Mars Sextile Uranus | do something new

shepherdess by natalia ciobanu

We have Mars (in Aquarius) sextiling Uranus (in Aries) now. Sextiles are 60 degree separations and always make me think of handshakes and hugs. There are agreements here that things will run smoothly. Both planets are getting along. They exchange phone numbers and their favorite holiday cookie recipe.

Since Mars is the ruler of Aries and Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and each planet is in the other's sign - they are said to be in 'mutual reception'. This makes the whole thing stronger. The hug becomes something like a bear would do while it was squeezing the life out of us. Except, of course, we will live to hug another day.

Mars rules action and initiative and Uranus rules change and sudden developments. This is excellent energy to try something new. Changes will run more smoothly. Doing something the same old way will feel like we are running through cement. Think innovation and action now. Breaking away from the group and doing it on our own is favored with this energy.

Take care when working with fire, driving your car and around hotheads. And, let's not be that hothead. Patience may be in short supply, but the Aquarius energy should allow us to detach from trying situations.

I was so frazzled and impatient yesterday morning talking to the grumpy (always grumpy) clerk at the post office when an elderly woman smiled such a warm smile at me she flipped a kindness switch on in my brain. Instead of wanting to knock the clerk in the head with my package I wanted to bring her a cup of tea. Really. I might have poured it over her head, but at least I would have let it cool off first. We can help each other out this way. We are all in this together.

Certainly incredible innovations that will change the world are being green-lighted as I am typing this. The world is an amazing place filled with amazing creatures, including us!

xo all

Also today the Moon is conjunct Neptune and the South Node. There is a surreal quality to our emotions with this and lots of compassion and connection. It could make some people overly emotional - keep this in mind and let's give ourselves and other people a break. This is excellent energy for imaginative work and healing.

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