New Moon in Gemini square Neptune | we don't know what we don't want to know, exposure, questions, choices, lies - changing our mind - listening before we speak, double checking EVERYTHING, tossing multiple ideas out there to see what sticks

the sandgiver by S-T-R-A-N-G-E

At 3:43PM EDT the Gemini Moon meets the Gemini Sun at 22 degrees bringing us our annual New Moon in Gemini.

Gemini is all about the movement of information and ideas.

Gemini is about choices and multiple anythings.

The expressions "more than one way to skin a cat" and "kill two birds with one stone" make my point here - although in a morbidly, Dexter-like, serial-killer style

(who the hell was doing all this cat skinning, bird stoning anyway - I don't even want to know where these expressions come from - although actually I probably do now that I think about it since it's Gemini season and all and I am CURIOUS and yes, now I am thinking about cats again and what curiosity holds for them - yikes).

There will be more than one thing to talk about now, more than one thing to do, more than one way forward.

With the Moon in Gemini answering to Mercury and Mercury in Cancer answering to the Moon both planets are strengthened now.

The fly in the ointment - if you like having choices - is a square to imaginative and deceptive Neptune strong in her home sign of Pisces.

Are these choices real? Is this information true? There is going to be alot to talk about and read and muddle our way through, but at the end of the day - or the end of the next six months when we reach the Full Moon in Gemini next December - will anything here amount to anything? It is hard to be sure. In fact, maybe it is not even possible to be sure of very much right now.

This New Moon - ruled by trickster Mercury - is like one giant flashing yellow light blinking at us "LOOK before you leap".

When I see Mercury square Neptune I think there us a LIE here somewhere. As my grandmother would say "something is fishy in Denmark" or maybe she would say rotten, but I can't bring myself to write that about Denmark!

And, of course, we have multiple Mercurian things playing out right now - how crazy-making for us and how appropriate for Gemini!

We had the Sun and Mercury connect just a week or so ago and square Neptune. I wrote about it HERE in a post titled "alice down the rabbit hole". Now we have the Sun and Moon connecting in Gemini - answering to Mercury - squaring Neptune again. They are past Neptune now.

So the LIE (or Neptunian situation - what is hidden or put away or done behind the scenes, behind our backs, behind closed doors, secrets, the ethereal realms, imagination, hospitals, spirituality, addiction, healing, illness, compassion) maybe started then - around June 6th -7th.

Something at best un-grounded or misguided and at worst deceptive was put into play.

Maybe there was something we glossed over and didn't want to look at too closely because we knew something we badly wanted to add up, just didn't. I know someone who had a botched medical procedure in a hospital. There are as many ways this could play out as there are stars in the sky.

And now in the dark of the New Moon, when the Moon has totally disappeared from view, something here that is no longer needed is probably going to disappear, too.  

Maybe it is the lie. Maybe one of the choices that was never real anyway. Maybe all of the choices because they were never real anyway. Maybe it is our rose-colored-glasses that .. oops .. land on the pavement and are pressed into concrete by the reality police. 

There could be something in play about making a decision through the process of elimination.

The other Mercurian storyline we have playing out now is we have Mercury opposing a retrograde Saturn at the end of this week. This takes us back to January when Mercury met Saturn in Capricorn and we were talking about being careful with our words/thoughts - that we were creating contracts.

So, at the end of this week we come to the closing sentences of one chapter and beginning sentences of another chapter of that story - a check-in date we had written into that contract.

Saturn sits across from Mercury and Saturn asks - "well, what have you done with this?" and then Saturn says "here is your karma, here is your result".

If we have done our work and what we said we would do (and this could have been something we told ourselves, of course) - stepped into our Saturn, lived up to our contract - we will be having a development now. Maybe something related to official paperwork or a career result. Maybe something related to home or family or the themes of our natal Cancer/Capricorn axis.

If we haven't been doing our Saturn or we set up a contract unconsciously - what will probably happen now is we will project our own Saturn onto someone else or some situation (authority/rules/limits) and they will be telling us what to do via a rule or limit, or telling us NO or whatever this tension/frustration is. If this is happening to us let's stop - and Saturn will force the stop - and think about how we ourselves have set this situation up - even when it might look like something is blocking us from the outside! Any space we are blaming the other person now we can be assured what is actually happening is we haven't taken on the responsibility ourselves.

If we like where we are right now, if we are in a good place and OK with what is happening it is because we did the right thing back in January or maybe we have taken seriously what we verbally or mentally set into motion back in January. If we aren't in a good place then the problem/situation we encounter now is designed to get us back on track - another spin of the cosmic dial, another chance to step into our responsibility and claim the authority for our own life. 

The good news - a new chapter is starting so what have we learned here?

For today - it is time to set our New Moon intentions!

There is extra oomph with the Mercury/Moon reciprocity and although there could be a tendency to drift off course with that Neptune or paint too pretty a picture - there is also something here to push against - squares get results!

One of the ways to use this New Moon - and the way I like to use it and I have a strong 3rd house (Gemini rules the 3rd house) - with Mercury, the Sun and Saturn there - is to toss multiple things out there - and see what takes off. With Gemini results are usually spotted rather quickly. It won't take long to see which ideas grow wings and which ideas fall to the ground!

(which is creating more dead bird imagery for me - I am going to take a long walk now! Ack!)

This New Moon in Gemini is all about communication so things might come up now that have us thinking about the way we get our point across, the way we present our ourselves, the way we show up and relate to other people and maybe most especially - with Mars on that South Node in Aquarius now - what we are a voice for.


This is a great time for affirmations for Gemini themes - movement, flexibility, wit, communication, logic, social graces and ease, siblings, local issues, teaching/learning, mental anxiety, areas of life where you are seeing double or encounter two choices or are doing two things at once, our nervous system, hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and our lungs AND the theme of your natal Gemini house.

AFFIRMATION TIPS: get into a good frame of mind - always make affirmations from a  positive place (meaning both happy and certain) - write your affirmations down by hand in script, speak them out loud - then release your attention from them knowing that your intention is known. Gemini is our first air sign of the year. I am going to speak them into the wind this year (a fan will do) and imagine my intentions flying far and wide, landing on the most fertile soil.

Know what you seek is seeking you (Rumi).

Know these things are already yours.

xo all


DancingMooney said...

Aaahhh... One day I feel focused and the next day I am questioning myself, again.

"toss multiple things out there - and see what takes off. With Gemini results are usually spotted rather quickly. It won't take long to see which ideas grow wings and which ideas fall to the ground!"

This is good news for me, because this seems to be how my creative brain works. I could be happy doing many things, so I never know which one to pick. Can I ask how long this period of watching to see what sticks, should last? Weeks, months?

"areas of life where you are seeing double or encounter two choices or are doing two things at once"...

Always always always feel this way. I don't really know how to read my chart, but there must be some strong Gemini in there somewhere!

I'm definitely feeling the energy of change and fresh starts right now - just not always exactly sure what my next steps are. I've done some soul searching in the last several months, and have gotten more clear on the outcomes I'm looking for rather than the steps I'd take to get there, but the freedom is hard for me. Sometimes I really do need something to spell out what I should do next. Too many choices keep me stuck and running around in circles (or maybe right now, squares!)

Are you and hubs any closer to thinking about selling/moving these days?


Catherine Ivins said...

Hey Janell- No closer to moving/selling. I am hoping this summer retrograde Mars through hubs' 4th house of home loosens his grip a bit. I am just going to have to travel more myself and feed that hunger that way for now - now I just have to figure out the income half of that scenario. Ha! You have Gemini ruling your 2nd house - and some in your 1st house of yourself so strong and personal - your money, values, self esteem, your resources - excellent for multiple streams of income, but not so good for making decisions in this area! Ruler Mercury is in your busy (stellium!) 5th house of creativity/children/romance/projects in Libra and answering to Venus in your 4th house of home. Great loop to make money at home through your creativity or to find your value/self esteem that way. You will probably always be moving around to different things and doing two things at once. This energy is on steroids now, so not even comfortable for you and you are very versatile!

The energy has everyone - in some area of life - running in circles. We go to bed certain of one thing and wake up certain of something else! It's really not the best time to make firm, important decisions because so much will change this summer, but I realize this isn't always possible. Mars retrograde will be through your 10th house of career/public life - so going back over something here.

DancingMooney said...

Ahh you always have such a way of spelling it out for me, thank you Cat.

Definitely focusing on not having all my eggs in one basket lately. Sometimes I feel like if I don't focus on one thing and give it my all, it will never take off but then I realize I would go crazy doing just one thing, so I'm always throwing things out there, and moving around.

I agree that traveling and getting out is a good idea until hubs is ready to move too. Always good to have new experiences, and maybe if you take hubs with you to someplace he might be able to see himself living, the idea will rub off a little easier slowly but surely?

Love to you always Cat.