Full Moon in Gemini | November 23, 2018 - looking before we leap, re-thinking something, taking a breath, something comes to light, to a culmination, to a conclusion ... sort of

At 12:39AM EST on November 23rd, the Gemini Moon meets the Sagittarius Sun at 0 degrees.

Full Moons are about culminations, but with this one coming at the very beginning of Gemini and with Gemini's ruler Mercury traveling retrograde through Sagittarius (the sign of the Sun since Thursday) this doesn't feel much like "culminating" to me.

Add to this the fact that Mercury (ruler of the Full Moon) is debilitated in Sagittarius and Mars, uber uncomfortable in Pisces, is squaring the whole thing.

Also the Sun is conjunct Jupiter, strong in his home sign, and heading toward their exact meeting in a couple days - that luckiest day of the year thing - and Mars is quickly approaching his exact meeting with Neptune - maybe that is the laziest day of the year! And Venus, still opposing Uranus, is moving toward another exact opposition with him (chaos, the unexpected).

Nothing here seems settled. At all.

But still something is culminating, coming to light, reaching a peak energy. It might be when Mercury stations direct on December 6th that we actually get to the finish line though.

Full Moons are always potentially stressful because we have the Sun (this month in Sagittarius) opposing the Moon (this month in Sagittarius's polarity sign of Gemini). Oppositions are exactly what they sound like.

Yes, you can imagine a boxing ring, some sweaty towels and bandages.

This Moon is about choices, decisions, options and endings - although the endings are maybe not really endings quite yet. Gemini is the natural ruler of our collective 3rd house of communication and language. It also rules siblings, neighbors, local travel, early education, transportation - movement. A spotlight is being thrown on a lot of information now. Almost too much to process. With Gemini, truth is shifty and it is hard to tell fact from fiction.

It's a time to speak clearly. This is not a time for babble or childish gossip. Let's not say one thing when we really mean something else - even habits like saying "this isn't bad" when we mean something is good dilute our energy. Just say, "this is good!".

Let's unpack the aspects.

Mars is squaring the Moon and the Sun, so it is likely the Full Moon will be a time of action. We could feel a great push to get something moving or to jump on whatever comes up. We could get mad.

BUT the rest of the Full Moon chart is encouraging patience because we are going to have a much clearer view of everything over the next couple weeks. Mars is also squaring Jupiter, so we are really going to feel the squeeze/pressure/tension that makes us want to make a move/release something. Know the gift of astrology is we can look ahead and backward - Mercury and the Sun are getting closer to Jupiter next week and the Moon will no longer be in opposition, so things will be clearer if we wait a bit. More info is coming in, especially around things we have done before or things already in process.

We are going to feel pressure to do something now via our action/anger/passion, but the timing is still off - the timing is not just now.

It will pay to keep in mind that Mars (our initiative, action, passion) is in watery Pisces. He just spent six months in Aquarius instead of his usual two and he is worn out.

He is half asleep right now!

(and yes, he snores and hogs the covers)

Although a sleepy Mars is probably actually a gift to us because he might keep us from jumping into something too fast, too soon. This is why our urge to escape (go back to bed, have another drink, watch another episode) is so strong right now. Our inner warrior is taking a siesta!

And look at that chart again and notice he is squaring Mercury -  

how are we going to make up our mind/get to the bottom of things/finish this "whatever this is" up! 

We aren't. Take a breath.

With Mars, Neptune (retrograde) and Chiron (retrograde) all in Pisces and being squared by all the Sagittarius energy - we are like batteries being drained!

It can feel depressing, but it is really our energy being drained.

Look at Mercury (our thinking, communications, ideas) - ruler of this Full Moon - could he/she look any more uncomfortable?! Squaring foggy Neptune and moving toward optimistic, but over-the-top Jupiter (who is conjunct that Sun) it is hard to tell fact from fiction now. We could be deluding ourselves or being lied to by someone else who may be deluding themselves!

Our thinking really can't be trusted right now. Keep this in mind.

If we do manage to come to some kind of conclusion/decision right now we can probably be assured it will change a couple times before December 6th when Mercury stations direct.

Jupiter, strong in his home sign of Sagittarius, is conjunct the Sun and opposing the Moon.

Jupiter rules legal issues, foreign issues, travel, higher education, our beliefs and higher thinking, religion, weddings, the media - maybe this is the kind of situation (or the theme of our natal Sagittarius house or, of course Gemini themes - listed a few paragraphs earlier or our Gemini house theme) that is reaching a conclusion/culmination - the Gemini Moon (Gemini always has another trick up his sleeve and is always playing multiple angles) and the retrograde position of the Moon's ruler indicate stuff is still in flux here.

We still have that Grand Trine we talked about the other day between the Sun (although out of sign now), the North Node in Cancer and Chiron in Pisces to help smooth things over - to take the edge off whatever is coming to light/concluding now. Keep in mind that North Node in Cancer - there is strength in vulnerability now.

Rereading this it feels like quite a mishmash, which feels appropriate to this Moon and this time, although not super helpful. I'm sorry. Jupiter is going to square Neptune for most of 2019 - three times exactly - this energy of uncertain optimism is something we will all be working with.

For now - let's take a breath. Let's look before we leap. If something can be pushed off until sometime after December 6th, push it off. Wait. Don't push

Coax it into December. If you can. Try some good cheddar or turkey jerky - it works with Olive.

If you must decide, if something must conclude, if something comes to light that requires action - at least give the information another go-over. Things will be clearer after Neptune stations direct this weekend - that's when the dream (Neptune) can start to move forward via our action (Mars in Pisces answering to Neptune).

Remember every ending has a fresh, new beginning built right into it and ours is going to be AMAZING!

xo all

We are at a collaborative turning point for our collective - we are all in this together. Grateful, generous hearts are needed. Grateful, generous words will open the hearts of others. Sometimes the less we say the more powerful our words are when we use them now. Our words will be remembered so let's make them memorable ... and kind.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving if you are in the USA, a Happy Thursday otherwise - back in a few days ... don't forget to get out and walk in the beautiful Full Moon and if you can't see it, know it is still there working for you!


stregata said...

Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving - may you be in a circle of loved ones.
thank you for your ongoing guidance.

Catherine Ivins said...

Sorry this just popped in Renate - thank you always for your kind words and Merry Christmas to you and your family! xo