Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, December 3, 2020 - feeling testy, needing a break, challenged by stuff outside our control, taking care of ourselves



Today is all about our Cancer Moon. She will square Mars (in Aries) at 8:28AM EST, trine Neptune at 9:32AM EST and finally oppose Pluto at 7:21PM EST. 


That square to Mars makes us testy/uncomfortable. Irritable. Moody. Get some exercise. The trine to Neptune might feel good, but could also make us tired/lazy/tend to drift off-course. Meditate. Pray. The opposition to Pluto speaks of a power play. Feelings of insecurity are triggered as something outside our control is upsetting our apple cart. How many apples get spilled may depend on how well we are handling our responsibilities/taking care of business or if we have been abdicating/projecting our authority onto someone/something else.

Tomorrow the Moon moves on to oppose Jupiter and Saturn for one final time from her home sign in Cancer. Next time the Moon is in Cancer, Jupiter and Saturn won't be. It will be the first time in almost three years we will have a Moon in Cancer (next month) without these powerful oppositions. 


Home will start to feel like home again. Let that sink in.


For now, we need to be taking care of ourselves. 


Prioritize nurturing, self-care, our close relationships and commitments. A little escape through that Neptune trine may be needed. 


With the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Cancer (a natural inconjunct) it is possible to keep our feet on the ground and our hands in the air without taking off or falling over, but it will take a little efforting. Keep in mind the dance between Cancer's need to keep us safe at any cost and Sag's need for a bigger bite of that apple. Also keep in mind with today's lunar squares and oppositions we are attracting problems/challenges in keeping with the abilities of our natal Moon which might not be (and probably isn't) in Cancer. Where is your natal/progressed Moon and how are you feeding her?

xo all

photo by the talented Alt-Beauty

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