Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of June 4th - like alice down the rabbit hole, illusions and delusions, what we want and feel like we can't live without

Down the Rabbit Hole by artiste-reveur
Neptune, uber strong at home in Pisces (since 2011 - a BIG part of our "can't tell what is real/true" current reality), will be having his way with us this week as both our Gemini planets - the Sun and Mercury, move in to square him.

This is not the best week to make a big decision or more forward with any important plans.  

Things will not be quite what they appear to be now.

The fog is rolling in. The sands are shifting.

We will need to think twice about what we are saying/communicating. Misunderstandings are likely now. The truthfulness of whatever we are dealing with will be complicated.

We could be lied to or we could be the one spinning a tangled web.

Treat what you hear/read/experience now with a sense of curiosity - ask yourself - "well, isn't that interesting?" - nothing will be quite what it seems.

People, including us, will think they know more than they do. Things can look better, or worse, than they actually are. It would be best to read this post, and everything else you are consuming via language now (especially the news!), with more skepticism than you normally would.

Women (Venus) vs power (Pluto) could also be a theme - we saw three women shoot themselves in the foot last week with their language - Roseanne Barr, Germaine Greer and Samantha Bee. With Jupiter in Scorpio having so much to do (within the collective) with the #metoo movement - women (mostly) taking out the power structure and Jupiter now retrograde - this is more like women taking themselves out.

If we are kind of in-tune with the Neptune/Pisces energy and can chill out this week and just allow things to flow - step off the hamster wheel for just a little bit - this week's energy could feel almost peaceful.

Our time might be best spent finishing things up - the Moon is waning - and getting ready for next week's New Moon!

This week's major aspects are:

TUESDAY - Sun conjunct Mercury and Venus opposite Pluto
WEDNESDAY - Mercury square Neptune
THURSDAY - Sun square Neptune
FRIDAY - Venus square Eris, Mars conjunct the South Node

MONDAY is another day like last Wednesday - a Void Moon all day and no aspects. This would not be a good day to start something new. If you were thinking of taking a day off this week - this would be it, if you don't want to miss anything.

With Chiron squaring (tension/frustration) Vesta, we could be dealing with hurting/healing around the ways our constant tending to something/someone has allowed other parts of our life to grow weeds (this will be our Cappy vs Aries houses) or the painful realization we are no longer devoted to something/someone and are just "going through the motions".

We associate Vesta with the Vestal Virgins of ancient Rome. Charged from childhood with keeping the sacred hearth of the temple burning, they had the responsibility - via their devotion to the flame -  with keeping their civilization alive. If we have shouldered a responsibility or devoted ourselves to something that is not allowing us to be our own person or move in a direction we want to go, we could be feeling the squeeze of that now as our responsibilities/limits (Capricorn) rub up against the action we need to take for ourselves (Aries).

HERE is a short post on Chiron in Aries.

On TUESDAY the Moon moves into imaginative Pisces at 6:53AM EDT - this will make us more intuitive and compassionate, but also less grounded and realistic over the next couple days.

We have the Sun (in Gemini) meeting up with Mercury while inconjunct (rock and a hard place) a retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio. Within the same hour we have Venus (in Cancer) moving into her exact opposition to Pluto (ruler of Scorpio).

The Sun meeting up with Mercury could bring some important information to light (whether we can totally trust it or not is another matter) or maybe something from the previous Sun/Mercury conjunction - when Mercury was retrograde on April 1st - to a culmination (peak) or conclusion via Gemini  - communications, information, choices, etc. The rock and a hard place with Jupiter, retrograding through whatever is buried in our Scorpio houses is the challenge.

EXAMPLE FOR ARIES/ARIES RISING - The Sun and Mercury are meeting in Aries - your 3rd house of communication, information, writing, siblings, transportation or your local neighborhood. You could get an answer, have a conversation, receive some information - that concludes something connected to the last Mercury/Sun meetup from the end of March/early April. With Jupiter moving backward through your 8th house of the stuff not really talked about - other people's resources, other people's values, intimacy, other people's money, spouse's income, loans, debts, taxes, inheritance, sex, reproduction - there could be something here that is not being said. Maybe this is the problem and you are going to need to keep this in mind (you don't know what you don't know) or maybe some things are better left alone behind door number three (unopened/unsaid). With both the Sun and Mercury moving into a square with illusive Neptune over the next couple days - you are going to have to sift the facts from the fiction. It won't be easy.

Also on Tuesday - and for some people THIS will be the BIG transit of the week - Venus (what we want - love, money, our values, beauty and our self-esteem) will move into an opposition with Pluto (power, compulsion, obsession). This has been building since last week.

Power struggles around what we want and/or with authority are possible now.

Do we really want something or are we just obsessed with the idea of having/keeping it?

EXAMPLE FOR CANCER/CANCER RISING - Venus in your 1st house of yourself opposes Pluto, retrograde in your 7th house of partners/partnerships. This aspect could stir up issues/lessons via insecurities around power imbalances. A partner's (business, romantic, personal) perceived power over you or the feeling that they are essential for your very survival may be activated. Do you really want something from them or are you just obsessed with the idea of having/keeping them/what they have? The way through this is by taking back the power you are projecting onto the other person - stepping into our own Capricorn now. Neptune and Jupiter are in harmony with your sign Cancer - YOU are the one who sets the terms around how you engage with other people. This aspect has the power to transform a relationship and Plutonian transformations are permanent. Or it could be a wake up call via a hurtful encounter with another person that shakes us up to how much we are giving away our own power.

On WEDNESDAY,  Mercury (home in Gemini) moves into her square with Neptune (home in Pisces), so it could be tricky to separate the fantasy from the reality now. Keep that in mind with whatever you have going on.

We could be dealing with Neptunian themes - hospitals, healing, things put away, things from the past, addictions, medications, meditation, spirituality, imagination, etc.

This isn't the time to run with some information that comes in unless you are very, very grounded.

It would be the time to speak with a conservative kind of caution (am I saying what I really intend to say, what I really feel, what I really KNOW to be true?). Listen the same way. Avoid gossip.

Our addictive tendencies could be biting us in the ass right about now.

Today is the last Quarter Moon in Pisces and the skies are quite muddled. Information could be misleading. Choices that look like real solid things could turn out to be just our eyes playing tricks on us in a shadowy room at night and then vanish in the cold light of day.

Sleep on ALL decisions.

THURSDAY is more of Wednesday with another long Void Moon (until 5:26PM EDT when she moves into Aries) and the Sun squaring Neptune, too, tossed in for good measure. Except we won't be measuring anything because nothing will quite be lining up.

The Moon is waning now - what can we finish?

Any connection to Neptune is excellent energy to create, imagine, connect, meditate, heal via water, love, compassion.

As the Moon moves through Aries in the evening and meets up with Chiron (wounded healer) we could be feeling some pain around our ability to be ourselves or take action. This would be a good time for me to write one of those sleep medication warnings around driving and operating heavy machinery - take care with your physical body now and your head in particular tonight. Stay hydrated.

Back in a couple days with Friday and the weekend - we have some powerful energy to finish out the week, too. Plus let's start looking further ahead to a very important summer.

xo all

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