A Quick Sky Map | the Astrology of April 2019 | cleaning up the mess, pulling back our projections and stepping into our own power and responsibility, a time of karma and unlimited possibility

April is a MEGA powerful month so let's take a quick look ahead.

April amps up our 2019 journey toward the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 2020 - with both the New and Full Moons activating those energies and the month bookended by Pluto meeting the South Node (at 22 degrees Capricorn) on April 4th and Saturn meeting the South Node on April 30th (the first of three due to his upcoming retrograde!).

Let's start with Pluto.

APRIL 4TH - Pluto conjuncts the South Node. We need to clean up our mess. We need to let go of the crap that is no longer true for us/working for us. The South Node is endings and Pluto is death - Capricorn rules our goals, career, the power structures in our lives. Trying to control people/situations will bite us in the ass now. An old life is fading to black. Note to self - buy a flashlight.

APRIL 5TH - New Moon in Aries. The Moon/Sun are widely squaring Pluto/Saturn and the South Node. This is a new beginning, but we can't move forward - with this exciting NEW energy in fiery Aries dragging heavy baggage along with us. The old stuff is standing in the way of the new stuff. We don't have to toss everything into the dust bin, but we can't get there from here either. It's a new Moon but also a time of adjustments. A trine to Ceres offers an ability to rebound now and the promise of a rebirth. Mars (ruler of the Moon) is in Gemini, so we will be busy, maybe scattered. That square to Saturn could bring delays, limits and responsibilities. It can also prevent us from being too impulsive. Pluto brings power struggles, but also stamina and endurance. Then the Moon moves into a trine (brakes off) with Jupiter and we move forward/expand.

APRIL 9TH - Mercury trines the North Node. Pay attention. Information/communications/ideas can slip us right into our best and brightest timeline. Send the email. Have the conversation. Plan for the future. Also think Cancer - nurturing, real estate, growth through allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, prioritizing home and family - the theme of your natal Cancer house.

APRIL 10TH - Jupiter stations retrograde at 24 degrees Sagittarius. Whatever is expanding in our life stops expanding because it needs some re-visions. It's Aries season, so any kind of slowdown can make us antsy, angry and could lead to impulsive errors. Take a breath. Stuff that just keeps growing and growing is NOT sustainable - it bursts, it makes us outgrow our favorite jeans, it's what cancer cells do.

APRIL 17TH - Mercury starts walking new degrees and enters Aries. Whatever Mercury's retrograde through Pisces has been about for us - we get it. YAY! Fresh ideas. New conversations. Our minds speed up. Our tongue gets sharper. We can ask for what we need. Our words get more instinctual, but also more pushy. Arguments get more likely as communication becomes more competitive. The silence that was so golden in Pisces gets broken now. We are moving on.

APRIL 19TH - Full Moon in Libra (yes another one - this is the one on the final degree!). This is about our relationships. Me vs. we. What have we learned since the last Full Moon in Libra last month? Again this is squaring Saturn and the North/South Nodes and Pluto! And conjunct fast change Uranus! Something comes to light, reaches a culmination or conclusion.

APRIL 20TH - Sun enters Taurus. Maybe life doesn't slow down with Mercury all fired up, but we will feel much better when we enjoy those slower moments now. Stop and smell a rose now and then. Venus enters Aries where she is not so happy answering to Mars, but Aries people and our Aries houses become more attractive. Aries' ways do, too - having courage, loving a challenge, just doing it, starting something new. 

APRIL 24TH - Pluto stations retrograde. At the same time Mercury is going to conjunct Vesta pulling what we hold sacred and give our attention to into our Pluto retrograde story. Pluto retrogrades are times to do some deep inner work. Fear that is ripe for release will come up to be looked up/worked through/maybe just survived. Fear can arise through uncomfortable situations, but we can see it for what it is now. The emperor has no clothes. He never did. Deep insights are possible. Worn out controls, rules and power systems are getting re-looked at as well as the way we merge our resources (including our bodies and our money) with other people. This is also the day Mars will square Neptune. We might be tired. Drift off course. Keeping our attention (Mercury/Vesta) on the important stuff will be the way through this one.

APRIL 30TH - Saturn stations retrograde on the South Node. Whoa. Major wake-up call. Maybe a major ending. Time to re-think our commitments. Re-consider our goals. Re-structure our projects. Re-assess our ambitions. Re-draw our boundaries. Re-value our time/history. Sometimes we get to see what is holding us up because it isn't holding us up anymore. Have we built our house on sand or stone? Dad is on vacation folks. On the South Node this is the karma of our past lives, the patriarchy, our ancestors we are working with. Don't be afraid of karma - I guarantee you haven't done all the bad things you think you did. Past choices/actions bring rewards and repercussions now.

That's a mini-rundown. There are at least 20 aspects I haven't talked about. April is a HUGE gateway month into the new energies. Stuff is falling away as other stuff is falling into place. Step into your responsibility. Give everything your best. The sharp edges of cut corners will be biting us in the ass for years to come.

xo all

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