Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, December 24, 2020 - challenges to our habits and securities, ease and practicality, fresh ideas and conversations, surprising news



The Moon, strong and exalted in Taurus now (nurtured through food, touch, creature comforts, a soft place to land) makes her first squares to Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius early this morning EST. She trines the Sun - our monthly waxing trine - at 12:47PM EST, trines Mercury at 6:47PM EST and finally meets a retrograde Uranus at 7:55PM EST.

The squares to Aquarius might speak of challenges to our habits/our securities. The Moon wants to chill/stop and smell the roses/count her pennies/maintain and there is somehow frustration/tension here from the NEW Aqua placements - although a square to Jupiter can look worse than it actually is. 


The trines this afternoon and evening will help smooth things out a bit. An Earth trine from the Taurus Moon to the Cappy Sun can be very practical/productive. And as the Moon is trining first Mercury and then conjuncts Uranus later in - they are trining each other. A Mercury/Uranus trine speaks of fresh ideas and conversations. Innovative thinking/plans. Surprising news.

So a bit of a mixed bag today that looks like stress this morning (maybe just everyone's last minute stuff), followed by a smoothing out and ending with something #surprising, #notsurprising (that retrograde Uranus). Now that we are going to be in Uranian territory more frequently, life will certainly be less and less predictable. Is this possible :)

Hugs and Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas Eve all -


photo by the amazing evenliu


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