Sun Opposite Saturn | limits, NO, a difficult direction, taking responsibility for our situation without judging ourselves

16.365 by Laauraa

Once a year the Sun and Saturn line up in exact opposition. Today we have the Cancer Sun opposing Saturn (in Capricorn) at 5 degrees.

We could hear a "no" now, we could say "no", hit a limit, have to deal with some kind of burden. A light shines on WHY we are being blocked and what obligations remain. We are being pushed in a difficult direction.

Saturn/Sun can also limit self-expression or bring father/authority issues. The opposition comes from something outside ourselves (appears to) - the action of another person or a situation it seems we cannot control. At the same time we can see the way our own actions/thoughts have set ourselves up here.

This energy might not feel good. Saturn can be depressing because it is quite literally like a weight pressing down on us.

I am not going to write again about the need to "step into our responsibility", work hard, do the right thing, yada-yada. We know this. We are just as likely to get off course by stepping into someone else's responsibility, working too hard, taking on too much or neglecting the other muses. Saturn isn't everything (he hasn't been the "buck stops here" limit since the invention of the telescope, we have to keep this in mind) and he doesn't run every show as much as he (as we) would like to.

We are building toward tomorrow's Full Moon in Capricorn. Let's give ourselves a break (Cancer!).

We can take responsibility for the situation we find ourselves in without judgement.

Just hold space for yourself. Look without attachment at the current situation. Resolve to move forward in a more responsible manner in whatever area of life we feel this pressure. And remember that "in a more responsible manner" will have different meanings for different people!

People pleasing is a kind of grandiosity thinking/belief system that creates Saturnian challenges.

My natal Sun/Saturn conjunction means I do not often encounter Saturnian limits outside myself - I am much more likely to encounter a person/situation ready to hand off their own overloaded bag to me and/or to spend my time figuring out new ways to overburden/limit/stress myself out.

(On Sunday I went to a birthday party for my nephew which was decorated in an explorer theme. I had loaned my sister-in-law a few props for the party - vintage suitcases, vintage globes, etc. As the party was wrapping up, a good friend of my sister-in-law asked me if she could borrow one of the vintage suitcases - my favorite one - for an upcoming show. She is a very talented and commercially successful artist.

She had the suitcase in her hand when she asked and I had my hands filled with presents I was boxing up. She said she had searched for a suitcase like this and they cost around $85.00. Now instead of saying, "yes, they are hard to find and that is probably about what I paid for it. Unfortunately it is a favorite and irreplaceable and I don't lend it out" instead of thinking about why I should risk my $85 suitcase to someone who doesn't value it enough to purchase her own - I said "sure".

Later on I heard her talking about how she wished she could take the hot air balloon my brother had made with her for her show, but it wouldn't fit on the plane but a suitcase would be an easy thing to take on a plane (on a plane!). That night, when I was home and had time to think, ie ruminate, I was totally annoyed with myself that I had given so little thought to lending out something I cared about and couldn't replace if something happened to it and annoyed with her for asking and "putting me on the spot".

I was busy Monday and Tuesday and by Tuesday night when I slowed down - and with the Sun approaching his opposition to Saturn, which I was feeling, but not thinking about - I called my sister-in-law to get her friend's number to rescind my "yes"; to tell her "no". Sometimes 'stepping into our responsibility and living up to our obligations' is about our responsibility and obligation to ourselves - to putting ourselves first.

I am grateful to this woman for this experience - which I obviously needed "to put me on the spot" - even though it has been very uncomfortable (and, of course, a minor situation, but I would rather learn by the pebble than the rock). Next time, when the situation isn't a minor situation, I will do better. I will do better. How many times should I write that to make it stick?! Maybe I need a suitcase tattoo. And how appropriate this is about a suitcase and I am really wanting to travel since cancelling my trip! Did I write about that?!)

We also have an all day Void Moon.

The best use of today's energies could be working - probably alone! - on a project/goal. In the collective we will see corporate/conservative "wins" (Saturn wins this one) like we are seeing with the Supreme Court rulings over the last couple days.

xo all

As we build toward Thursday's Full Moon conjunct Saturn this is an excellent time to see the planet Saturn in the night sky. More info on that HERE.


DancingMooney said...

Oh Cat, good for you! I hate it when we find ourselves in these situations, and I can imagine it must have been hard to call and ask for the suitcase back, but I'm glad you did. If it's important to you, you shouldn't have to feel like you have to lend it out. Blessings to you and thank you for sharing this story. I hope you'll find some way to travel soon. Maybe a weekend road trip? :)


Catherine Ivins said...

Thanks Janell. Normally I would have thought "well, I already gave my word, already decided" and not allowed myself to change my mind, even though there had been no blood oaths or pinky swears :) and my "decision" had really only been a decision to speak without thinking. Hopefully a trip in August, hubs biz has been slow so whenever he picks up - like right now - we are kind of forced to stay put. Of course, then things get slow and we think we can't really afford to travel - ack! Hope all is well with you xo