the astrology of the Mars, Uranus, North Node conjunction of 2022 | a world on fire, carrying a flame we didn't light, the divine intervention - part I


Just when we thought the 2020's couldn't get any crazier/hotter, wait, did we think that?! 


No, I don't think we did! 


At the end of July and into the beginning of August we have the very powerful/very unusual triple conjunction of Mars, Uranus and the North Node at 18 degrees Taurus.


This is HUGE!


Their last triple conjunction was during the peak of the Revolutionary War, during the French Revolution and the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and this hasn't happened in Taurus since hundreds of years before the birth of Christ!


Uranus is wild card energy, mad scientist meets Billy the Kid meets "I can't take this anymore!".


This is Mars - our will, action, passion, the trigger for physical events, anger, force, the God of War, aggression, violence. Mars is the ruler of our Aries natal house (the space we attack and defend) now in Taurus - the sign of his detriment - since he is the ancient ruler of Taurus's polarity sign of Scorpio. In Taurus, Mars learns patience and to value stability, but can get his boots stuck in the fixed earth, mired in situations (very un-Martian behavior, but keep in mind he isn't able to behave normally here) where, maybe to keep things stable, we just do the thing and then we just keep on doing the thing. 

Uranus is set up to CHANGE all that. He is the planet/God of 'not standing still', the future, liberation, revolution, technology, independence. This is the energy of "I can't stay stuck in the mud. I won't be kept waiting. I can't keep doing this."  


Then we make a run for it! 


In our natal chart, Uranus is a trauma signature. 


It's a past life/ancestral SHOCK that we carry into this lifetime, in the same way Prometheus carried fire to the people. If the Sun in our birthchart is where we are shiny/bring our light, then Uranus is where we are fractured/bring our chaos. It's where we spend our life creating/inventing the NEW. Often without even meaning to! Sometimes in very complicated and even painful ways. Sometimes we get more blame than credit for what we make of our Uranus placement. And, sometimes we try to reel in our creation/stabilize things, but it has taken on a life of its own - think Frankenstein's monster here - and won't be controlled/contained. Needs to move/shift - think of the way flames travel. This is not because we shouldn't have created whatever this is in the first place because, well, it's part of what we came here to do - and imagine a world without Promethean fire!


This is all happening at 18 degrees Taurus, breaking up the order/the structure/the fixed nature at the center of Taurus (on the sabian symbol of "a new continent rising out of the ocean"). Taurus is collectively about - the planet Earth, our finances, our values, our resources. This is an earthquake. An eruption. If Mars in Taurus is one of those controlled burning forest fires (to destroy old-growth in order to prevent the out-of-control type), then Mars/Uranus/Taurus is the out-of -control type!

Mars and Uranus meet every couple years and start a new two year cycle. Change is created, often just for the sake of change, but there would be no way of knowing we were going in a BETTER direction, it would just be a DIFFERENT direction.

THIS YEAR is different and thousands of years in the making.


This year when they meet, they are joined with the North Node of Fate - our best way forward. Which, yes, seems to be through THE FIRE - the chaos, the radical change, the liberation, the revolution - so will be challenging, require courage. 


But, still here is the fated FUTURE - the Gods-guided one. 


And, yes, it's so bright is hurts our eyes!

If the synchronicity of all this isn't enough, Venus, the ruler of Taurus, so everything is ANSWERING TO HER is exactly sextiling the whole thing from Cancer - the sign of safety, home, family, patriotism, mom and apple pie. 


And Venus pulls in our relationships - which are surely being put through the fire now - our sense of fairness/justice/balance. Venus works well in Cancer - can get too soggy after a while, but at 18 degrees is kind of 'peaking' - our relationships, our values/self-esteem and our money/resources are filtered through the watery lens of home, family, mothering, safety, childhood. With Venus in Cancer, there is alot of wanting what we didn't get in our childhood and we've just been through a lengthy Black Moon Lilith square Jupiter transit (if you requested a Black Moon Lilith look at your natal from me and didn't get it please let me know, I sent quite a few through my phone and started getting 'your text did not go through' messages at one point, but I think they have all gone out) digging into childhood woundings/lies. 

With multiple uncomfortable planets in Taurus energies, it is very good news we have a comfortable Venus in this exact sextile (creative opportunity)!


It unpacks like this:


(keep in mind this is building for a few days before and unwinding for a few days after, so is already in play)

JULY 31st - Mercury at 22 Leo (coming off square to the North Node) opposes Saturn in Aquarius, Venus at 16 Cancer squares Chiron in Aries, Uranus at 18 (first time at 18 degrees in 84 years) Taurus conjuncts the North Node in Taurus, the Sun at 8 Leo trines Jupiter in Aries, Jupiter has just stationed retrograde a couple days earlier and is strong/still

AUGUST 1st - Mars at 18 Taurus conjuncts the North Node in Taurus, Mars at 18 Taurus conjuncts Uranus in Taurus

AUGUST 2nd - Venus at 18 Cancer sextiles North Node in Taurus, Venus at 18 Cancer sextiles Uranus in Taurus, Venus at 19 Cancer sextiles Mars in Taurus 


We will dive into all this beginning with the weekly forecast this week. We can recognize that life is FRAGILE and life has ALWAYS been fragile. We can still find ways to make ourselves and our personal situations LESS fragile. Also, keep in mind, this triple conjunction is BEING CUSHIONED in Taurus, slowed down, absorbed by the fixed Earth even as the changes themselves change the Earth's solid surface.

Now, Uranus is WILD CARD energy, so there is no real predicting what is going to happen here.  


We don't know what the effects of what we do will be, so we have to treat all our actions STARTING RIGHT NOW as precious and important.


This happening during the U.S. Pluto return with Uranus/Mars/the North Node EXACT on President Biden's progressed 12th house (endings) Sun and within one degree of Vice President Harris's progressed 10th house (career, reputation, voice in the world) Jupiter and exactly opposing her progressed natal Neptune AND, heads up, we have a BIG New Moon this week EXACT on the United States natal North Node - signals HUGE changes for the United States. And the world.


The triple conjunction itself is within 1 degree of the United States natal Vesta - what we hold sacred, what keeps us up at night, our sacred flame (yes, more fire imagery, sorry! keep in mind fires/riots purge old energies, maybe picture the Statue of Liberty here and the U.S. story with Uranus on both the U.S. 7th house cusp and Biden's natal 7th house cusp - so here's the fire he brings to us - of being made of 'the other' and yet, still, castigating the other as other!). 


Vesta, Saturn's daughter, also pulls in themes of male authority and female response.

Short term collective events can be chaotic. Long term, Taurus is fixed Earth, so a LONG TERM ENERGETIC - this triple conjunction bodes well for all of us, is FATED. The Sun is also trining a very powerful retrograde Jupiter (U.S. chart ruler). In the U.S. (which has always been a kind of Aquarian experiment) and the world, this 'divine intervention' is chaotic, liberating, rare, a destiny level re-ignition of what we hold most SACRED. 


As we feel, Venus in Cancer, the turmoil within ourselves and our families - when events feel they are moving too fast - TAKE A BREATH. 


With the North Node in Taurus we have been 'getting back to basics', living through a need to take a sober look at serious stability issues. Earth signs are also about belonging/our network. We are only as strong as our ROOTS.


For some people, this time period has been like putting a comma in a long sentence. A need to regroup/take a breather. Wait for the new words to arrive/write themselves. 

Mars/Uranus/North Node can pull in the "new" like a forest fire clears the brush.  

Some 'flames' are just a kind of frenzy and need to burn themselves out. That's OK. They clear a path. Open a road/our mind/our heart. 

The more important flame that Vesta nurtures cannot be totally extinguished/can be re-ignited when it has ebbed low. Think about that Uranus in your natal chart - that "fire" you carry for the collective through your own trauma wound. How does this matter now?

We still have alot to happen this week before the 'destiny-defining' conjunction.


We have a bold New Moon is Leo with an unexpected twist and Jupiter is going to station retrograde - so we will be going backward to get lucky! 


Between the New Moon and the triple conjunction we also have the Delta Aquarid meteor shower, quite literally the Age of Aquarius raining down on our heads, folks.

Back with the weekly and the New Moon posts which will make everything a bit clearer, I hope! Then we'll dive back into the Mars-Uranus-North Node in Part II.

xo all 


Stay cool everyone. Please excuse any typos, too sticky in this hot studio to re-read this morning!

artwork by the amazing oprisco

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