Jupiter and Venus trine Neptune, Mercury trine Mars | smooth seas may not create skilled sailors but they might make for a nice afternoon in a boat

Splash of Color by thillyLiv

Today, we have Venus in Cancer trining (brakes off) Jupiter, retrograde in Scorpio, at 15 degrees. We also have Mercury in Gemini trining Mars in Aquarius at 5 degrees and tomorrow Venus will perfect a trine to Neptune (in play now) in Pisces, at 16 degrees.

With Venus (love, money, women, beauty. our resources, values and self-esteem) in Cancer (home, family, mom and apple-pie) joining the Jupiter (expansion, luck) and Neptune (imagination, idealism, compassion, forgiveness, spirituality) party and forming a Grand Water Trine we have a beautiful flow of energy for the next couple days.

This is expansion, luck, beauty, love and imagination. This can bring healing and increased intimacy. With Venus in Cancer this is a good time for resolving home, family and real estate issues and healing situations with your mama and your matriarchal inheritance.

Remember our water houses are ALWAYS in trine and working together, but RIGHT NOW, home to the powerful energies of Venus, Jupiter and Neptune all lined up the way they are - they are SUPER dynamic.

All this water means our intuition - and emotions - are greatly magnified now (also actual water issues - flooding, I think we are having the biblical 40 days here, etc).

EXAMPLE for SCORPIO/Scorpio Rising (using whole signs) - this Grand Water Trine involves your 1st house (Jupiter retrograde at 15 degrees) of yourself, your 5th house (Neptune in Pisces at 16 degrees) of creative projects, your self-expression, what you give birth to, children, romance and recreation and your 9th house (Venus in Cancer at 15/16 degrees) of travel, higher education, weddings, politics, legal issues, the media, publishing, foreigners, everything outside your comfort zone, exploration, your beliefs and higher thinking. This is excellent energy for bigger thinking or exploration around a creative project you are personally involved with to create expansion and luck. You could have something fall into place with any of the themes mentioned above. You (1st house) could fall in love (5th house) while traveling (9th house), yadda yadda. You won't have to push (or manipulate dear Scorpio!). This doesn't mean some action won't be required on your part, but it will be a logical next step kind of thing. There is synergy here.

There is always the possibility, if we are un-grounded or ignore all boundaries, to take something too far because there isn't anything stopping these energies.

Our addictions, compulsions, lies, illusions, spending could go off the rails. Keep these things in mind.

At the same time we have Mercury, freshly minted in his home sign of Gemini, trining Mars (in Aquarius) - this could be a new idea we can take action on. Our minds should be razor sharp.

We might have to make a fast decision or make a quick move. With Mercury and Mars tag-teaming, we can speak with confidence now. The Venus/Jupiter/Neptune should help soften any pushiness.

All in all this should be good energy for harmony between people! Prayers we collectively make good use of it. Water signs can make us more emotional, so maybe have a box of tissues handy folks.

We have an inconjunct on SATURDAY between Mercury and Saturn - rock and a hard place - so something unresolvable here maybe between information/communication/ideas and authority/security/responsibility/time/limits. With both planets strong in their home signs some things just can't be resolved right now. A heads up that Mercury will be very active next week with news and information and with Neptune and Jupiter uncooperative - facts will be elusive and possibly illusive.

xo all - here's hoping for a lovely weekend for everyone - another rainy one expected here

Another heads up that we have an all-day Void Moon on Monday. Maybe take the day off and save the big moves for TUESDAY.

Another heads up - and all this "heads up" is again making me think of what is happening to our world with so many people walking around looking down at their phones all day and not up at the possibilities - that we are going to be doing alot of backtracking and "cooling our jets" this summer (and busy work that might not amount to much in the end if we are determined to push our way through) with all the retrogrades and eclipses as our old vision of our future morphs ... again.

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