Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of December 12th - get that shopping done!

hey jude by dorguska

This is the last week we have a direct Mercury before the holidays, so get that shopping/shipping done! And since Mercury is already walking degrees he will cover two additional times - make sure to double check orders and sizes and hold onto your receipts.

On Monday, the Moon (in Gemini) squares Neptune and then on Wednesday Neptune and Saturn finally move out of orb of the Saturn/Neptune square we have been dealing with since September 2015.

We may not feel this - dreams vs. reality, not being able to tell fact from fiction (or real news from fake news?) - energy improve quickly, because with Neptune things tend to dissolve or fade slowly over time and the U.S. chart is still influenced strongly by Neptune through 2017. And we still have Neptune strong in Pisces (until 2025) and hanging with the South Node.

We have had to face the reality that some dreams need to be left behind so we can move forward. And we will all look back at this period and find it hard to believe the stuff we were believing ...

We haven't had to deal with this energy since the Salem witch trials in the 1600's

(we can see the witch hunts and scapegoating in the collective and also in our own lives over the past 15 months as well as our tendency as a collective and individually to get caught up in stuff that isn't real or true - we will be dealing with the repercussions for a long time).

There will still be some strangler situations with this energy next summer when Saturn goes retrograde, but we have so much happening next summer we might not notice!

Whatever comes up this week that relates to Neptune (imagination, escape, addiction, illusion, healing, spirituality, things/people/situations put away) just needs to come up.

With the Sun connecting with Uranus this would also be a good time for something Sagittarian related (or connected to your Sagittarius natal house theme) to pop or shake things up - media, wedding, politics, travel, foreign, education, legal.

Maybe whatever came to light or firmed up last week when Saturn met the Sun changes on us somehow or gives us a surprise or shock.

(in the collective we had the news that the CIA is confirming Russia interfered in the election, so we know this story is not over)

On Tuesday/Wednesday, we have the Full Moon in Gemini. I'm going to do a Full Moon post on Tuesday. It's a big one.

On Wednesday the Moon is in Cancer so we are focusing on home and family.

The rest of the week I will pop in with as we move along! Next weekend the Moon will be in fun loving Leo - an excellent time for that holiday party!

Midnight Monday is the end of my holiday free shipping in my Etsy shops - Polarity and Uncorked. If you have your eye on anything this is the time to nab it.

xo all - back Tuesday with the Full Moon post and I have the post about the next few weeks and into next year almost complete!

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