Astrology Forecast for Creatives - TUESDAY, January 1, 2019 | a time to de-clutter, what's gotta go, freedom vs control, relationship contracts, caring for ourselves and others, appreciating where we are and what we already have

Sunday by little-moonshine

We wake in 2019 with Mars in Aries. After his long journey back and forth through Aquarius last summer/fall and then these last few weeks slogging through watery Pisces, Mars feels especially good to be back in his home turf. 

Fiery Mars in his home sign of Aries is just what we need to get a jump on our goals - our initiative/ courage/passion will return over the next few hours/days/weeks.

Keep in mind with the Sun set to meet Saturn tomorrow (wall, limit, responsibility, report card) and a New Moon Solar Eclipse at the end of the week (in industrious Capricorn), followed by Uranus stationing direct (in Aries!), I would give things a few days before we jump into too much of that new energy. There are a few twists and turns ahead before we start PUSHING, but Mars in Aries is pushy, so there will be pushing. If possible launch any big, new endeavors after January 6th/7th for maximum impact. This doesn't mean we are standing still until then though.

Our Scorpio Moon is waning, and although it is the New Year, is still about endings and finishing things up.

Ruling our collective 8th house of elimination - this is the perfect Moon for de-cluttering after the holidays (tomorrow is our annual Sun/Saturn day and reality can slap us in the face - best to have things kind of cleaned up by then). Stuff, including intense emotions and possibly our stomach contents if we over-indulged last night, want to come up and out.

The Moon makes aspects to Black Moon Lilith (square - tension/challenges around freedom, being ourselves, possessiveness), then Juno (opposition - contracts, relationships), then conjuncts Ceres and Venus before going void at 5:27PM EST. So, we could be working with quite a bit of up and down, deep, emotional energy today.

Barring anything too crazy hitting your natal chart, things should end more warm and fuzzy with a peaceful evening where we can appreciate what we have and where we are ....

Get some sleep tonight.

The year really starts tomorrow and this year, right out of that gate, will require us to take it seriously.

xo all

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