weekly astrology forecast | July 4-10, 2022 - our thinking and actions change, a slow down, working with very old wounds, preparing for the future coming at us like a freight train


Following the fireworks (not just the 4th of July kind with that Mars square Pluto!) - the energies shift.


Soften. Become slower, more deliberate. Both Mars and Mercury leave their home signs - Mars for Venus ruled Taurus (on his way to his big pow-wow with both Uranus and the North Node at the end of July and beginning of August that will change our world, both collectively and personally, yes, again!). Mercury moves into Luna ruled Cancer.


We trade anger/passion for determination and physical/practical effort and mind chatter/info overload for a mental need for comfort and security.


Next week, we have a BIG Full Moon on "power is cemented, power is destroyed, time runs out" - 21 degrees Capricorn plus the U.S. Pluto return part two, and the month just kind of builds and builds from there until we reach the end of the month's world changing BLAST OFF into the future - big post coming about that this week.


In the meantime squeeze whatever you can squeeze in terms of comfort and 'what feels good' out of this week. Stop/smell/appreciate the roses when you can, thorns and all. If a hard conversation needs to be had, don't put it off until the end of the week when Mercury squares Jupiter - things can get bigger/hotter and more emotional than we intended.


Let's unpack the week! 


MONDAY - Pallas into Gemini 

Wise Pallas moves into smarty-pants/dualistic Gemini. New strategies, more than one way forward. We need to stay mentally flexible. This is a good transit to learn/teach - keep in mind she is answering to Mercury, who will cover a few signs during Pallas's time in Gemini (through September 6th), so it will pay to keep an eye on him/her. With Pallas in Gemini - solutions will come from communication, learning, teaching, trying multiple routes/methods, staying open to new ideas. 

This is also the day the Virgo Moon will sextile  (opportunity for growth) the Cancer Sun at 12 degrees. This month's Waxing Sextile. Virgo/Cancer. Small adjustments make things more comfortable/safe. Practical solutions are needed for home/family issues. Small fixes and small improvements create big changes. Do it one step at a time.

TUESDAY- Mars into Taurus, Mercury into Cancer, Mercury sextiles Mars


Mars falls into Taurus, Mercury flies into Cancer (for only two weeks!). They make nice with each other as they settle in. It is unusual to have two planets leave their home signs within minutes of each other, so I think we will all be feeling this one. 

Mars, after a few weeks of being king of his domain/the man coming out on top falls into Venus ruled Taurus, the sign of his detriment. Things tend to slow down when Mars ingresses into Taurus. If we are ready for this time to "stop and smell the roses" - if we have done our "starting" and are now ready to work with what we have accumulated - this is the time the run turns into a walk. Have patience. Our actions will have a more deliberate focus. Will need to be more practical. Hands on. Make sense/cents.

Mars in Taurus will wake up our Taurus house - a space naturally inclined toward doing the same old, same old and where we can get a bit "set in our ways" - although with Uranus here the past couple years that 'steady as a rock thing' has been more like a landslide. Taurus Suns and our other Taurus planets will get a visit from Mars sometime over the next few weeks, so they get some revitalizing energy and a WAKE UP call. This is a physical transit - tired muscles feel good. Balancing the books feels good.

At the same time - Mercury leaves his home sign of fast-paced Gemini for home/family/security-oriented Cancer. We will be feeling what people are saying now. Our own words will be impacting other people emotionally, too. When Mercury changes signs, we can simply CHANGE OUR MIND - so can other people. With Mercury in Cancer, words come from the gut and are taken personally. They can be soothing or they can be painful. We can all be more moody. Keep this in mind with communications (and when our own thinking gets overly emotional). Our thoughts/conversations can turn to home/family/mothering situations now. It's a good time to remember how much home and family mean to us. Mercury will only be in Cancer until July 19th.


As Mercury and Mars enter Cancer/Taurus - they will sextile each other. Our thinking and our actions are on the same page. Together via a smooth aspect at the beginning of their transits is a good indication of their ability to work well together over the next couple weeks. Mars in Taurus is about taking deliberate action with real-world things. This is about using what we already have/growing things over time. Being practical. Mercury in Cancer is onboard with this, ready to slow down and feel our way through things. A slower Mars can also aid a more emotional Mercury - give us a chance to think things through/not act too quickly when we take things too personally. Since both signs have connections to food, it's a good time to improve our diet with something more self-nurturing, maybe more plant based or more home cooking, less eating out, etc. Also a great time for walking (Mars) our talk (Mercury).

WEDNESDAY TO FRIDAY - Venus sextiles Chiron, Sun squares Chiron

The Sun in Cancer's square to Chiron can activate old wounds around home, family, parents, our ability to be ourselves or take care of ourselves. We can be more sensitive to criticism. The way through this tension/frustration is Venus in Gemini. The power of love, new possibilities, communication, intellect, keeping things light/flirty, not taking things too seriously will all help. The Sun/Chiron pain is intended to create change and that's what Venus in Gemini is all about. Stay flexible. The wound won't vanish, but maybe we can see/feel the situation differently.

SATURDAY - Mercury conjunct Black Moon Lilith squares Jupiter


Now Mercury is doing what the Moon did at the New Moon (beginning of last week) and the Sun did at the end of last week. Our emotional words are infused with old pain and exaggerated/enlarged. Maybe to spark new action or to engage with us to broaden our scope. Maybe what we care about is shown to us by the words and information that makes us feel angry or shameful or guilty. Jupiter won't let Mercury past this square until the conversation/idea GETS BIG enough we have to deal with it. 


Keep in mind we can also reverse this whole thing and think about the way Mercury/BML is standing in the way of Jupiter's expansion. This isn't necessarily a bad thing - our emotions/need for comfortable words and ideas should be taken into consideration. Jupiter wants to GO BIG. In Aries he wants to START/take action. AND, we've got this square/this problem/this challenge/this opportunity/and also, this EXCUSE. This very old/very deep fear connecting to our very survival. This isn't something we can just dis-regard/plow through, but Jupiter in Aries is direct for only a couple more weeks, the Moon is waxing - we don't want to be sitting still! 


And, even saying all that, squares to Jupiter are still access to Jupiter - and through Mercury can bring good news, faith, optimism, courage (sometimes brings blind luck). It just all comes with a little PUSH. Which isn't a bad thing, and can be a VERY GOOD THING, but just don't believe everything you are told, don't over-promise, exaggerate, get too big a head here because Jupiter is about POTENTIAL, everything isn't always real. At the same time a balanced Black Moon Lilith (when we honor the wisdom of our bodies) gives our words/ideas deeply feminine EMPOWERMENT - keep this in mind now, too.

xo all

photo by the amazing ankazhuravleva

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