Full Moon in Capricorn | closures and commitments, security, power, control, painful losses, surprises, the results of working hard, hardly working or working hard at the wrong things, did we put our ladder against the wrong wall?

Today's Full Moon in Capricorn (12:53AM EDT last night) is a challenging one. Capricorn Full Moons are always heavy - our emotional Moon, challenged in cold-as-ice Capricorn, is opposed by the Sun in the Moon's sign of Cancer - and this one is particularly hard-core.

The Sun at 6 degrees Cancer opposes the Moon at 6 degrees Capricorn, conjuncts Saturn (ruler of this Full Moon through his rulership of Capricorn) squares (tension/frustration/pain) wounded healer Chiron and trines (brakes off) "shocking and unexpected" change maker Uranus.

This whole thing sounds very much like Sun opposite Saturn which we talked about yesterday - and which of course, is still in play here.

In Capricorn the Moon is cold and practical, reserved and quiet. We might not feel like howling at the moon with this one. Strikes could be deadly, but they will likely be controlled.

This is about the Cancer/Capricorn polarity AND the themes of our natal Cancer/Capricorn houses.

Family vs. work. The security that comes from nurturing ourselves, nurturing others or being nurtured vs the security that comes from having work in the world and money coming in. Our nest at home vs our place in the world. Summer vs. winter. Preparing for birth vs preparing for death "winter is coming". Childhood vs old age. Vulnerability vs self-sufficiency. Mom vs dad.

There is so much contradiction and conflict here, but like all polarities this is really just two sides of the same coin - something labeled SECURITY.

We can't own a coin without owning both sides.

But we can only look at (focus on) one side at a time. The other side is in the shadows - so we have to flip back and forth and balance this stuff out with our time, attention and resources. There isn't really an end to this or a way to "win" here.

We just do the best we can with what we have.

Spend too much time with one side of the coin and the other side gets all gunky like those pennies stuck in our car cupholder that have had coffee dripped on them. Now matter how shiny the other side looks that gunky side means we never get to actually spend the money

(yes, this could be one of my strange metaphors that don't get us anywhere - except maybe out to the car with a squirt bottle of vinegar and a cup of soapy water).

Being about Cancer (home, family) and Capricorn (work, responsibilities in the world) or our own needs and the needs of other people - any imbalances here will probably show up now to allow us to realign what isn't working.   

Also imbalances with authority and authority figures and the way we use and mis-use our own authority/responsibility.

The Capricorn Full Moon throws a light on what power can do and also on the finality of choices we've already made. 

This Moon pulls us back to the January New Moon and the work we set into motion then (ie New Year's resolutions) - how is that working for us? 

Both Cancer and Capricorn are concerned with issues of SECURITY, both value TIME and are guardians of the legacy of our ancestors.

Full Moons bring culminations, so maybe something ends now.

Full Moons bring things to light. Capricorn themes (and your personal Capricorn/Cancer house themes) will be highlighted - tradition, structure, work, obligations, responsibility, authority, ambition, limits, boundaries, restrictions, goals. Old Man Saturn will win this round. Chiron will make sure we feel the loss/culmination. Uranus will catch us by surprise and push us toward a different future. There probably won't be any space to turn away and shield our eyes.

Remember the Achilles heel with Capricorn and Saturn is that this energy often values stability over everything else. Its strength is in being 'un-moveable'. But stable things grow stagnant. Being un-moveable is not a good or realistic way to move through a life that is so changeable. The trine to unpredictable and freedom-loving Uranus will mitigate this somewhat or just push things Saturn's way, but at the end of the day old man Saturn (not quite as changed by his journey 6 months ago across the Galactic Center as I might have hoped ... not quite yet) won't be messed with. Rules, limits, boundaries, responsibilities will be enforced.

There are many changes ahead this summer (and re-plays) as an out-of-bounds, retrograde Mars journeys back and forth across the South Node of Fate through 3 eclipses and multiple Super Moons releasing us from lifetimes of ancestral karmic contracts. We have Chiron back and forth across Pisces and Aries. We have Uranus back and forth across Aries and Taurus.

We are still physically, mentally and emotionally hanging onto an old reality that doesn't exist anymore (Age of Pisces/patriarchy/top down authority).  

We just can't see that yet.

And with Ceres (I am more and more coming to see her as ruling Taurus, ground zero for lightning strikes and Uranus is answering to her now) moving into Virgo TODAY, where she will stay throughout the summer (until September 6th) - this is also the updating of everything we think we know about our physical body and our health as we release attachments to old familial DNA patterning and the deep-rooted beliefs that keep us limited and stuck.

For today, this Moon is very grounded. Walk in it .. if you dare :)

xo all

Note, if we are not liking the results we are seeing now the trine to Uranus could make it easier to bounce off in an entirely new direction and get some traction fairly quickly.

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