon post.


xo all 

Thanks to everyone who volunteered their charts for the Black Moon Lilith reviews. I am down to the last five volunteers and will email them this week (I have been doing about two a day). Keep in mind this is a little like pulling one ingredient out of a recipe and calling it a loaf of bread - for some it may be a cup of flour and very helpful to have, for others more like a pinch of salt. You will have to see how much it means in your life/how helpful the info is to consider/work with. 

photography by the amazing BirdSophieBlack

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