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Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of May 16th - duck and cover

doesn't mean you're lost by wakemeupinlondon

This week we are all building toward the Full Moon next Saturday. If we get through this week and next without some kind of big knock down drag out we will be doing pretty good.

At the time of the Full Moon, the Moon is opposite the Sun - Moon opposite Sun is a powerful opposition and even when the other aspects are easy or minor there is increased tension around whatever is illuminated, ends or peaks.

There is nothing easy about this one. This month, the Full Moon is in firey Sagittarius (where Saturn is retrograde) and on the exact degree a retrograde Mars (action, anger, passion) is transiting. The Moon (emotions, instincts) will literally be trapped between a rock and a hard place and we might feel the same way. Whatever has been bottle-necked for anyone dealing with Mars retrograde issues (Mars will be retrograde for another few weeks) could suddenly change course or break apart.

The Sun (in Gemini) will be conjunct lovely Venus, but this aspect will most likely be overshadowed by the Venus opposition to the Moon and Mars. This could show up as a "man vs woman" thing or more likely a male vs female energy conflict. We also have Vesta (the female energy of hearth and home, what is sacred) opposing the Moon and Mars and conjunct the Sun and Venus. This sounds stressy - like something near and dear is threatened. We will want to keep our cool here. For some people opportunities will show up to offer compassion to others.

The fallout from this Moon will be the result of something that has been building over time - this isn't something that will hit us out of the blue and if something appears to hit us 'out of the blue' it's only because we have chosen not to look at it before. The signs were all there.

(there is an astrological history of catastrophes and even be-headings with certain aspects around this Moon so we just want to be a bit cautious, get to a hospital with any health issues and try not to 'lose our head' over anything that falls our way now - there are many, many better days and Moons ahead!)

Whatever we are dealing with - the good news is the day after this Full Moon, Mercury (in Taurus and the ruler of Gemini where the Sun is hanging out) will station direct, so we will get clear headed about it quickly. Decisions will be made. Communications will come through.

The week's moons - The Moon is void Monday until 1:30pm EST, so a good excuse to sleep in. The rest of the day the Moon is in balanced Libra making everyone more amiable - some people could definitely be in the right place at the right time today. On Tuesday, we might have to deal with some retrograde Mercury annoyances. Don't worry - this one's almost over! On Wednesday, the Moon goes void mid-morning and Uranus shows up with something unexpected. This one really will be 'out of the blue'. Adjustments may be required. The Moon moves into the deep waters of Scorpio on Thursday and makes a chummy aspect to Neptune in Pisces - all the themes involved are promising - sex, reproduction, divorce, mortality issues, other people's money, taxes, healing, hospitals, prisons, imagination, spirituality - and of course, there's all that water! After that it will be all about the Full Moon and the Sun's move into Gemini - more on this later in the week!

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