Mercury into Cancer | time to TALK about what we NEED plus some mid-year advice from Saturn

Y'all Come Back Now by Pandora Selezneva

Mercury moves into Cancer today where he/she will hang his hat until June 29th.

We will be feeling what people are saying now. Our own words will be impacting other people emotionally, too.

Mercury squares Chiron (the Aries point) almost immediately, so it is likely some words/thoughts could be painful right out of the gate. Whatever this is it won't likely be bandaged up by us (or someone else) saying just the right thing - with Chiron the pain is the healing. Thinking about - "why do these words hurt? what is familiar about this?" and then maybe having a good old cry - yes, one of those big, old ugly ones that make everything a fuzzy, black, mascara-y blur - might just be more healing than trying to fix whatever has just been re-wounded with some Betadine. This wound is too old and too deep for that.

The Moon is dark now and in Gemini moving toward the Sun (and tomorrow's New Moon) - so the Moon in Gemini is answering to Mercury and Mercury in Cancer is answering to the Moon.

Words are powerful and emotionally charged now.

(Trump has his natal Mercury in Cancer and prior to his meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong Un, said "I just, my touch, my feel, that's what, that's what I do" when asked about his preparation and how he would know if Kim was serious. His infamous verbal word salads aside - this feeling the words is pretty much how Mercury in Cancer communicates.)

Also today the Moon is trining (brakes off) initiating, assertive Mars - this feels like good energy to get the verbal ball rolling with something. Make an important call - maybe something that requires courage. This would also be a good time to make fresh plans.

For the next couple weeks we could be thinking/talking/writing about Cancerian issues more often - home, family, real estate, renovation, home business, ancestry, the past, mothers, country, safety, security.

With Mercury in Cancer we will need to step back now and then and ask ourselves - "am I feeling the actual situation or am I feeling my thinking about the situation?". 

The difference - especially for the next week of so with all this Neptunian fog and Saturnian potential to feel the pressure - is likely a pretty wide gap.

With Mercury in Cancer words come from the gut. Words are taken personally. They can be soothing or they can be painful.

Since Cancer rules both the mother and the baby, Mercury (communication, ideas, thoughts) in Cancer could be a good time to talk (Mercury) about what we need (Cancer).

At the end of this week Mercury is going to oppose Saturn (in Capricorn) so that is some kind of information/authority/restrictive information that BLOCKS us. Maybe we hear a "no" now or maybe more pressure is piled on. This could also be a home vs work issue. The good news with Mercury in Cancer is that this weekend and into early next week we get a glorious Grand Water Trine when she connects with Jupiter and Neptune - all our water signs have a planetary visitor now and they are all talking nice to each other - BRAKES OFF. Then by the following weekend (around the 23rd-24th) Mercury will oppose Pluto (we know as planets move through Cancer they will be opposing our Cappy planets!) so likely whatever it is we haven't wanted to think about/talk about will be what we have to deal with.

Today is great energy to start thinking about our New Moon intentions for tomorrow's New Moon in Gemini!

xo all

Remember where we are now - Uranus has moved into Taurus officially closing out the Uranus/Pluto square we have been dealing with for around 10 years!

We are moving toward the Saturn/Pluto conjunction - exact in January 2020.

2018 is the year for us to take any corrective measures that need to be taken before we get to that conjunction - the heart of winter. Some roads are already snowed in and closed to us. But other roads - at least one - are still open and we have been gifted with SNOW TIRES!

We have the GIFT of a summer focused around Mars retrograde (and the eclipses!) and Venus retrograde in the fall. This is life giving us some opportunities to get our act together and our shelves stocked before we head into the coldest days of winter. Mars retrograde will be in Aquarius and Capricorn - both signs ruled by Saturn - the key to all of this is our relationship with Saturn.

Right now we could be facing empty shelves from the resources we have squandered. The stuff we have procrastinated about and not wanted to face is reaching its logical point of crisis. Jupiter is diving through the stuff we have pushed down and not wanted to deal with and making it BIGGER. This foundational 'pot-stirring' is causing any structural instability to be impossible to miss.

On the flipside - the spaces and ways we have been doing our Saturn - the responsibilities we have stepped into, the work we have conscientiously performed without an audience, what we have appropriately prioritized and the resources we have managed responsibly will create the opportunities for us to not only survive but thrive!

Did we build our house of brick or straw? This is what we are looking at now. And this isn't about beating ourselves up - we ALL have areas of life we have been using bricks and other areas of life we have tossed together some straw.

There is still time to build the necessary bricks. There truly is. But we need to get to work.


DancingMooney said...

I felt like I was stuck and unsure for a while there, even though life has been moving quickly, but now I feel like less is more, and even, doing less, is more... Chipping away at some of those things I've done for the last 10 years, so I can start fresh. Imagine that. :) Perfect timing.

Love to you always Cat. Hope you and yours are well.


stregata said...

Hi Cat!
Your posts are such food for thought, always. Thank you again and again for this.
Aside from personal things - that remark about the structural instability gave me one of those aha moments... we had a water pipe burst under the road in our village on Monday - old pipes, old connections... due to tight funding(? or has the money been 'squandered' for other projects?) of the communities, there has been no maintenance of the valves... the workers mentioned they had 4 pipe bursts that morning...
so interesting...
So thank you again and have a good day!

Catherine Ivins said...

Hey Janell -"even doing less is more" yes, I feel this, too - a little too much sometimes lately - ha! xo back to you and hubs

That makes perfect sense Renate. The things that support us that we have taken for granted and allowed to fall apart ... and all this Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio pretty much ensures water damage!! George spent Sunday fixing a tub that has been dripping forever when the drip suddenly turned into a gallon of water an hour major leak - so neglectful of us. xo to you and your sis and family

stregata said...

Cat - this is crazy - even more structural instability...I have been experiencing a continually rising amount of pain in my shin, sitting in doctor's offices and nothing much coming of it. Yesterday I had an MRI and what do you think they found? A fissure in my shin bone - I would call that structural instability...

Catherine Ivins said...

Oh no Renate! And yes, I see the connection, too - ugh!! Is a fissure like a fracture? This might sound crazy, but sometimes an actual physical thing is helpful because the energy has something solid to work with to heal it - and it can heal other unstable structures in your life while healing your physical leg!