Active Virgo Moon, Mars Trine North Node, Venus Conjunct Ceres - emotional day, easing into our future, pain, sadness, the seasons of our lives, what we can't control, the past, grief, compassion, love

I and you are one soul by Tanja Moss
Today feels very emotional - the Moon in practical and earthy Virgo will help (although she looks pretty stressed for much of the day).

The Moon moved into "everything-in-its-place" Virgo yesterday afternoon - did you feel that New Year urge to get things cleaned up and organized? You haven't taken that tree down already, have you? - where she will reside until tomorrow afternoon creating a focus on organization, paperwork, our health, the day-to-day-stuff, our pets and our work/co-workers.

Our Virgo Moon (as us) will be uber active - squaring Jupiter, trining Saturn, opposing Neptune and squaring Mercury before she can finally rest with a nice sextile to Venus and trine to Pluto in the evening. That square to Jupiter could mean the day starts with tension/stress. The morning is probably best for solitary work. That Neptune opposition at lunchtime could have us going head to head with a Pisces person, a situation involving a Neptunian theme - the past, a hospital, something ending, an addiction situation, maybe we want/need to get something tangible done and someone else is over here tempting us with cookies. Mexican wedding cookies. Mexican wedding cookies with walnuts. The square to Mercury feels like an argument, a clash of beliefs or stress over a Sagittarian situation - maybe travel, education, wedding, politics, religion, media, foreign issues.

We also have Mars (still in Pisces, but just 4 days away from a return to his home sign of Aries - the first time in 3 years) trining (brakes off) the North Node (our collective way forward through the sign of Cancer). We take action - which may feel more like a drift - toward something that feels like home (cue Norman Rockwell here), like family, something authentic and deeply familiar, something that stirs our emotions and likely makes us feel more vulnerable.

Remember the North Node is in Cancer now, our vulnerability is a SUPER POWER this year.

This is followed by Mars meeting Chiron on SATURDAY on his way out of Pisces. This one is going to hurt. Whether the hurt is like a bandaid kind of hurt when it has been applied incorrectly and yanks off part of the scab when removed or like surgery without anesthesia depends on our natal chart and what we have been dealing with the last month and year. Whatever this is for us it will require release, compassion, forgiveness - for ourselves and others - empathy, imagination, spirituality, God. All the tools in our Piscean toolkit will be put to good use. Whatever survives intact will move on to Aries and start a brand new cycle. Not everything can/should go with us. Some things are just too painful to hold onto. Chironic wounds are very old and very deep. We will talk about this more in the next post.

Venus (love, money., resources, our self-esteem and values) meets up with Ceres (nurturing, mothering, cycles of life, loss) today at 19 degrees Scorpio. Take Ceres seriously. This is making me think of a butterfly poster I had on my wall as a kid, "If you love someone set them free. If they return to you, they are yours. If they don't they never were." Ugh.

I am not the right person to see this aspect now clearly. Maybe none of the aspects. I'm not sure. I am grieving the loss of my beloved pup Olive, who died a few days before Christmas, and only seeing/feeling the "loving something we are forced to give up", the seasons of life part, of this Ceres transit through Scorpio. There is surely something in here about nurturing and commitment, and my wish for you is that you are feeling that now. Scorpio is serious business. Whatever this love/money/resources/self-esteem thing is for you this month, take it seriously.

Tomorrow the Moon will be void from 11:27AM EST to 3:23PM EST when she moves into Libra.

xo all

I started this blog when Olive was just a pup with the idea of documenting the growth of Olive and my jewelry business at the same time. It's made a few left turns since that time, but I am not up for continuing it without her. Whether the astrology blog will survive in another form is a decision for another day. In the meantime I have started a 2019 series, so we can all look ahead a bit and that and an Olive post will be the last of things over here ....


lynn bowes said...

Oh, Cat. I'm so sorry about Olive. Those little critters leave such a big hole when they go. Holding you close :: lynn

Unknown said...

I am soo sorry for your loss. Sending you love and hugs. Thank you for sharing. I will be sending you prayers of comfort. ❤

Catherine Ivins said...

thank you ladies xo to you both

Judy said...

Dear Cat... I am so sorry for the loss of your precious Olive! At this time of year, under this transit.. unimaginable loss. I think some of our four-legged family members are our very best friends, giving us complete unconditional love and knowing us better than most people, holding and keeping all our secrets and never telling... are sometimes missed more than other two-legged friends or family! I lost my Mick, a brown and white, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the dog of my heart just over a year ago and he will always be dearly missed. May your dear Olive rest in peace and may you know we all hold you in our hearts at this difficult time. Love, Judy

stregata said...

Oh, Cat... my heart bleeds for you. Losing them is so very painful and so very hard. I am so very sorry... It is hard to be left behind.
I know Olive will be watching over you from the other side.
Sending you so very much love.

Catherine Ivins said...

Thank you all - I have lost beloved pets before and I've lost both parents and a grandmother who was like a mother, but this little one, my sweet Olive just feels so unbearable. Working at home I have spent every moment of everyday with her for 12 years. I am so blessed to have friends like all of you who understand and blessed to have had Olive join me in my journey. I know this intense grief would sound crazy to many people. Some moments I am just pretending she is still here, then thinking I really could drive myself mad with grief doing that! I know she isn't really gone, but my head isn't helping my heart with this ... dog of my heart is right. Thank you all. xo