Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday, December 28, 2020 - a slow process of fast change



The Moon has been in Gemini for the last couple days - we are nurtured by movement, learning, conversation. She opposed Venus late last night (EST), squares Neptune at 6:58AM EST and then goes void off a 10PM EST sextile with Mars. She will be void until 5:28AM EST tomorrow when her move home to Cancer pushes us toward Tuesday's Full Moon. So, we start today kind of groggy/uncertain maybe with that foggy Neptune and then pick up speed/action/certainty the closer we get to that opportunistic aspect with Mars. 

We are coming off Sunday's Sun/Uranus trine - in play at tomorrow's Full Moon and today, too. The Sun in realistic/sober Cappy making nice with Uranus in Taurus. A smooth integration of the new. Change doesn't always have to be disruptive. 


Today, Pallas moves into a square with Uranus and the Sun a trine with Black Moon Lilith. 


So, maybe yesterday's liberating leaning toward something else runs up against the details/maybe overthinking that complicates it. Or maybe I have this whole thing backward and our intelligent/forward leaning plans run up against some #unexpected #not-totally-unexpected changes. 


Either way it could be what we don't want to see/who or what we don't want to invite to the table that trips us up. That smooth trine Sun/BML will help us integrate what we have been avoiding/not wanting to deal with.


I keep thinking of Uranus on the descendant of both the USA's birth chart and Biden's natal - both major amplifications of 'the other'. And Trump's Sun/Uranus/North Node - all fated to bring our understanding of 'the other' under a magnifying glass/to our attention. Trauma/karma with 'the other' eventually bringing us to the realization that those people/things/situations we mistrust as 'other' are not really our enemies at all, but just splintered off pieces of ourselves.


Where you end and I begin isn't so fixed as we used to think. 


Before the ideas of control/ownership of patriarchal religion and the hijacking of our natural resources engulfed us, we lived in sharing and caring communities. It's rather obvious, or better be at this late date, the so-called civilizing influence of modern societies have been simply a smokescreen for grand theft global, with the biggest losses hitting the pillagers themselves - and their descendants - in the form of soul dis-connection.


Uranus/Aquarius is about to change all of that.

Jupiter and Saturn, as us, have passed through the eye of the needle. Or launched us like a rocket into the stratosphere. Our uncomfortableness isn't so much about our fear of change/the new/the other/our so-called 'junk' DNA being activated as it is about being straitjacketed into something we have outgrown. 2021 won't be the inside job 2020 was, but it will be a hell of alot easier if we actually did/do the inside work. Life has a few more tricks/opportunities for this up her sleeve - one coming as early as tomorrow's potent Full Moon in Cancer which will reverberate over the next couple weeks.

For today, give yourself some extra time. 


The Moon in Gemini is all fast moving go-go-go, but that square to Neptune requires some extra rest or a deeper connection. With smart Pallas in smart Aqua squaring Aqua's ruler Uranus our over-thinking will be on steroids and not apt to be super effective. Just winging it won't be either. So take your time.

xo all

photo by the talented fae-photography

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