Mercury conjunct Jupiter, Mercury conjunct the Sun, Mars sextiles Saturn | magical ideas come knocking, the details join the big picture, news comes in, stable groundwork for our BIG, bodacious dreams

Exhale by Machihuahua

After a short void while we slept the Moon moved into fiery Leo early, early this morning EST. Our emotional focus could turn to children, our creative projects, romance, recreation, the things we take pride in, the drama we didn't save for our mama - for the next couple days.

Mercury (news, information, our thinking, communication, siblings, transportation issues) is UBER busy today, meeting first with expansive Jupiter and then our illuminating Sun.

Mercury's meeting with the Sun (4 degrees Sagittarius) marks the mid-way point of her retrograde journey. Our heart and our mind connect. News comes in that stretches us somehow.

We reach a space of greater clarity regarding whatever this retrograde has been about for us.

Happening at almost the same time Mercury meets Jupiter (strong and home in Sagittarius) and trines that Leo Moon - this could bring us news/clarity/information that makes us feel proud/generous/ready to roar.

Mercury is still retrograde so news probably doesn't bring things to a conclusion, but our next move becomes easier to see/feel.

BIG IDEAS are waiting, maybe for eons - maybe for seconds, for the right person (the person who can make them REAL) to grab hold of them. 

Open your mind. Open your eyes. What do you hear? What do you see? Thoughts are things. Think about what you are thinking about.

With Mercury retrograde this might be something we have previously thought about or connect us back to a person or situation we were previously aligned with. 

With Mars (in mystical Pisces) sextile (opportunity) Saturn (in stable Capricorn) - there is divine right timing with anything birthed now.

This is also good energy for working with authority figures and stepping into our own authority.

Excellent energy to sober up ... like, forever.

Grab that domain name you have been putzing around with in your head. Write that email. Apply for that scholarship. Plan that big trip. MAKE IT REAL.

Vesta (our devotion, our ability to keep the fires burning) is also conjunct the Capricorn South Node and opposing the Cancer North Node. There could be something we have to give up here to get something else. Maybe something we used to be devoted to, but no longer are. This could be the time we can either give it a proper burial or maybe it is the time we level it up. Does it nurture us? Does it strengthen our roots/home base? Does it make us feel safe? The gold here comes from allowing ourselves to be vulnerable - not from adding more bricks to the wall.

The details join the big picture today and things come into focus.

xo all

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