Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of June 25th - don't buy that pricey thing you don't really need, progress slows or stops, report card time, limits, words get bigger and bolder, unexpected information requires a pivot

novooo by nikelena

The big action this week is:

MONDAY - Venus squares Jupiter
TUESDAY - Mars stations retrograde
WEDNESDAY - Sun opposes Saturn
THURSDAY - Capricorn Full Moon conjunct Saturn
FRIDAY - Mercury into Leo
SATURDAY - Mercury squares Uranus

On MONDAY we have Venus (in Leo) squaring Jupiter (in Scorpio). This could expand any desire to spend/go big/play/celebrate. This is a good aspect if you sell things for a living, but if you are a buyer it might be a good idea to leave your credit card at home. We are more likely to over-spend now.

We could take whatever this is too far, but most likely this will just be us feeling over-indulgent, maybe summer-lazy and just not in the mood for anything that tastes like work.

Avoid unnecessary arguments because things could get bigger than we intended.

This is not a good day to sign on the dotted line - our head will be on the big, possible overly-rosy picture and not where it is needed to make a good decision - in the details.

The Moon moved into Sagittarius on Sunday night (9:29PM EDT) - after a long Void Moon Sunday - which could have us focused on Sag themes for the next couple days - travel, foreign issues, higher education, religion, wedding, legal issues, our beliefs and the big picture, media, politics and publishing.

We start the day TUESDAY with Neptune's monthly square to our Sag Moon - we might feel confused, deluded, wanting to escape into fantasy (or addiction) - we could also be idealistic and imaginative.

This is the last aspect we get before a LONG Void Moon - all day Tuesday until Wednesday at 11:52AM EDT. Not the right energy to start anything new or launch anything that requires a connective landing.

At 5:05PM EDT, Mars stations retrograde until August 27th. This is the BIG news of the summer and it is a big summer without it - 3 eclipses, 2 Super Moons and 5 other planets retrograde, too - with Mars retrograde this summer is off the charts. Mars will move from 9 degrees Aquarius to 29 degrees Capricorn, so people with planets or points within those degrees and the other fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio) will feel this energy strongest.

We will all feel the slowdown though. We will have to think before we act and cut back on the caffeine!

Keep in mind Mars rules accidents and violence and is very powerful at station (and actually during his entire retrograde very close to the Earth), so think about where you are and what you are doing. Stay mindful.

Mars is going to move back and forth over the South Node multiple times - karma, self undoing/self-sabotage, endings, releases. The South Node degree is also the degree of July 27th's Lunar Eclipse - the longest total lunar eclipse I can remember.

We are going to talk through all of this, but know this summer is NOT business as usual. We will re-do things we have done before, get to do things we missed doing the first time around - experience second chances with opportunities/people/situations we missed. With Mars ruling our passion - this could be about rekindling an old passion.

Mars goes retrograde every couple years, but not on the South Node!

There will be endings - and with Aquarius being a fixed sign and this all happening near the South Node, endings are endings. Lots of karmic contracts are going to bite the dust. With Mars in Aquarius and Aquarius the ruler of Uranus recently ingressed into Taurus this will activate/influence that transit - our early Taurus house. If we are determined to power our way through this summer with new actions expect to face some closed doors and needs to change course.

Pushy, world-centered activity tends to bite us in the butt when Mercury is retrograde (this might not be true for people born when Mars was retrograde) - don't start any fights, the person who starts the fight will surely lose now (or be the big learner if we look at it that way - which is why we won't always be able to stop ourselves from launching that grenade!). If instead we turn our focus inside and allow our actions to flow from the passion initiated from that this will be a much easier/smoother transit for us.

Aries rules men, so expect men (maybe especially young men) to be out of sorts this summer with Mars moving backward (appearing to from our position on Earth). Some who never hesitate will be hesitating (or pulling the trigger too soon) and the others who normally need a push will be out there pushing.

We'll talk alot about this as we move through it. This is a process. We don't want to waste this Mars transit - we are going to need it to move our highest energy into 2019/2020.

We start WEDNESDAY with that Void Moon until the Moon moves into Capricorn at 11:52AM EDT. This changes our focus to our goals, our ambitions, our responsibilities, our work in the world. The Moon in Capricorn is less compassionate and emotional so able to get done what needs to be done.

The Sun (in Cancer) opposes Saturn today - yes, with the Moon in Capricorn answering to Saturn! This is a roadblock, a NO, a limit, a responsibility. Not a good day to have to deal with authority. Not the day to ask the boss for a favor/raise. We could see leaders fall or make moves that further consolidate their power now. Situations could take us back to when Venus opposed Saturn in May.

On THURSDAY we have a "serious as a heart attack" Full Moon in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn, Capricorn's ruler) conjunct Saturn. Full Moons bring things to light, to a peak or to a culmination. There is a square to Chiron - so something hurts and a trine (brakes off) to Uranus so something is moving us into our future now, too. I will write a post by sign.

Wednesday and Thursday look a bit like report card time to me! This is a heavy Full Moon, not to be trifled with.

On FRIDAY, the Moon is again void ALL DAY.

Mercury (communications, information, our mental processes, siblings, local community, commerce, transportation) moves into fiery LEO and because of his upcoming retrograde she will be in Leo until August 19th!

Conversations will be more dramatic. Volumes will be set to HIGH. This is excellent energy for self-promotion and creative self-expression and speaking from our heart.

If you are a girl who likes things quiet, invest in some ear plugs - you are going to need them. Everyone will tell us what they are thinking and doing. Yes, our Facebook feed will explode. Leo loves an audience! Keep in mind alot of things we will be listening to/talking about now could be exaggerated. The shadow side of Leo is a fear of being humiliated, so it does tend to make the energy somewhat brash and boastful.

Our Leo natal house (where is Leo in your natal chart and after more than a year of talking about the North Node in Leo you should know this one!) wakes up with increased activity and requires more of our attention.

Leo is our fixed fire sign. People's positions, and we will hear all about them (!), will become louder and more entrenched. No one will be changing anyone else's mind now. This is not the most cooperative energy, but it can often bring out the best in people. Mercury in Leo can be idealistic and enthusiastic.

Moving into Leo, Mercury quickly squares Uranus (in Taurus) FRIDAY and SATURDAY. Unexpected news could cause tension/frustration. Leo's big, brash language/information could be shocking. This probably connects us back to mid-June when Venus squared Uranus. The whole thing was trining Chiron then, now we get a more painful square.

After the void on Friday the Moon moves into Aquarius. We are more humanitarian now, but also more detached from what is right in front of us. The themes Mars is activating for us collectively could have our personal attention over the next couple days - our friendships, groups, causes, the internet, the public, the goals that bring you into relationship with other people, our advancement, technology.

Hopefully I hit all the important points for now. This is another BIG week. Mars station alone would make a big week and a Full Moon in Capricorn, so together we are UBER activated. Keep your eye on that North Node in Leo - moving toward your own center stage and what your heart wants. Take a breath. We are playing the long game and after Tuesday, no one is getting anywhere fast anyway.

xo all

Life is a chessboard (and a box of chocolate, too, of course) and this year we are being pushed and drop-kicked toward the positions we are most needed for a successful collective outcome in 2020. This year is the bridge year - this is why it feels like there is no ground beneath our feet! And yes, I realize there are no bridges on a chessboard - I need some help with these metaphors and my brain is not cooperating! Physically, mentally and emotionally - we are moving toward where we, and our energy level, needs to be. It can be exhausting, especially when we are dealing with the worn foundational issues we have ignored/procrastinated and the spaces where we have become super-glued to anything.

I feel your pain fixed signs!

Saturn in Capricorn is making sure our big, bodacious dreams (and little ones, too) come with big, bodacious ie 'burdensome' price tags now so give yourself a break whenever you can - well, maybe not on days when Saturn is activated (!) - but this is Cancer season - we need to take care of ourselves.

The highest level of healthy Cancerian energy is very highly attuned to herself - extremely loyal to himself. Cancer is a water sign ruled by the Moon and feels and digests its way through life - they say, "well, I don't feel like I want to do that" - and then they don't - ha! We are all burning Cancer fuel now (Sun in Cancer) and that Saturnian 'rain on our parade' is going to be strong this week. Take care of yourself.

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